Leading you up the garden path: After the rain.


It is important and lots of fun to try to cultivate a healthy garden so we  grow some fruit and veg, to supplement the shopping and reduce our dependence on external foodstuffs if only by a small margin.

Here’s a lemon from one of our five trees that we grew from seed.

Lots of Vitamin C


and Bee.




Liars for Jesus or simply plain Ignorant?

Regular (long standing ) readers will recall that, I was once taken to task by an Evangelist Minister named Christopher for daring to suggest  that Moses and the Exodus story was a work of fiction. Especially as I cited archaeological evidence and top notch scholarly testimony to back the assertion

Friend Christopher went on to claim that ´´ his archaeologist´´ had evidence of chariot wheels on the bottom of Red Sea, thus proving the biblical tale and establishing Moses as an historical person.

Of course, this piece of nonsense was circulated by first rate con-artist, the late Ron Wyatt who not only sucked in innumerable  believers,and quite likely a fair number of lazy fence-sitters but also several christian organisations and  foundations who apparently funded  a number of his nonsense expeditions.

When I explained this to Christopher, at first he denied it then went quiet and then deleted his blog.

What is even sadder is that, as a minister he had been preaching this rubbish to his congregation!

And, it seems Ron Wyatt, or at least the garbage he conned so many Christians with, will not stay dead.

Here, this commenter, over at Lynn T´s blog, wants to put me well and truly in my place

Underwater searches where Moses parted the sea have revealed ancient chariots on the sea floor. Far from land.


OCTOBER 22, 2016 AT 8:14 PM

 And they truly believe this stuff. I mean really Believe with a huge bold as you like capital B.

And he is not alone.

Over at Comedy Sojourn, our two friends, the father and daughter comedy duo of John Branyon and Amanda McMommy are convinced that much of the archaeological corpus have been leading us a merry old chase regarding the Exodus.

Friend Branyon, who obviously seems to know more than every archaeologist who ever held a spade, goes on to repeat this old trope.

Lack of archeological evidence DOES NOT make a Biblical claim ‘fictional’.

Responsible scholars understand:

And of course he, like so many Liars for Jesus simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is evidence of how ancient Palestine was settled. And it did not involve an Exodus of any description.

Of course, admitting this, leaves one of the major foundational tenets of his faith in tatters, because his beloved Jesus of Nazareth makes reference to Moses. (among other Old Testament notables) And of course there is the Transfiguration. How  an acknowledged fictional character made an appearance alongside Jesus is quite astounding, don´t you think?

In Branyon´s rather unsavoury attempt to demean and undermine the work of thousands of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of uncovering the truth of the stories in the Bible, he refuses to even raise the subject of the settlement pattern of ancient Canaan thus, once again giving the impression for the benefit of credulous Christians that this matter is not settled, that there really was an Exodus and a Moses of some sort and it is just a case of people not digging in the right place. And this is the message, when it is  preached from the pulpit of evangelical churches and bible study groups that is carried forward by Christians who are either too indoctrinated or simply too damn lazy to do some homework.

A couple of links for those who are interested.


And for those who haven´t read it; John Zande´s excellent piece on Kadesh Barnea.



Ark on the Street: Purple Rain


Houghton Drive – Friday Afternoon.





Torrential downpour clears the Jo´burg air and often leaves a blue edging  of Jacaranda leaves to every street where these colorful and almost ubiquitous trees have been planted.

Although declared an alien species some time ago, and no new trees are allowed to be planted, established trees have all been given a permanent stay of execution.

And rightly so!


Cee’s Photography Challenge. Vibrant Colours.





Vibrant Colours

Back to Nature for me with this first offering for Cee’s challenge. And specifically back to my little garden friends.

Here are several examples of vibrant colours courtesy of Mother Nature.



Carder Bee on Daisy.


Flower Crab Spider on Cosmos (for Arch).


Migrant Hover Fly on Cabbage Flower.


Crimson Speckled Footman (Flunky) on wild creeper.


African Grass Blue.