Bits n’ Bobs

Out and About – riding shotgun on a delivery. Old Mining Headgear. Johannesburg in the background with Hillbrow Tower on the far right. On the way to the flower market. Joe Slovo Drive- formerly Harrow Road (pre-democracy) bordering Hillbrow to the right with the round Ponte Building (residential flats) in the background. Hillbrow, once  a … More Bits n’ Bobs

Watch the Birdy

Red-Throated Wryneck. Told you we’d get a front view! Photographed early this morning by Ems. I was still in bed! Cape Wagtail. Photographed Friday Streaky Headed Seedeater. Not the best shot but the first time I’ve seen this species the whole year. Greater Double-Collared Sunbird. Not sure of the ‘thing’ on its beak. Doesn’t feature … More Watch the Birdy

Bits n’ Bobs. – Boing! Spring has Sprung.

Spotted Joker. Byblia ilithyia,  An infrequent visitor to the Ark’s. Photographed bright and early this morning as I was ambling up the garden path. Hottentot Skipper Gegenes niso, visits the Lavender. Baxter and Ella. Species of Twig Wilter. Japanese themed Anniversary Cake.  The feathers on the Crane’s wings were individually made from fondant and assembled. … More Bits n’ Bobs. – Boing! Spring has Sprung.

Bits n’ Bobs

  Continuing with my toilet roll seedling experiment. The roots of this butternut seedling have pushed through the damp cardboard and it’s now ready for planting out. Tomato seedlings coming along nicely. Butternut in seed modules. Sunbird visits a  Strelizia. One of the chickens may be suffering from what could be Merek’s disease ( a … More Bits n’ Bobs

Great future prospects in the healthcare industry!

Yes, it’s true!!! An estimated 115,000 plus health and care workers have died from Covid 19. You read that correctly boys and girls, 115,000. That’s the equivalent of a commercial airliner crashing with no survivors every day for the past 17 months. Or …. 1.5 times full capacity inside Old Trafford, Manchester United’s stadium. (Though … More Great future prospects in the healthcare industry!

A-theism is …?

I have always understood atheism to simply mean: A lack of belief in gods. Or for the sake of simplicity and cultural context – God. Until recently I’ve never bothered to investigate it beyond this point and I would certainly never assert:  ”There is no God!”  Although some do, apparently. But why on earth, after … More A-theism is …?

Bits n’ Bobs

Garden Commodore photographed this afternoon. Nice to see them back again. My garden experiment. In an attempt to do away with seed trays I am having a go at planting in old toilet rolls. Add a little potting mix, sow the seed, gently pressing it into potting mix and cover lightly. Bio-degradable so there’s no … More Bits n’ Bobs