Incy Wincy

My favourite Arsenal supporter, the taciturn Prof. T, posted a picture of what looked like a species of crab spider. However, even with the best eyes in the world positive ID is proving well nigh impossible, even with the help of Google. It also meant trawling my spider files to find a match up. During … More Incy Wincy

Bits ‘n bobs

Max is our last surviving hen. She doesn’t lay eggs any more and now roams the garden as and how she pleases. Here Benji keeps a watchful eye. Another large home-grown tomato. I over seeded (if that’s really possible) and we continue to have a bumper crop. Our autumn is on its way so that … More Bits ‘n bobs

Bits ‘n Bobs

Attractive Crab Spider discovered this morning on a Cosmos. Cat Nip Number7 dozing on the kitchen wall. Pumpkins drying in the shed. Growing Oyster Mushrooms in buckets. Harvested these for breakfast yesterday. Very tasty. Garden Commodore. Looking a bit worse for wear in her Summer Garb. End of the season so most of her colour … More Bits ‘n Bobs

Bits n’ Bobs

Male African Migrant on Pineapple Sage   Rescued and relocated young River Frog. We’ve had a few serious downpours these past few days. This one which included hail brimmed the pond in an hour! Pansy. Not much detail as I was obliged to use a telephoto from almost across the garden. First Homegrown Pepper this … More Bits n’ Bobs

I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

Let’s begin with one for Nan! Bless her cotton socks. Hope you all remembered her birthday? 🙂 Pink Crab Spider on Cosmos. The spiders ‘stitch’ two petals  together as a prelude to making a nest, and it makes excellent cover when an unsuspecting bee or fly happens along. Citrus Swallowtail caught on the Wing. Robber … More I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

Incy Wincy

Pink Flower Crab Spider. (Thomisus ) They have been very thin on the ground the past couple of seasons but I found  three this week so maybe there will be more before summer is over?   The family Thomisidae is a large family with 160 genera and about 2000 known species. In Southern Africa they … More Incy Wincy

Bits n Bobs

Acraea Encedana ”Some like it hot” Sweet Potato. Not sure which type but I bought two at Food Lovers (the fruit and veg store) to see if I could get them to shoot -the tooth pick and suspended over a jar of water method. The other one rotted and produced nothing. It’s been several months … More Bits n Bobs

It fluttered by.

Common Dotted Border (Female) Mylothris agathina Long Tailed Blue Lampides boeticus   Photographed this afternoon as they visited the lavender at the front of the property.

It Fluttered By.

Newly emerged Citrus Swallowtail I found yesterday looking somewhat disorientated crawling around my lemon tree seedlings. I gave a little helping hand and it flew across the vegetable garden and found this nice shady patch of potatoes to dry its wings. This morning it was still hanging around – looking for a date/mate as it … More It Fluttered By.