Stormy Monday

Last night we had a typical Highveld storm: loads of thunder, enough lightning to leave an impression on the back of your eyeballs, and an initial downpour to make one consider building an Ark ( not me). To compound all this excitement we also had a municipal power outage (that lasted 4 hours) and we … More Stormy Monday

Incy Wincy

It’s just  beginning to cool a little with a slight breeze wafting up from the valley,but so far, today has been another potboiler with the temperature pipping 31 plus here at our spot. I popped up the garden for five minutes and the crab spider I found yesterday also seems to be feeling the heat. … More Incy Wincy

Because it’s Sunday pt.II

As a follow up to the previous post, the blogger ends his post by posing this question: What laws could exist in a culture with no religion? Does one first need to define what is religion? Japan immediately came to mind. Anyone else want to have a stab at this?

Celebrating the Year of the Bird: Tawny Flanked Prinia.

From the other side of the vegetable garden this morning I heard the distinct call of this gorgeous little bird which is similar to what you might expect a baby bird to sound like if it were calling to its mum and dad. It was flitting between the granadilla plant (behind it) and some cabbages … More Celebrating the Year of the Bird: Tawny Flanked Prinia.