I don’t like cricket …. I love it!




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Green Milkweed Locust – (Phymateus viridipes)

Here’s looking at you, Blue Eyes




Religion: ”What have you done for me lately?”


If you were to ask even a child in what ways has science ( and all it encompasses) benefited humanity you would very likely receive more answers then you could deal with.

Yet while there may be a case to be made for religions contributing a few unique qualities – though I must be honest not a single one immediately springs to mind –  proponents are forever extolling the virtues of it and how society, in the absence of religion, would very likely sink into anarchy and utter chaos.

This would suggest that religion is the glue that holds societies together. However, even a cursory examination soon reveals that this is far removed from the truth, and history is pockmarked with more examples than one could ever likely list demonstrating just how destructive and detrimental religion has been on humanity, and continues to be, and  which, for all intent and purpose has not benefited humanity in any meaningful way one iota.

At the individual level, every deconvert I have encountered believes they are better off without their religion and now feel they are happier, more productive members of society.

Extrapolate that to a few billion ….

Now picture for a moment a world where the Abrahamic religions, for example, are totally absent .

Naturally, as an atheist and an anti-theist I am going to be more forthright with my view in this regard. Some have even accused me of bias, funnily enough, and a proponent of  ”scientism” – whatever this is? So I  am inviting those who consider they have a more balanced  view to offer  an argument for religion and to demonstrate its benefits – if any – for society;  past, present and future.

And please remember, if you wish to champion a particular religion, say Buddhism for example,  you have to show how it is superior to say, Judaism and why any other religion, as surely it must, also has a detrimental effect on humanity.

Over to you.



I am seeing red today



Semi-final Champions League, first leg. Liverpool 5 – Roma 2

Mo Sallah scored a brace. What an amazing player. He is such an ambassador for Muslims everywhere that, regardless of whether they are soccer fans or not,  there is a call, apparently, for Muslim parents to name their next boy child Mohammed in honour of this goal scoring machine.

There could be a lot of Liverpool supporters popping into the world quite soon I suspect!


Seth Andrews: How Christianity Made me talk like an idiot.

This is one of the best demonstrations of a Christian Take Down video I have seen. Seth Andrews, a former fundamentalist evangelical Christian, demonstrates just how silly the proponents of  religion really are.

And if they pop over …. Yes, Mel, Wally, David, Stefan, John Kilpatrick, Colorstorm, Patrick, Bruce etc …. This is exactly what Seth is talking about. And when he says ”What do they sound like?”

Well, as he admits , no matter how rational and reasonable you believe you sound, you do, in fact,  sound like idiots.