It Fluttered By

Female Diadem

Male Diadem


Photographed this afternoon


Common Diadem
Alternate common name: Diadem
Afrikaans common names: Blouglans (male), Na-aper (female)
Wingspan: ♂ 60–65 mm ♀ 70–80 mm
Notes: Male is a strong fl ier and is territorial on hilltops and in forest
clearings. Sexes dimorphic, distinctive. Polymorphic females are mimics of
all forms of the unpalatable African Monarch. Prefers wooded country and
often visits gardens and fl owers.
Flight period: Year-round, peak late summer.

Rainy Day, Dream Away …

According to NASA Cyclone Kenneth has just been upgraded to a category 4 hurricane and will hit landfall (Eastern Africa) later today (25th).

We’ve just had a heavy downpour with hail battering everything for around ten minutes.

And to think that it was bright and sunny when I went for my morning constitutional.

Oh well … time to break out the Wellies.

Meantime …

Crab Spider and Fly

Brown Button and prey.

Paper Wasp.

Baby Button.

A second Citrus Swallowtail caterpiller I found and brought inside.

Rescuing a trapped dove.

Benji giving me the eye




Bee-ing there … or not!

It looks like a Thyreus (Cuckoo Bee), but it isn’t.

It has different eyes and a pointed rear  as opposed to a more rounded bum like the Thyreus.

Thyreus resting on Lavender

Hmmm …. I wonder what this bee mimic is?




Someone on S.A. Butterflies, Bugs, Bees and other small things, has just identified the bee.

It is called  Coelioxys, and is a leaf cutter bee.