Up in Smoke …. ‘Dave’s not here, man!’

Netflix recently imposed a ban on all new productions from featuring smoking, and a  warning on all material that features tobacco. As I understand it,only where a case could be made on the grounds of artistic/historical reasons would a film/series featuring cigarettes be allowed to be aired. All future films made by Netflix will omit … More Up in Smoke …. ‘Dave’s not here, man!’

Lockdown day 8 ”Best of the best of the best, sir. With honors!”

And it’s still raining. Chris Schilling How ’bout some more of your favourite musical material, Ark? Have you ever posted a top ten or twenty of your favourite songs, albums, books, films, etc? Just for the buffs and nerds among us. How could I refuse such a request? I’ll do a Three Of The Best … More Lockdown day 8 ”Best of the best of the best, sir. With honors!”

Christian blogging.

As a reader and regularly banned peruser of  Christian blogs there is a trend that I noticed a while back, namely, the vast majority of Christian blogs I have come across generally attract so few comments that, if it weren’t for the atheists that visited their traffic would dwindle to well nigh zero. Regular readers … More Christian blogging.

Bits n’ Bobs

Common Leopard – Phalanta phalantha A rare visitor indeed! Buffalo Heart Tomato – picked from the garden yesterday. Will ripen fully in a day or two. Best tasting tomatoes we have eaten. Hillbrow Post Office Tower – Saturday, After the Rain. Benji: ‘Check Diary – no appointments, have a snooze.’   Ark