Have a laugh …

If you have never heard of Victor Borge, and I realise some of you may not have, then you are in for a treat, Go fetch a coffee …. but keep it a safe distance from the keyboard …. and sit  back for ten minutes. This will bring tears to your eyes …. A comedic … More Have a laugh …

Oh, for gods’ sake.

If Christianity were such that Jesus had no teachings or sermons but just died for their sins, then most if not all Christians would remain Christians. If Christianity were such that Jesus had teachings and sermons but didn’t die for their sins, then most Christians would never have become Christians. Tommy ( blogger on disqus) … More Oh, for gods’ sake.

National Book Lover’s Day. Better Late Than Never.

A fortnight ago I got a call from my dear friend Mrs. R. She had recently visited a non-descript building in down-town Johannesburg with my godson. Having heard of this place in Commissioner Street that sold old books, old vinyl records and other assorted bric-a-brac, the pair went in search of a particular record for Erich’s … More National Book Lover’s Day. Better Late Than Never.

Cake over the Fence

Haven’t posted any cakes for a while so here are a few examples of what has gone out recently. You know where to find more if you fancy a peek? Or click the cake in the side bar. Emilys Cakes   Ark.  

New Species!

A first for the Ark’s Spot. This little one is called a Black Heart; Uranothauma nubifer,  ( though I am sure it does not refer to its character! ) I spotted it yesterday fluttering among the brassicas in the Veggie patch and thought: this does not look familiar. So I uploaded a photo to an SA … More New Species!

Oh, for gods’ sake: Because it’s Sunday …

While science is very good at analyzing and testing observable data, it cannot help us transcend the natural world or answer the deeper existential questions that also must be answered. It cannot answer why science, and why there’s even such a thing as the natural world. These are philosophical questions.   It is a bold claim indeed … More Oh, for gods’ sake: Because it’s Sunday …

Christian converts.

It is quite amusing …. and in some respects odd that I am regularly accused of lying regarding my views of those people who convert to Christianity. I hold similar views regarding all  religion but as I come from a nominally Christian background I tend to stick with the one I know. So here’s my … More Christian converts.