Christianity and Science – Compatible? Part 1

“Christianity is overall more consistent with evidence and logic than any other worldview.”

Let’s test this statement by using the Bible as reference.

1.The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve were the first humans: Adam was created by Yahweh and the first woman, Eve, was formed  from a rib of Adam. This pair of humans became the progenitors of the human race.

Science, through the genome project, ( formerly headed by Christian, Francis Collins) has demonstrated beyond doubt that humanity cannot be traced back to a single human being or pair.

2.The Bible tells us that because of the wickedness of humanity, Yahweh caused a global flood, killing every human and most animal life save that which the character Noah brought aboard a large wooden ark, built to Yahweh’s specifications, which he imparted vocally.

Science has demonstrated that the notion of a global flood is sheer nonsense and the evidence as revealed by the fossil record and the geology of rock strata show this.

In fact, the biblical story is derived from the Babylonian myth, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

More recently, the Time Temperature Index, or TTI used in the exploration of  oil, has offered conclusive evidence that if the geologic column were created within the past 6,000 years, then no oil or gas should be found today.

3.The Bible tells us that the Exodus is an historical event describing the freedom from Egyptian bondage of around two million Israelites who were led through the Sinai desert to Canaan. A monumental undertaking that spanned 40 years and included the crossing of the Red Sea and the eventual annihilation of the local Canaanite population – including all livestock.

Science shows us that there is absolutely no evidence for the Exodus ever having taken place. Furthermore, such a migration of around 2 million people would have devastated the economy of  Egypt, whose total population at this point in history was estimated to be  around 4 million. No record or evidence of such an economic collapse exists.

Claims that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence have been largely refuted by the world’s leading archaeologists in this field and in fact, physical evidence has revealed that settlement of Canaan/Palestine was through a gradual process of integration rather than a mass arrival of millions of people, for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

Of these three examples, which do you feel has more evidence and is more logical.

Christianity or Science?


Explain to me why, for God’s sake!

There are many Christian sites dedicated to trying to harmonize religion and science. Sites that go out of their way to try to establish  honest, logical and reasonable bona fides.

They are often hosted by ( seemingly) well educated individuals with degrees in this and that and phds in one thing or another. Not rank dummies by any stretch.

So surely, among all these degreed and highly intelligent individuals there must be one – just one who can offer a logical, concise non-apologetic reason for the character Jesus of Nazareth having to die  by Crucifixion. Why was a blood sacrifice necessary?


Cake over the Fence – If The Shoe Fits …


Some more stunning cake artistry from Emily’s studio.

A  bit of colourful fancy footwork in the Photoshop department, but the entire shoe ensemble in the (original) centre display is edible, and I am told, was eaten.

Although I reckon someone would have to be a  bit of a heel to take a knife to this creation.

Then again, cake is cake, right? :)


Ark on the Street – Howard.


Howard the ”Homeless Guy”

I don’t know if he truly is, or if he has at least somewhere to go at night. Though when he used to walk, around the suburb, first unaided then with crutches, he occasionally slept in the street.  I have chatted with him on a couple of occasions when I have come across him during my morning jog, but he has never volunteered any personal information and I have never pried. He has asked me for money once or twice as well. I usually jog in running shorts which only has a tiny Velcro-sealed back pocket that just about fits a folded bank note. I began carrying one for a while, but as I didn’t see Howard for several weeks this got washed with the shorts on a number of occasions ( me forgetting to take the money out) and eventually I stopped.

I was told by someone ( can’t remember who) that he has been ‘taken in’ on several occasions but has returned to the street each time.

This was taken from the car the other day, and is the first time I had seen him in quite some time.

I have no idea where he got the wheelchair either; and I once saw him being pushed up a street by a ‘helper’.  But the chair appears to have lost a wheel at the front so I don’t know how he gets about – but he obviously does.

It’s a funny old world we live in, but it’s encountering people like Howard – whatever his story is – that reminds me to count my blessings

This is Christianity.

  • America has been richly blessed as our forefathers and people honored God and sought to live by His principles, including the support of Israel. But when we as a nation turn our backs on God and His teaching we are inviting His judgment.

The intentional liquidation of the Native Americans is considered one of the worst genocides in human history.

The US economy was initially built largely  upon the back of the Negro slave.

‘His’ principles?

Yes, I would agree.


Gun Control.

Its always good to start the morning with a laugh, right? This video is excellent and oh so very very true. Even though the language is a bit ribald it is well worth watching if you are brave enough to hear a few home truths.

I dedicate this post  to all my right-wing Christian buddies who also advocate the right to bear arms.

James (Isaiah project) and Citizen Tom readily spring to mind.

Go get ’em, cowboy.


Leading you up the garden path: Statistics

Since I began my photographic journey to capture as much of the fauna at our spot I have (so far) photographed:

16 species of butterflyacraea-2-27-july-20153.jpg

5 species of bee

Carpenter on Onion

5 species of beetle


34 species of bird


5 species of caterpillar

caterpillar 4

2 species of cricket


3 species of dragon fly

KIrby's Drop Wing

2 species of damsel fly

mating flys

7 species of fly

fly on dandelion

2 species of katydid

grasshopper 1

4 species of hoverfly

migrant hover fly 6

1 Wild Mammal (Genet)


3 species of Ladybird ( I think)


3 species of gecko

Gecko 1a

1 species of praying mantis

mantis finger

1 species of scorpion

Imagem 016

14 species of spider


1 species of Robber Fly

robber fly1

1 species of stick insect

stick insect 1

5 species of wasp

Ichneumonid wasp.4

And not a single damn partridge in a pear tree. I warned the missus not to plant the apple tree.