Bits and bobs

Cindy. Dog day afternoon … in winter. Long range shot of an African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene). Max among the geraniums. The next door neighbours recently acquired two (formally) feral kittens ( for their young son, apparently) – the wife works at the zoo so although not confirmed yet we presume this was where they came … More Bits and bobs

Happiness is …

When the weather is dry and I spray the lemon trees while watering the garden, the sunbirds like nothing more than to flit in and out the branches cleaning the dust from their feathers and taking a drink at the same time. Male White Bellied Sunbird. 18/7/2020 Ark

Birds, Bits n’ Bobs

Male White Bellied Sunbird on the Aloes Palm Moon Cindy and Virgil. Across the Valley Tiny False House Button Spider hanging on the fridge door. The blue lines are lines on a sheet of paper. Photo credit: Emily. Painted Lady Common Bulbul Pelargonium Fiscal Flycatcher   Flower Crab Spider and Bee. Hadeda Ibis. Autumn Hues … More Birds, Bits n’ Bobs