Cake over the Fence. 3D Mickey Mouse & Cake.

This commission was a cake-and-a-half!

Apparently, the client was unable to provide a model of Mickey Mouse as he couldn’t find anything to match the picture he had given Emily as a guide; so Mickey had to be constructed free hand from a 2D image using fondant. This was a  modelling exercise par excellence.

Multi – Layered vanilla chiffon and butter icing covered in fondant.

Designed, baked and built by emilyscakes.

If you would like to commission a cake or cupcakes  have a look at the website below.

micky cake 40



Leading you up the garden path. Simply Irresistible.

Out the back door and through the gate that separates the front garden from the back. Immediately beyond the gate is a smallish area that I laid out as a rockery for a variety of succulents and (mostly) smallish cacti.

There are also a number of tree stumps that act as a partial divider and also a sun deck for the lizards that frequent this sunny spot. Occasionally I have caught a lizard catching an afternoon tan and taken a few photos.

On one of the stumps is an old stone tortoise that we bought in a shop somewhere in the UK a long time ago.The tortoise seems to attract the lizards for some reason who sidle up alongside it and bask in the afternoon sun for a few minutes as they recharge their batteries before going off in search of an afternoon snack.

This afternoon as I strolled  through the  gate this is what I saw …



lizard and tortoise


Leading you up the garden path. Watch the birdy.

About an hour ago I heard a ruckus going on in the garden outside my office. A family of Green Woodhoopoes had arrived and taken up temporary residence in the coral tree on the east wall.

Normally when these birds fly into our spot they sit high up in the large Wattle tree at the back of the garden so to have them so close and considerably lower to the the ground is a photo opportunity not to be missed, especially as I have no telephoto lens.

woodhoopoes 2


The beautiful Green Woodhoopoe

Don’t ask questions. Have faith and obey.

For Godless Cranium – another who was politely told not to ask questions

Here you go, GC.

In a children’s Sunday School class somewhere.

“And lo, the children of Mo Sez will return to the land once more, disenfranchising the godless heathens and sinners as commanded by the Lawd. And they shall trample through fields of goats droppings. And the corn will bend aside in their passing, for is it not written, that if you can bend one ear, you can bend millions?

‘’But, be fearful, oh wandering ones, for as the yolk returneth to the egg, so shall the salt returneth to the seller. Especially around breakfast.

‘’So heedeth the word and when the fruit from thine lions …’’

A hand shot up. The class held its collective breath. Pastor Dribbly Tailgater did not like being interrupted.

‘What is it … er … Fitzpatrick?’ he snapped.

‘Shouldn’t that be loins, sir?’

Pastor Tailgater dropped his gaze to the passage in question then looked up sharply.

‘It says, lions, Fitzpatrick. Are you questioning the Word, boy?’

‘Well, er, yes, sir. That word.’

‘Not word, boy. The Word. These are the words of the Mighty!’

‘I thought they were the words of the Prophet Eyes-Higher, sir?’

‘Well, yes, of course they are the words of Eyes-Higher. But they were inspired by the Mighty.’

‘So what does it mean, sir? Please, sir?’

‘Mean, boy? Mean? It doesn’t have to mean anything. It is Holy. You, and the rest of the second-rate frog-spawn must simply obey.’

‘So, how exactly do you get fruit from a lion, sir?’

Very carefully, of course! How the hell do you think? Now, shut up!”

Fitzpatrick turned to the boy sitting next to him and whispered.

‘Well, if I tramped into our house with my feet covered in goat shit, our mum would bend my ear too. As for that lion; I’d call our dad and it’d be a hearth rug toot-sweet.’

The Ark


Leading you up the garden path. Some of my Arachnid friends.

Crab spider on Rose 4

White Crab Spider on Rose.

Jumping Spider 2 on Wild Iris

Jumping Spider on Iris.

Orb Spider 2

Orb Spider in her web

spider 1

False House Button Spider

Spider Finger 2

Tiny Jumping Spider

white spider 3 75

Male Long Legged Sac Spider on Camera Strap

Spider man

3D Spiderman Cake.

Hand piped butter icing over vanilla chiffon.


Cake over the Fence.

I am once again all out of inspiration and so for now will post photographs.

Here’s a few super designs from my kids’ business.

makeup cake

Make-up cake. Fondant over orange chiffon.

dope cupca=ke

Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes with ”herbal” decoration.

bumble bee

Bumblebee Transformer. Butter icing over Chocolate cake.


Headphones in butter icing over vanilla chiffon.


Vanilla,Chocolate and Red Velvet cup cake shoes.


One of the truly great rock songs. Who didn’t like the Doobies?