Bits n’Bobs

Female Amethyst Sunbird Benji on the front wall. Our resident Garden Orb Weaver. Hasn’t moved since she established her web among the lavender. Milkweed Locust. Mané – ”Did you see that?” Painted Lady Mr & Mrs. Flycatcher Ark

Bee Aware!

Today is World BEE DAY – thanks to Roda over at Indigo Acres for the heads. up. To celebrate and to maybe prompt some of you heathens to go out and plant some bee friendly plants, here are few shots of some of these fine creatures that visit the Ark’s Spot. Amegilla visiting lavender. We can … More Bee Aware!

Watch the Birdy!

‘Pigeon Pals’ Rock Pigeon ( red mask) and Laughing Dove. 13/5/20 Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird 12/5/20 Female Weaver in Fir Tree. Green Woodhoopoe. Adult Female Amethyst Sunbird. 13/5/20 Ark.

Odds n’ Ends and bits n’ bobs

Prometheus glides by. Potted Potatoes Progressing Purposefully. Crimson Speckled Footman snacks on some lavender. Pumpkin looking very healthy. ”Thar’s gold on them thar wings!” Thysanoplusia orichalcea, Golden Plusia  Found it’s way into my office yesterday evening. Millie. I was obliged to go wash my hands somewhere else. Our Pink Lady, still enjoying residency among the … More Odds n’ Ends and bits n’ bobs

Around the garden.

Cream Striped Owlet Moth Garden Orb Weaver moults. Bright and Shiny – and some lunch! Brown Veined White Wet Friends. Grey Lourie and Crested Barbet share an aerial view after the rain. Twin Dotted Border Virgil War memorial, across the valley. Lockdown – Walking Cindy around the garden. Across the Valley – African Harrier Hawk … More Around the garden.