Bits ‘n bobs

Max is our last surviving hen. She doesn’t lay eggs any more and now roams the garden as and how she pleases. Here Benji keeps a watchful eye. Another large home-grown tomato. I over seeded (if that’s really possible) and we continue to have a bumper crop. Our autumn is on its way so that … More Bits ‘n bobs

I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

Let’s begin with one for Nan! Bless her cotton socks. Hope you all remembered her birthday? ūüôā Pink Crab Spider on Cosmos. The spiders ‘stitch’ two petals¬† together as a prelude to making a nest, and it makes excellent cover when an unsuspecting bee or fly happens along. Citrus Swallowtail caught on the Wing. Robber … More I’m Still here …. if not all there, apparently!

Bits n Bobs

Acraea Encedana ”Some like it hot” Sweet Potato. Not sure which type but I bought two at Food Lovers (the fruit and veg store) to see if I could get them to shoot -the tooth pick and suspended over a jar of water method. The other one rotted and produced nothing. It’s been several months … More Bits n Bobs

What’s the buzz?

Amegilla bee visits a Plectranthus plant by the pond. 12/4/21 And …. for your edification. Amegilla¬†bees are a group of native bee species that do not produce honey but are important pollinators of crops and wild plants.¬†Amegilla¬†bees are not aggressive but can sting for defence.   Plectranthus¬†is the largest South African genus in the mint … More What’s the buzz?

It fluttered by.

Thought I’d give these another airing. Hope you enjoy? Crimson Speckled Footman. Citrus Swallowtail. Common Diadem Painted Lady Jewel Blue Long-tailed Blue (Lampides boeticus) Ark.

More Dragons!

¬† It’s quite amazing how close these beauties will allow me to approach before they take flight. Even then, they will usually flit close by only to alight on the same spot. While these images are cropped, I was no more than a ruler’s length away and on several shots even the click of the … More More Dragons!