Watch the birdy!

Rock Pigeons. Giving me ‘The Look.’ ”Someone’s leftovers? No thanks!” Glossy Starling. Popped down to investigate some fruit from the wild plum tree discarded a few moments earlier by an Olive Thrush. He flew off without touching it. Fiscal Flycatcher on the back wall during a break in the rain. Feeding the nipper. Grey Louries … More Watch the birdy!

Bits n’ Bobs

First up.  Sweet Potatoes. The root systems have developed enough to plant out. Left was the slip I planted in soil and Right was the slip I placed in water. No real discernible difference. So, time to plant out … Left the Soil slip. Right the water slip. Both seem okay in their new ‘home’ … More Bits n’ Bobs

Bits n’ Bobs

Apparently it was World Kindness Day a few days ago.  Thanks to Sally over at my beautiful things for the inadvertent ‘Heads-Up’. Being the atheist heathen I am I couldn’t think of anything kindly, other than to say ‘Hi” through gritted teeth to my son’s mate who is a Manchester United fan. And trust me, … More Bits n’ Bobs

New Species, a nice spidey surprise and other bits n’ bobs

Greater Honeyguide. Way up high in the acacia tree in the front garden When it was mentioned to my son’s friend who’s a bit of an ornithologist-type person that we had seen and photographed a Greater Honeyguide, he was adamant we had misidentified the bird as they are not usually found in suburbia. Oh really? … More New Species, a nice spidey surprise and other bits n’ bobs

”I believe…”

I believe …Jimi Hendrix to be one of the best rock guitarists ever to have lived. I believe …Liverpool Football to be one of the best soccer teams in the world. I believe…. orange chiffon sponge cake with chocolate ganache to be the best cake ever. I believe … the E-Type Jaguar to be the … More ”I believe…”

Bits n’ bobs.

A glorious rainy day in Johannesburg. The crew and I have booked off the day and have just returned from having our ‘second shot’ ( different vac. site). All fine. No problems. Here’s a few other ‘shots’ from the past few days. Ella on Frederick amid some Purple Rain! First small crop of carrots grown … More Bits n’ bobs.

Bits n’ bobs

It is another baking hot day here in Johannesburg. My phone app says 33 Real Feel 35. Supposed to go to the department of home affairs for updated id documents and whatnot. Booked off the day and then we get a message informing us that their computer systems are down. Oh really? Quelle surprise! If … More Bits n’ bobs


”I’d like to see his length under these conditions.” Natalie Germanos earlier this afternoon referring to the action of one of the South African fast bowlers while  commentating at the T20 Cricket World Cup match between South Africa and Sri Lanka.      

Bits n’ bobs

First up …. For Sally. Growing Sweet Potatoes. The potatoes are suspended over a beaker, using toothpicks or similar, and immersed in water (up to about half the potato is fine) The potatoes will start to develop roots and then shoots as seen. These have taken about about four weeks to shoot. Temperate will have … More Bits n’ bobs

Defining terms …

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to discuss anything and especially when discussing in blog format is not understanding what your fellow interlocutor is talking about. I consider the key to maintaining equanimity and reaching understanding, if not necessarily agreement over a topic in discussion, is when all parties have a clear understanding … More Defining terms …