Thursday’s Special 2 : Focus

  Found this beauty sitting on the driveway by the garage, gently flapping her wings. After a few shots she took flight and headed over the garden where she landed among the Strelitzias. I think she may have recently emerged from a cocoon. Citrus Swallowtail. Paula’s Thursday Special post,

A dangerous virus

I have never read Dawkin’s book, The God Delusion, but there is now ”The Movie”, spliced from the documentary series first aired on Channel 4, which I had  previously seen bits of. I was absolutely gobsmacked watching this. Because of work/time constraints I watched it over a few days and this also helped me absorb … More A dangerous virus

On Faith …

”…  any faith founded on fear of punishment on the one hand, and the expectation of reward on the other is an indication of a very juvenile state of mind.” Author (currently) unknown.   With thanks to Tish Farrell for supplying the quote.    

Leading you up the garden path. Bits and Bobs.

Gazing from the Gazania. Beautiful Two Striped Skimmer. Fungi – unknown species. The past week has seen quite heavy rains and the garden, including parts of the lawn, have suddenly sprouted several varieties of fungi ( Mushroom, Toadstool?) Here’s another one… Migrant Hover Fly on Lemon Verbena Discarded pottery. One for the archaeologists? I should … More Leading you up the garden path. Bits and Bobs.

A few More Street

Queen Street, Kensington. Outside The Real Macaw; the pet-shop.  All the wood in the background belongs to a business called The Yard which specializes largely in old furniture. Checking the bird cages Sadly, the coffee shop/bakery has recently closed down.  Having a stretch and a smile before business gets under way. Sanding a table. Outside Granny’s … More A few More Street

”God” – Yahweh/Jesus and Morality … part Deux.

I thought readers might be interested in following this morality thread a bit further. I next posed this particular question to the person who is, apparently, a devout Christian and is trying to champion the morality of  the Christian god , ”God” (Yahweh/Jesus) Here’s a very simple method to determine not only your god’s morality … More ”God” – Yahweh/Jesus and Morality … part Deux.