A Sting in the tail

Plain-Pygmy Thicktail Scorpion – Mildly Venomous. Painful Sting but not of medical attention. One of the cats was showing it some attention this afternoon. Initially we thought the cat was playing with a lizard – until we shooed her away! Ark

Seeing Red!

Amegilla bee at poppy Fledgling Black Collared Barbet looking down its beak at me! Citrus Swallowtail on Geranium. Bottle Brush Red For Danger! Brown Button Spider.   Wild Strawberry Bird in Blue Homegrown – when you’re hot, you’re hot.

Beeing There.

Thyreus Bee   When these solitary bees want to take a break for a few minutes they latch on to a plant of their choice using their mouth parts and doze off. They remain in this horizontal position until they are ready to buzz off again.   Ark

Watch the Birdy

African Hoopoe Alerted by the distinctive ‘whoop whoop’ call I grabbed the camera from my desk and walked smartly to the Wattle tree in the back garden where this gorgeous visitor had popped by for a few moments.   Ark