Thursday’s Special. Pick a Word.

Paula over at Lost In Translation has put up another excellent photo challenge based on choosing one of five words.

I chose Elusive.

Here’s another shot of the green grass crab spider I posted last week.

Catching sight of this elusive arachnid whose natural camouflage abilities are a match for the best of them is special at any time. Considering he is nocturnal managing a photograph is a treat and a half!


green crab1a

In The Beginning. A brief moment of hilarity courtesy of Colorstrorm

I lifted this from a post I commented on a while back and our dear friend, Wally gave a heads-up to Colorstorm.

Once he arrived it sort of went down hill from there. But then Carl appeared and it took a definite upswing.

It is no wonder Creationism is forbidden from being taught in state schools.

If it were any other subject beside religion one wonders what a professional diagnosis would reveal about the mental state of someone who believes Genesis is historically accurate and inspired by the Christian god?

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest anyone?

Carl D’Agostino

People should google “what do Jews believe about Genesis?” They will find that many Jewish scholars believe that the universe may be billions of years old . They see the Genesis account not as the creation of the universe but the “beginning” of the Jewish experience with God. It is a joke that literalists and fundamentalists are telling Jews what their own Torah means.


  • Hi carl-

    Just a little housecleaning. The Genesis account does not need the support of Jews to make it credible.

    It stands fine and uncontested whether they believe it or not. If they believe it fine, but not believing the Genesis narrative hardly makes the scriptures lacking in any regard.

    And for what it’s worth, the Jews have had a long history or stubbornness and rebellion; after all, they did in fact reject the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, which the Old Testament AND Genesis clearly spoke of. So your gripe is faulty on many fronts.


    Truly, isn’t Colorstorm delightful?  Would you allow him to babysit your kids?



Macro Monday – She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah. For Jude.

Macro Monday #34

Jude has a nice photo of a  Flower Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) and I mentioned I had a shot of a similar  looking beetle somewhere.

And here it is. I have been unable to determine which species of Longhorn Beetle this is, so if any of you clever folk  out there want to have a crack at finding out, be my guess.


Longhorn Beetle on Rose.

longhorn beetle 1




Caution – Builders at work.


Cape Masked Weaver.



If a male weaver wants a ‘roll in the grass’ he first has to get it!

weaver grass 2

As the weather warms the male’s urgency to build at least one nest that will survive the seemingly pedantic attentions of potential mates also hots up.

This chap is visiting the fresh pond grass that appears every year among the water irises and other flora that grow on the floating island on the pond.

They are very clever and fascinating to watch. The modus operandi seems to be to first land on one of the nearby shrubs in pots around the pond and from here launch themselves toward the stronger, thicker lower third of a chosen stem. Once this is successfully negotiated, climb upward like a magician doing the Indian rope trick until the grass bends and the bird is in a more or less horizontal position, which is apparently the best position to then strip long lengths of grass from the  stem.





Is It Fair to Expect Inerrancy from the Bible When We Don’t Expect It from Other Sources?

After comments on a previous post questioning the integrity of many christians about how they can disregard the supernatural claims of the Old Testament – Adam and Eve, Noah, Exodus etc, – yet accept without blinking the resurrection claims concerning the character, Jesus of Nazareth, Nate Owens has laid out another excellent post. Definitely worth a read if only to watch the inevitable fur fly!

Finding Truth

In the comment thread of my last post, some of us mentioned that it’s hard for us to understand the point of view of Christians who believe the Bible can be inspired by God, without holding to the doctrine of inerrancy. unkleE left the following comment:

How is it that in everything else in life – whether it be ethics, or politics, relationships, science, history, law, even disbelief – we are willing to make decisions based on non-inerrant evidence and reasoning, but when it is belief in God we require inerrant evidence? I reckon your first thought might be that the stakes are so much higher. But that logic applies to disbelief as well. If we applied that logic, no-one would be an atheist because they didn’t have inerrant knowledge for that conclusion. You would not have any belief either way until you gained inerrant knowledge.

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Hanging on to delusion … for now.


For my ”three” readers. You know who you are, right?

In the time I have been blogging and engaging those who believe in gods, and Christians in particular, there has never been an instance that a Christian has produced a shred of evidence to make me come away from a discussion wondering if there was any veracity to a single claim made by such people.

And the more time passes the more desperate their arguments are becoming. It truly is pathetic how, on one hand they become science deniers, stridently demanding that the bible is innerant,  or later you read about how religion and science are compatible. This is especially apparent soon after some groundbreaking scientific discovery is made that  trashes a previously held religious belief and the religious scramble to find a response

The findings of the Human Genome Project, which finally destroyed any notion of the biblical Adam and Eve, is a perfect example.

We live in an age where technology has opened up vast resources of information. Information available to the professional and layperson alike.

And has this ”open-book” revealed any greater degree of veracity about the foundational  tenets of religion?

No. None at all.

In fact, with every passing year more and more evidence comes to light that reveals the bible and its contents to be entirely  mythological.

An elaborate work of historical fiction.

It is only a matter of time before such nonsense is confined to the realms of fantasy in its entirety and we as a species can embrace each other as people without this garbage and we shall look back upon such nonsense, shake our heads and wonder:

“How the hell could we have been so blind?”

The clock is ticking …



”And so castles made of sand … slips into the sea …. eventually.”



Ark on the Street. Barbi Shopping Trolley? From the car window.

On our way back from an early Saturday morning ‘shopping run’, I called shotgun so I could shoot a few random photos. As we crossed from one side of the Shopping Mall to the other, we went via the almost deserted open air car-park and I caught a brief  glimpse of this … I would have liked to turn around for a better shot but we’d just got a call there were people waiting at home and so we were in a bit of a rush.

I was immediately reminded of Terry Pratchett’s novel, Reaper Man, where the character, Death is forced to retire and so for a while there is no one to collect the souls after Life passes on.

As part of the plot, Life begins to seep into other dimensions and this includes a giant mall and the accompanying Trolleys (very loosely based on the movie Aliens) which find their way to the Discworld where they seem to have a rudimentary sentience.

Read the book. It is very funny, trust me!






Spring is almost Sprung…. boing!

peach blossom

Peach Blossom

Ist September is technically the first day of Spring down here in S.A.

But the garden doesn’t seem to run by such a strict calendar and already  the signs are there …. Spider hatchlings are showing up.

jumping spider on gazania

Tiny Jumping Spider on Gazania.

corla bloom

Coral Tree bloom


Almost fully laden with pollen, honey bee makes one last stop.

strelizia 2

Strelizia’s are opening.

yellow crab 1

Crab Spiders are showing up all over the place once more

gazania 11

Gazanias are flowering like crazy

lemons and mousebird

Lemon trees are loaded

pond 1

The pond is waking up

Are we going 1

Sheesh! Yes, Spring is lovely. We get it. Now, are we going out to get my food or what?