Hanging About The Lavender

Bee Fly ( Bombyliidae)

Common Red Back Crab Spider.Β  (Misumenops rubrodecoratus)

So common in fact this is only the second time I have seen one in the five years I have been photo-cataloguing the fauna at our spot!

Patterned Brown Crab Spider.

Never seen this variation so it was a treat to get even one half-reasonable photograph. She wasn’t impressed by the attention however and as soon as the shutter went ‘click’ she jumped and was lost among the lavender!

Yes, she really is upside down.

Young Nursery Web Spider (Pisauridae)

Twig Mantis.




44 thoughts on “Hanging About The Lavender

  1. Arkysatan! What wonderful horror-films and -stories you’ve delighted us with! 😁 Hair-raising stuff with your snap-shots of carnage and the helpless victims of flies and bees being devoured by their wicked predators. And CLOSE-UP and bloody personal too!!! 😈 After all, this is indeed OUR Natural world, is it not? πŸ˜‰

    You’re giving even Stephen King and Leigh Whannell runs for their money, Pulitzer Awards, and the Suid-Afrika Awards for photography mate! Great bloody, graphic stuff Sir!!! πŸ‘

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    1. Sheesh, it’s just a couple of pics of
      a few critters having lunch.
      I’d hardly think that was enough to notify the late Vincent Price and Hammer Films!

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      1. Hmm, this is the actress’ characterization on Wikipedia:

        [Moira Rose is] “spoiled, eccentric, [and] exceedingly dramatic”. Nearly everything she does, whether it is attending a town council meeting or babysitting a child, is completed with a kind of theatric flair. Moira often pairs these grand displays with biting sarcasm, such as when she tells the motel clerk that all she needs in her room is a “bathtub and a long extension cord.”

        Zoe, it’s funny you mention this because back in June last year when my family and I were vacationing on Mackinac Island in Michigan, we spent about an hour in one art gallery—my sister is a painter/artist—talking with the very polite, kind, and friendly lady (in her 50’s?) managing and working there solo. After many minutes of chit-chat and laughing about various differences between Michiganers and Texans. After awhile the gallery lady said I reminded her of “the real funny guy on Schitt’s Creek.” She couldn’t remember the actor’s or character’s name. Hahaha, not sure if that’s good or bad.

        So, are you hinting that I am the male dramatic, eccentric embodiment of Moiro Rose!? πŸ€”πŸ€¨


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        1. Yes. πŸ™‚

          There are a few funny guys on Schitt’s Creek. Dan Levy who plays David Rose is probably the guy your Michigan acquaintance is referring too.

          And I’d say that it is quite a coincidence that two strangers have mentioned this to you. πŸ˜‰

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          1. Not any taken at all Zoe. πŸ™‚ And thank you for the fanship! Though wonderfully quirky in its style, I’ll take endorsements any & every way I can… cuz I’m an eccentric male version of Moira Rose and done with FLAIR that would make even Ben Stiller and Bill Murray red with envy!!! πŸ˜„

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          2. @ Prof. T
            While in your hay day you probably saved more than Jesus, does Zoe realise you are an Arsenal supporter, for the gods’ sake!

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          3. BWAAA! πŸ˜† But Ark, you underestimate my supporter’s πŸ‘™ influence, even with a losing team that can’t even beat Burnley, the basement dwelling club!!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜” But my “supporters” hold me up! In the highest esteem!

            But NOT up around my bosom ya know. 😁

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          4. Totally off-topic. Hid this from Nan, Ark. πŸ˜€

            Prof, for many years I posted on a Christian forum that dealt with abuse within the Christian context. As the years passed, one day I revealed my gender. Not on purpose. Well, it was the end of the world, especially for the female participants who all thought up and until then that I was a man. Up and until that point, I was favored among many women. After the gender reveal . . . not so much. πŸ˜€

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          5. Never trust a woman, who knows her Bible, is intelligent, articulate and speaks/writes with authority.

            These women who slowly stopped communicating with me, did so because that’s how we were taught in our fundamentalist circles. Our guidance comes from the male gender. :/

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    1. Thank you. The crab spiders have been few and far between for a couple of seasons so it’s nice to have a few return once more


  2. I saw a spider in Australia once, from so close up it filled my entire field of vision.
    Convinced I was hallucinating after a wonderful party I went back to sleep. When I properly awoke later, spidey was gone, so obviously he was just a nightmare. Very convincing, though …

    Later when sweeping out mine hosts’ garage for them I found a dried up and shrivelled deceased that changed all my opinions. Brrrrrrr …

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    1. You are way too kind, Anne.
      I’ m convinced the bugs just love having their picture taken and always manage to show me their best side!

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    1. Work has been hectic, and we have had endless load shedding, and a burst water main which has played hell with the business …. a real embuggerance, as Terry Pratchett once said.
      Ah …. Africa!

      But i’m not dead yet …

      I’ll try to put a post up this week or next.

      See your team got a win last night? Arteta looked relieved!
      Apparently Arsenal have picked up more red cards this year than goals scored!
      I laughed like a drain when I heard that.

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      1. Good to know you’re still kickin’. 😊

        Hahaha, πŸ˜† yep, reds galore! Guess they thought since they can’t catch your boys they’d PRETEND to be “Reds” the illegal way. πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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      1. You realise of course, that you’d have too majors with shooting a BT … need at least an elephant gun to penetrate the bonce and superb luck to find and hit the brain. Butβ€”
        β€”you’d have to account with The Spouse afterwards. (Hope you can carry a large cash donation and a good fizzy white?)

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