Bits ‘n Bobs

Weaver   Nest of the Bagworm. The Wattle bagworm (Kotochalia junodi) is a caterpillar that lives out its life in a mobile casing covered with thorns and twigs. The insect begins spinning its cocoon during the larval stage. As the caterpillar grows, it extends the front end of the case by adding more material. Due … More Bits ‘n Bobs

Walking the Dog.

We off then, Mr Ark? Entrance to a property on Young Avenue, which leads directly from Observatory to Upper Houghton. (Houghton is the suburb adjacent to Observatory, and is where Nelson Mandela lived after his release. This house has a fairly interesting tale. I know a little of it. At one point it was the … More Walking the Dog.

Bits n’ Bobs

Tri – Colour Tiger Moth. Vegetable Garden coming along nicely. Several days of heavy rain have helped! Potatoes and squash in two of the raised beds..    MIkey pauses for a drink. Flying in a Blue Dream – Interesting aircraft. White bellied Sunbird. Everything gone to pot. Someone lighting a fire on the other side … More Bits n’ Bobs

Watch the birdy

We have two species of Mousebird that visit, the almost ubiquitous Speckled and this one, the Red Faced. The latter rarely makes an appearance. So infrequent are their visits that this is only the second time in 18 years I’ve seen  one, let alone managed a photograph. Made for a very pleasent morning! Ark.

Bits n’ Bobs

Max the hen and Whitefoot the kitten share a moment. We have an Albino Pigeon, named ‘Buzz’ that was born on our property and even though he has left the nest, he does return from time to time. This rather fat fledgling made a recent appearance and we suspect it is the offspring of ‘Buzz’. … More Bits n’ Bobs