Oh, for gods sake! New Post. Just because …

Nan asked.   It would be easier to find a virgin in a bordello than getting an honest answer to a straightforward question from a Christian regarding evidence for their conversion. Therefore, I am going to try a slightly different approach. One of the problems is tangents. Tangentially speaking, that is, and, largely because of … More Oh, for gods sake! New Post. Just because …

Around the garden.

Citrus Swallowtail on Lavender Catherine and Val Crab Spiders on Cosmos. Benji and Danny. Hoverfly on daisy Homegrown Pepper Carpenter Bee asleep on a Cosmos. African Common White (Belenois creona) ‘Iceman’. (not one of ours but now a regular visitor) Millie looking over the valley. Best seat in the house! Hillbrow Tower 16/1/20  

Not for Nan!!

Apparently, Ems reached for some CMC powder  ( used in fondant icing) and got somewhat of a surprise upon seeing this little Miss Bert clinging to the side of the bottle! Up went the call from the studio, and Dad came running, camera in hand. Everyone popped by to ”ooh” and ”aaah”, and even the … More Not for Nan!!

Musical Interlude

Rained again yesterday so this seems appropriate. Weather Report, from their album Heavy Weather. The outstanding track Teen Town featuring the late Jaco Pastorius on bass.   Enjoy Ark.