Incy Wincy

Pink Flower Crab Spider. (Thomisus ) They have been very thin on the ground the past couple of seasons but I found  three this week so maybe there will be more before summer is over?   The family Thomisidae is a large family with 160 genera and about 2000 known species. In Southern Africa they … More Incy Wincy

2021 photos

Looking at Nan’s New Years Eve post of the 50 best photos of 2021 I thought I’d  do a small gallery on my own personal favs from the previous year. None are a patch on what’s on the 50 best on Nan’s blog, but these are a few I liked and a reminder of the … More 2021 photos

Bits n Bobs

Acraea Encedana ”Some like it hot” Sweet Potato. Not sure which type but I bought two at Food Lovers (the fruit and veg store) to see if I could get them to shoot -the tooth pick and suspended over a jar of water method. The other one rotted and produced nothing. It’s been several months … More Bits n Bobs

Up the Garden Path

Long Tailed Blue (I think) snacks on some lavender. Lilies by the pond. Grassveld Sylph Home-grown gemsquash and some zucchini. Harvested this morning. Number 7 looks on. Two Striped Skimmer. This was rescued from one of the cats. We think it was newly emerged as it’s wings didn’t appear properly dry. Bougainvillea Wet Dove on … More Up the Garden Path

I wonder ….

…if, as kids, we were each given a KJV bible as part of our school curriculum and told to read it …. ”there will be a test!” would any of us have believed what we read or become Christians simply on the strength of being told we were reading the ‘Divine Word?’ Ark.

Watch the birdy!

Rock Pigeons. Giving me ‘The Look.’ ”Someone’s leftovers? No thanks!” Glossy Starling. Popped down to investigate some fruit from the wild plum tree discarded a few moments earlier by an Olive Thrush. He flew off without touching it. Fiscal Flycatcher on the back wall during a break in the rain. Feeding the nipper. Grey Louries … More Watch the birdy!