”Science Compliments The Word of God”

John Kilpatrick

Three ways the sciences complement the Bible, Ark:
• Cosmology — There was a beginning.
• Geology — Mankind has dominion.
• Biology — Life has a single origin.
If you want to add the social sciences, we have also:
• Archaeology — which never contradicts what the Bible actually says.
• History — Historical geography; chronology; social history; cult history; diplomatic/military history; eyewitness records; and documentary history all complement the Biblical text. (And before you deny the historicity of the Resurrection on the grounds that the rules of modern historiography prohibit the historian from saying that the Resurrection was an historical event; just remember that those same rules insist that we record as historical fact that hundreds of people saw the Risen Christ.)
Shall we bring in Jurisprudence? Why not?
• Testimony — The eyewitness testimony to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be gainsayed.
And finally, perhaps the softest of the social sciences:
• Sociology — The Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints [Jude 3] (for which we contend) ought not be dismissed as objective evidence. Any observer can see that what the Bible calls faith is both real and rational.


Well … what can I say?

Over to you lot …..



Evidence based or Indoctrination?

Ark, (I am that person. )I was reared in a progressive ELCA church as a child and did not come to faith out of fear, trauma, or blind indoctrination. For me, it was a search for “truth” and the reason behind things like the origin of life and the universe that ultimately led me to a conviction of God. It was a process over time, you see.


If one is raised in a Christian environment , no matter if it is considered ”progressive” – I am not really sure what this term actually means – the fundamental tenets of faith regarding the character Jesus of Nazareth and specifically his crucifixion and resurrection are the same.

This still sounds like indoctrination to me.

Like every other conversion claim I have read, I still see no evidence whatsoever for this particular claim either.

Many of you have been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Would any of  you consider this person’s ”process over time” to be indoctrination or not?



The Benji Cake

A once-off (non-edible) addition to Emily’s Cakes baking portfolio.

The Benji Cake


To extract cake from mixing bowl  you will need:

1. A brief tickle behind the ears. If Benji cake is reluctant to budge …..

2. Use a fork and tap briskly against side of tin of cat food.

Once extracted from bowl, for best results, place on warm lap and stroke until cat’s internal motor is engaged.

From the Ark manual of Recipes That Really Work. 


The epitome of Christian sleaze.

As a rule I would not dream of posting a video such as this, and it was only that, at first, I did not recognise Greg Koukl

This is a perfect example of what I usually call the Theological Two Step and it really is fascinating to listen how this slime ball wheedles and manipulates a conversation in order to lead the questioner to exactly the point where he can lay out the ‘Gotcha’!

Before you listen to Koukl though, let me write out the question that was posed to him by Deepak Chopra in a debate they had, I’m specifically doing this as, if you are like me, by the time you get to the end of the video – and I urge you to listen to all of it – you will have to think twice to remember what the actual question was.

Here it is: ”So you’re saying that anyone that doesn’t believe just like you is going to Hell.”

Got it?

Now watch and listen.


Oh, and it’s telling that comments are disabled on the video. But they’re most certainly not on my blog!


Evidence & Christians.

When I dialogue with Christians  the only thing I am really interested in is evidence – can they demonstrate the veracity of their claims.

The most frequent question I am asked is: ”What do you mean by evidence?”

As soon as you hear this you know that they are going to smother the discussion with theological fertilizer.

So, I will dedicate this video post to those fertilizer merchants whom we all know only too well.

you can skip to about the 7 minute mark if you like



A little light-hearted comedy …. one for John Z perhaps?

I am not ‘unaware’ Ark….unlike you I have actually studied this and there is evidence for the Exodus. The trouble is that you start with the basic presupposition – it did not happen – and therefore you dismiss anyone who says it does as being unreliable….your posts are endlessly circular…

Should the Nobel Board be alerted to expect some ground-breaking evidence that has eluded almost the entire archaeological fraternity for decades?

Maybe we will soon be alerted to the discovery of Noah’s ark in the not too distant future as well?




Oh for gods’ sake. Exam Time

Pay attention class!

As a student about to sit your finals for a degree in New Testament Studies you are surprised to note that the paper has only one question:

New Testament Studies: 3 hours.

Extract and list from the Gospel everything that you regard as historical fact.

Explain in full your methodology and provide a complete list of references.

Oh, for gods’ sake! Because it’s Sunday.

The Church in the USA has also failed so many. We were told yesterday that 50% of US Christians can’t name all four gospel writers.

(link can be provided)


In fact, there isn’t a person alive who can identify the four gospel writers. However, I’m going to take a shot:

John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I challenge you lot to provide a more historically accurate answer.

In the meanwhilst …

From the Gospel of the Miscreants