What if ….? The USA at war.

There is no communist threat any longer. There does appear to be a militant Islamic threat.

How great this threat is depends on many things, not least one’s own perception.

Yesterday, my little Obama Ramble provoked some interesting dialogue and had me scurrying all over the place trying to read up on a little bit about US politics.

So, here is is. Question:

As there is no internal terrorist war on US soil what would happen if the USA closed all of its overseas bases,ceased with immediate effect all drone strikes, and other military activity on foreign soil and simply circled the wagons on US soil?

Any takers?






You get the government you deserve.

I generally have little interest in politics and certainly hardly ever write about it.

This is plainly obvious to those who pop over to my spot.

But now and then, I will pay attention to things political, even if only in passing.

Today was one of those occasions.

I must be honest though, music rather than politics was my motivation for clicking on this particular Youtube video.

Paul McCartney’s gig at the White House to honour the man with the Gerswin Award for popular music.

Never been a huge Beatles or McCartney fan, musically that is, but I do have one or two albums and like everyone I suppose, have  a personal favorite song or five.

However, what struck me most about the video was not McCartney and all the music and the guests, but President Obama.

I must also confess, I have never followed Obama’s politics, know very little about him either, and have paid almost minimal attention over the years to the flak that has been leveled at him.

As with all heads of state, he inherited ‘stuff’ from his predecessor. And like all heads of state, some of it was good. But a lot it was not. I believe people change politicians if they screw up or if the electorate is simply fed up. In other words. Bored

I reckon I am a reasonable judge of character and what struck me most about Obama at this White House gig; his speech, his attitude to McCartney and his general demeanor toward those around him, especially his wife and children, was just how gracious he is.

Seriously, he really seems like an all round nice bloke.

And the US electorate traded a man like Obama for Trump?


It’s said nice guys finish last, and while I am not au fait with all the rules of US policy regarding terms in office, at some stage maybe this bloke should be invited back?

President Obama’s speech starts at 54 mins.






Favorite photos 2016

Although the photograph itself is not brilliant it is, nonetheless,  probably my favorite Street shot of the year.

Taken as we were pulling off from a garage forecourt, I merely pointed the camera at the bloke on the bike and snapped. However, once uploaded the photograph revealed a lot more than simply a cyclist. The alignment of the chap’s profile and the message on the sign could not have been more perfect.

The most intelligent fuel indeed.



16th October. Pedal Power!


27 July.  Flower Crab Spider on Cosmos.


28 June.

Some photographers make an art form out of taking photos of flowers.

Now and then I might get lucky!  Rose after watering.




Favorite Photos. 2016









Spotless! Recently emerged Ladybird. 23rd June 2016.


Large revolving Merc sign atop a local dealership in the suburb of Bedfordview. 28th June 2016.


Reflections. For a few seconds the fish were nowhere to be seen and the water was mirror flat, giving the impression the plant was growing out of the pond wall. 8th August 2016.


“Let me hear you say, Yeah!”

One of the cats  – Haley in a somewhat unladylike pose. 1st July 2016.


Taienops. Hoverfly. This little one somehow managed to end up in one of the dogs’ water bowls. After being rescued by yours truly, it then devoted the next five minutes  to some industrious grooming while sitting on my forearm.  I managed a few one-handed shots. 16th May 2016


Favorite Photos of 2016






Another batch of photographs.


There are a number of flies that mimic bees and wasps. This is one: Aptly named, the Bee fly. 23rd February 2016.


Taken while stopped at traffic lights on Oxford Road, 10kms outside Johannesburg. 6th October 2016.


Green Crab Spider. 25th August 2016.


Ems on the Run. 27th June 2016.


Babault’s Blue on Montbretia. January 15th 2016.


Favorite Photos.

The end of the year is fast approaching – again.

I have started going through my photo files and thought that over the next few weeks it would be fun to re-post my favorite shots of the year: garden shots as well as Street.



Mantis and Fly. March 15th 2016


Catherine and the Cat. 10th July


Hillbrow Tower.  20th February 2016


Feeding the Fish. 14th October 2016.


Flower Crab Spider on Cosmos. 8th March 2016.