Bits and bobs

Cindy. Dog day afternoon … in winter. Long range shot of an African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene). Max among the geraniums. The next door neighbours recently acquired two (formally) feral kittens ( for their young son, apparently) – the wife works at the zoo so although not confirmed yet we presume this was where they came … More Bits and bobs

Jesus of Nazareth. Who?

There are two major claims regarding the biblical character Jesus of Nazareth:  He is God. A supernatural being who was raised from the dead after being crucified. He was also a normal human being. Question: Is there any verifiable evidence for either of these claims?     Ark.

Biblical Slavery –

How God gives the Green Light to owning human beings and treating them as property. The topic of slavery is probably the one topic that sets off Dillahunty, and he often goes spare! If there was only one reason not to be Christian, then the sanctioning of slavery by the god Christians worship should be … More Biblical Slavery –