I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

Let’s begin with one for Nan! Bless her cotton socks. Hope you all remembered her birthday?


Pink Crab Spider on Cosmos. The spiders ‘stitch’ two petals  together as a prelude to making a nest, and it makes excellent cover when an unsuspecting bee or fly happens along.

Citrus Swallowtail caught on the Wing.

Robber Fly taking a breather. Infrequently seen as they move like lightening!

1,2 3.

Recently emerged Sundowner Moth. Another rarely seen so this was a nice encounter. Ems helped me out with the first shot. The moth was later placed among the Granadilla  while it dried it’s wings.

Perfectly Harmless Scorpion Spider.

Here y’go, Mr. D. Seems there is another Arsenal supporter out there besides yourself!

Went out last Friday.

Minnie Mouse. The figurine is a hand crafted model of the little girl whose birthday it was.

And finally for this round ….

Saving the best for last.

This is a Common Fig Tree Blue. So common in fact this is only the second time I have seen one and the only time I managed to get a shot with the wings open.

In the first shot the butterfly is sitting on a plastic milk bottle which I had just washed moments  before going across the kitchen to make a coffee. On my return to the sink … there it was!

Made my day!.


36 thoughts on “I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

    1. Yes, photo around edible fondant.
      We are looking into it. Quite possibly this week or next. I’m just weighing the pros and cons of different models.
      So far, diesel powered seems the better option.

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        1. To install enough solar to run the house is costly. I’d probably have to take out another mortgage.
          After all these years I’m not keen to run up any more debt than I really have to.
          However, we will be getting smaller solar units to run the pump for the koi pond, and the borehole pump.

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          1. You must use a lot of power or solar systems are expensive in SA. The other day I was having a discussion with a supplier about a 5kva system and iirc, it was about $2500

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      1. Probably most reliable. If it were me (who knows as much about mechanical things as a boxwood hedge generally knows about three weft tapestry making) I’d go for the simplest.

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  1. There you are! Only chatting with Prof t’other day saying you’d gone all quiet again and probably enjoying the SA sun.
    That last butter is very special looking, glad you got them shots.

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    1. Still here, Mr B

      We had another treat this evening I know you’d have loved.
      Sitting outside as night fell an Eagle Owl dropped by and perched on the wooden gazebo overlooking the pond.
      We sat and watched it spellbound, whispering to each other!After about ten minutes it must have spotted something by one of the large plant pots surrounding the pond as it launched itself and swooped low over the water in ‘attack’ mode.
      Whatever it was after got away or wasn’t there, as it ‘air braked’, pulled up short and returned to its perch, all without making a sound!
      We were absolutely gob smacked.

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        1. It was quite something to see. There was the faintest impression of sound or air movement from her wings as she air-braked , talons extended then what seemed like an ‘oops’ moment as she opted out of the landing /attack and headed upwards and back to her perch.
          A truly special moment, no doubt about it!

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  2. OH MY ARR-SUN’L DUNNERS! 😲 Em is incredibly talented! Glad she’s on my side of Emirates London. 😉 hehe

    Absolutely gorgeous images of your busy, BUSY backyard! Wow, just barely caught that Swallowtail, huh? I can do without the “harmless” scorpion spider—he don’t LOOK harmless! 😬 Critters that look like that here in the central Hill Country of Tejas have NASTY stingers and what’s worse, you can’t hear ’em sneaking up on you or dropping from the ceiling… like dayum airborne paratroopers in for the kill!!! Ugh, I have serious aversions to scorpions. 🥺

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  3. Making the best of your garden/National park. (The vegetables form another post must have made a delicious repast.)
    And congrats for the cakes again.


    1. In time I’m hoping that we will hardly ever have to buy veggies, not so much to save money but knowing that what we eat is wholly organic. The difference in taste is sometimes like chalk and cheese.

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      1. You’re most likely right. (Chalk and cheese, I’l have to remember that one) It is a common complaint among old-timers (as me and my grandparents before that) that food doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Cheese is a good example. Here they follow American food regulations. Hence the camembert that arrives here has been so sterilized, it doesn’t taste the same. I know when I go to Paris and buy cheese in a Fromagerie, not the same “animal”.
        Compliments my friend. Your passion shows…

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    1. After enough failed attempts one eventually gets the hang of it.Or at least a working knowledge of the equipment and the subject matter.
      Learning something about the subjects helps no end, where they ‘hide’, what they prefer to eat , what seasons they turn up in the garden etc
      All these things contribute to a greater awareness and thus better photos. A little bit if good fortune helps too!
      Similar to your experience with street art / photography; eventually you absorb enough information for certain aspects of photography to become almost second nature.

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