Watch the Birdy

  Unlike their cousins, the speckled mousebird, who visit on a daily basis, the Red-Faced Mousebird is a rare visitor. Indeed, so infrequent that, in the 18yrs I have lived here this is only the third time I have seen it and managed to photograph. A small group of six landed among the neighbours’ fruiting … More Watch the Birdy

Bits n’ Bobs

Building work is still occupying a fair amount of time and I must be honest, I haven’t been as keen as usual to post stuff. That said …. Brian asked about the Painted Lady and whether it was a migrant or year round visitor. I know I have shots of it through the winter months … More Bits n’ Bobs

Bit of this and that.

Went out this morning. Long Tailed Blue Baxter on his first official ”solo” walk three days ago. ”A broom is drearily sweeping, up the broken pieces of yesterdays’ life.” Jimi Hendrix. Home grown pumpkin and carrots for lunch today! Early Sunday morning., ”Fat Unicorn”. Went out Friday. The ”bite” is part of the design. Emily’s … More Bit of this and that.

Walking the Dog

Council Maintenance! Yay! As I walked past the nursery on Frederick St, panning the cellphone as I went, this chap walked into shot on the other side of the road, so I clicked the camera. As you can probably judge from the scowl he was not a happy chappy. This became obvious when he started … More Walking the Dog

Watch the Birdy

Amethyst Sunbird (male) Amethyst Sunbird (female)   Warmed the cockles of my heart to see this pair of sunbirds this afternoon after an absence of nigh on 18 months and even longer since I was able to get a photo. Ark