From a Distance

Three birds, on a cold winter’s day. Speckled Mousebird Glossy Starling Cape Wagtail. The Wagtail is an infrequent visitor to our spot and I initially heard her rather than saw her. Being quite  a small bird it took me a few moments to locate her. Ark

Bits and Bobs

After a cold snap a couple of days ago. Ice from the dog’s water bowl. …and from the water bucket outside the shed! Another raised bed made last week. This one is quite small but I didn’t have more wood on hand for anything larger.  I’ve fertilised it with waste from the koi pond and … More Bits and Bobs

A Mini Marvel!

Collected  yesterday. I’m not sure if the nipper appreciated the cake, but Mum and Dad seemed suitably impressed! Individual hand-made petals over fondant. Diamante ribbons. Two tier chocolate and vanilla chiffon. Mini is made from fondant and every single facet is hand-crafted and coloured from scratch. Emily’s Cakes Ark      

Bits n’ Bobs

Every year around this time we are subject to scenes like this. We believe it is the burning of scrub on the koppie. Not pleasant! A few Sweet Potatoes I grew in an old dog biscuit bucket. Turned out better than I hoped. Adorabelle having a nap in the afternoon winter sun. In Silhouette. Hadeda … More Bits n’ Bobs

Having your cake and ….

Modelling almost complete! The artist adds a finishing touch to her design. Tulips. This was ordered for the mother of a client who currently lives in Prague. Delivered this morning. All the make up including the bag is made from fondant. Emily’s Cakes