Birds, Bits n’ Bobs

Male White Bellied Sunbird on the Aloes Palm Moon Cindy and Virgil. Across the Valley Tiny False House Button Spider hanging on the fridge door. The blue lines are lines on a sheet of paper. Photo credit: Emily. Painted Lady Common Bulbul Pelargonium Fiscal Flycatcher   Flower Crab Spider and Bee. Hadeda Ibis. Autumn Hues … More Birds, Bits n’ Bobs

Time to Stamp this out!

A couple of years ago my  rather talented photographer brother Gerry won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in the category, Bird Behaviour. He recently discovered that one of his photographs has been chosen for the $1.10 Australian Postage Stamp. How cool is that? Well done, bro. Super proud of you!   Ark

Bits n’Bobs

Female Amethyst Sunbird Benji on the front wall. Our resident Garden Orb Weaver. Hasn’t moved since she established her web among the lavender. Milkweed Locust. Mané – ”Did you see that?” Painted Lady Mr & Mrs. Flycatcher Ark

Watch the Birdy!

‘Pigeon Pals’ Rock Pigeon ( red mask) and Laughing Dove. 13/5/20 Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird 12/5/20 Female Weaver in Fir Tree. Green Woodhoopoe. Adult Female Amethyst Sunbird. 13/5/20 Ark.

Odds n’ Ends and bits n’ bobs

Potted Potatoes Progressing Purposefully. Thar’s gold on them thar wings!” Thysanoplusia orichalcea, Golden Plusia  Found it’s way into my office yesterday evening. Millie. I was obliged to go wash my hands somewhere else. Our Pink Lady, still enjoying residency among the lavender in the back garden. Ark