Leading you up the garden path. Crab Spiders.

Crab spiders are fascinating arachnids, not least because they do  not construct webs ( though they do produce drop lines where and when necessary) but ambush their prey while hiding in plants such as roses. Hence their ability to alter their pigment to blend with their surroundings.

These two examples were found within metres of each other on two different roses. The first two shots feature a tiny spider – possibly a young one , that I discovered between the petals of a fading  pink and white rose.

The next three shots are of a larger spider found in a white tea rose with just the merest hint of pink.  And the spider’s coloring matched. white and pink crab spider3

white and pink crab spider2

White Crab Spider

White Crab Spider 4

white crab spider 5



A really great post from Argus. The family was discussing whether there were many WWII service personnel still alive and this post at least answers one part of that question.
Well worth a read. Good one, Argus! Loved it.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 20.01.28 considered by some as the sweetheart. Considered by me as popping up just a bit too often in my life lately—the most recent being when The Spouse came back from her shopping with a wee metal model complete with informatory booklet. Bait, of course, at a giveaway introductory price (if you sign up for the series and collect the models the price per unit is oodles more. No problem, I’m not a collector*) .


because despite having taken a few hits my wee Spitfire model from the same stable is still flying atop its little stand (okay, the three bladed prop is now a two bladed prop and the starboard cannon is adrift somewhere, but hey: they were rugged in real life too). And as far as I’m concerned they were the most beautiful & elegant aircraft ever to fly.


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 20.02.07In all…

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Spider update.

You may remember I rescued a young rain spider from a Pompilid wasp two days ago?   Well, it is still alive. We attempted to give it water today. Ems said she is not sure if it responded. But we are monitoring and keeping fingers crossed it comes right.

Imagem 255

spider 1

Oh, for gods’ sake: Ignorance is … This is sad.

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    You have not offered a single piece of evidence for your deity – and I have already explained that Yahweh was simply one of a Pantheon of Canaanite gods. Did you miss this?

    You gave no archaeological evidence for the Exodus whatsoever.
    The evidence for internal settlement has already been established.

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    I didn’t miss this. I ignored it because it is absurd. *You are dishonest when I say I gave no evidence. How about the Egyption chariot wheels found in the Sea?

    Once again, to say there is no evidence of a God (not necessarily the True God YHWH, but any god, is laughable. The evidence is abundant. Look around you. None of this could be here without a God.

    *My emphasis

And this sorry and unfortunate example is why children ( and some adults) need to be educated and, where necessary protected)

Leading you up the garden path. For Sonel. Ark saves the day. Maybe …

Phew! And I didn’t even have my blue cape or red underpants on either.

On the way back to my office, camera in hand and head down I noticed a rustle of grass on the edge of the lawn.

Within seconds this pompilid wasp  came onto view dragging a juvenile Rain Spider.

spider wasp 2

I am not arachnophobic so the sight of this Bert, as we call them at the Ark’s Spot in dire straits plucked a few heart strings I must be honest.

The wasp stings the spider, paralyzing it, then drags it to its nest where it lays eggs in the spider. You can guess the rest.

I had tried to  save a fully grown Bert a couple of years ago, by shooing the wasp and moving the spider.

But,alas, was to no avail; something came back and dragged the spider off.

Then a while back, I read on a Face Book page that there is a chance the spider may survive if rescued.

Generally, I do not like to interfere in nature but today I consider (as I am also part of nature ) I was there , in that spot, at that time for a reason.

So I shooed the wasp and picked up the spider, who is now sitting in an open sandwich box on my desk.

I am keeping fingers crossed it recovers. I shall give it some water in due course and we shall see.

Meantime, enjoy the photos.

spider wasp 3

spider wasp 5

spider wasp 4

Imagem 244

Bert on Hand 2

Bert on hand 1

Imagem 251

Imagem 252

The Problem with ‘Saving the Bees’

Originally posted on The Liber Ero Blog: Reports from the front lines of conservation biology:

IMG_1215 A native bumble bee (photo Sheila Colla).

By Sheila Colla

I’ve been researching pollinator declines over the past decade. It has been encouraging and inspiring to see my chosen subject matter go from completely off the general public’s radar to one of the most important environmental issues of our time. These days, it would be difficult to go a full week without seeing something alarming about pollinator declines in a newspaper or social media headline.

In general, it is great that the public and policy makers are starting to appreciate the insect pollinators and the ecosystem service they provide. Heck, even Obama himself wants to help! These little creatures feed on nectar and pollen and move pollen grains from flower to flower while foraging. This behaviour allows gene flow to occur among plants, which then leads to the production of seeds and fruit. Given the estimates that over 3/4 of…

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Oh, for god’s sake – Ignorance is … a Christian.

I’ll bet a thousand dollars most ordinary people and in all likelihood, most Christians, have no clue what this is or how important it was or the profound and lasting impact it has had on humanity.

A Quickie from Wiki. In case you ever wondered …

It is our desire that all the various nations which are subject to our Clemency and Moderation, should continue to profess that religion which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter, as it has been preserved by faithful tradition, and which is now professed by the PontiffDamasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria, a man of apostolic holiness. According to the apostolic teaching and the doctrine of the Gospel, let us believe in the one deity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in equal majesty and in a holy Trinity. We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title of Catholic Christians; but as for the others, since, in our judgment they are foolish madmen, we decree that they shall be branded with the ignominious name of heretics, and shall not presume to give to their conventicles the name of churches. They will suffer in the first place the chastisement of the divine condemnation and in the second the punishment of our authority which in accordance with the will of Heaven we shall decide to inflict.

Codex Theodosianus, xvi.1.2

Yes, that’s the Edict of Thessalonica

And once this was issued people were, in a word … Screwed.

Gotta love them Christians, right?

And then the world’s most filthy and disgusting fairy tale became  … respectable.Take it away, Mick.

Leading you up the garden path – Small stuff. Nite -Nite

I was wearing a faded out denim shirt and as I mooched among the roses looking for crab spiders I disturbed this small moth, which fluttered onto my sleeve. Must have been thinking of Star Wars because I thought this shot made the moth look a bit like an Empire Storm-trooper on the ice planet Hoth.

moth 4

white moth on rose

I gave up on the roses and wandered among the veggie patch and saw this tiny Grass Blue. It was no bigger than my pinkie nail and gave me a fine old run around until it alighted upon a weed. I carefully squatted and managed two photographs before it was gone.

african blue

I was going to take a couple of shots of the Arum Lilies outside my bedroom and as I poked my head close to the flower I saw this little one sitting on the lip of the plant.

He really is tiny tiny crab spider

crab spider in palm

Say what? Ark's Garden. copyright. 2015 DSP


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