A Sting in the tail

Plain-Pygmy Thicktail Scorpion – Mildly Venomous. Painful Sting but not of medical attention. One of the cats was showing it some attention this afternoon. Initially we thought the cat was playing with a lizard – until we shooed her away! Ark

Seeing Red!

Amegilla bee at poppy Fledgling Black Collared Barbet looking down its beak at me! Citrus Swallowtail on Geranium. Bottle Brush Red For Danger! Brown Button Spider.   Wild Strawberry Bird in Blue Homegrown – when you’re hot, you’re hot.

Beeing There.

Thyreus Bee   When these solitary bees want to take a break for a few minutes they latch on to a plant of their choice using their mouth parts and doze off. They remain in this horizontal position until they are ready to buzz off again.   Ark

Watch the birdy.

Hover over each image for identification. As a couple of folks were asking about the birds I had catalogued at our spot, here is a selection. There are a couple of absentees, due to the really poor quality of shot. Ark  

Watch the birdy

Mourning Dove in the Afternoon. Southern Bou Bou. Lousy shot, but such infrequent visitors are these birds (four times in fifteen years) that when I heard its distinctive monosyllabic call I was only too happy to get any sort of shot.   Ark  

Oh, for gods’ sake!

As far as my very basic understanding of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity goes – but who really understands it? -the Christian god is one god with three components – Yahweh, Holy Spirit and Jesus. One of the never ending circular debates about this nonsensical doctrine is whether Jesus is actually Yahweh. I have … More Oh, for gods’ sake!