”Gone to the dogs”. An ode to a pair of pugnacious, pugilistic puppies.

me with pups

I love puppies, I really do,

Even though they wee and poo.

All over the place and in the kitchen,

But what’s the point of even bitchin’?

For soon they will grow,there’s nothing one can do,

And I’ll still be stepping in Boxer poo.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me … er, what’s his name again?

A comment from a previous post (with  a few minor edits)


) does it mean that absolutely and entirely all of Christianity got it 100% wrong?

I think the truly honest way to approach such a question is like this:
If Christians are claiming the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh , yet they are also forced to admit that some (much?) of it is patently in error, than how can we trust any of it?

If Christians are then obliged to admit that it all boils down to faith then how on earth do  Christians know they are putting faith in the right stuff?

And as this is passed on ( indoctrinated, in many cases, I am sorry to say) to each successive generation of children then all one is doing is perpetuating the lies.

Would you knowingly and willingly lie to your children? Or anyone else’s kid for that matter?

Probably not.

But the church does!

We know for a fact that there was no biblical Adam and Eve. The Human Genome Project has proved this.
We know the Pentateuch is historical fiction: No Noah, no Moses no Exodus. Archaeological evidence tells us these things.

We know the writer of Matthew corrupted Isaiah 7:14 to ensure the story of the ”Christ child” showed he was conceived of a virgin, thus supposedly fulfilling prophecy.
We know the genealogy claims are contrived.

And there are a 1001 other biblical claims that we know are simply false. And these are not secrets among qualified biblical scholars, either. But they choose simply not to explain, or provide an apologetic response.
So, bearing all this in mind, maybe the question Christians should rather ask,is not:

”Does it mean that absolutely and entirely all of Christianity is false,”

but rather …

What parts of Christianity can we, as Christians, demonstrate to be 100% factual and beyond reproach.

So, let’s explore this. And while you marshal your thoughts I shall have some lunch. See you a bit later.


The two Morons:The James and Wally show.

It’s interesting what some people find funny; how  discussing the consumption of animals in such a crass and blatantly cruel fashion with the sole intent of championing meat-eaters and denigrating those that are’t without an ounce of respect for the animals that were obliged to give up their lives simply to satisfy their taste buds.

I thought these particular comments perfectly illustrate the degree of  insensitivity these two morons are prepared to sink to.

Ha,that was good.

I got asked once by one of the militant vegans what I had against pigs. I said not a thing! I have one over for supper at least a couple of times a week.

Tacky, but it made me feel good. LOL.

  • Yep that was tacky but funny.

    I actually never, ever talk about food with someone I know is a vegan as I have never met a single one who wasn’t absolutely insufferable.

    And people think evangelicals are too preachy? No one is more judgmental and holier than thou than a vegan.

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    There is a subtle undertone to James’ comment that suggests it would be unthinkable for an evangelical Christian, or any Christian, to eat meat as this lifestyle choice is reserved for non-believers.
    I find it almost as disgusting that  the post received so many ”likes” from followers.
    My Parents have been  vegan  for almost 30 years, and my mother is also a devout Christian. She generally does not talk about  her faith or eating habits unless asked.
  •  Ark.

Macro Monday # 21

Jude’s Macro Monday

The trap is sprung

I was following the flight of this drone fly about an hour ago when it landed on the gazania and in a flash the spider appeared between the petals and ‘SNAP’, the fly’s lunch was terminally interrupted to become someone else’s midday meal.

spider fly1

Spider fly 3

Spider fly 8


Black & White Sunday: Texture

Many moons ago, shortly after I was born, my father, who was in the RAF,was transferred to Germany. And naturally mum and I went too.

Nobody in the family seems to remember exactly where in Germany this is only that these photographs were taken during a Sunday outing or picnic.

I cannot claim photographic rights but as I feature in one of the shots I’m calling dibbs on  image rights.

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.”

For Paula’s Lost in Translation

me on car 1




Wild Flowers

Morning GloryIpomoea purpurea

A couple more for Jude’s Garden Challenge – Wild Flowers.

This one I know, Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea. 

A trumpet vine creeper that arrived at our spot from goodness knows where.  It is beautiful and truly appears to be lit  by an inner light, unlike some who merely claim they are. *Smile*

And this one, which I do not know the name of.

wild flower 2

wildflower 1

Our property is split level and the bottom part is only reached from outside, so we don’t often go down there. Thus, this gorgeous plant  managed to take root, undetected among some cacti and old privet. But it has now flowered and what a plant!

If any of you budding gardener types know its name, please let me know.



Ark on the Street 2

god poster

I think his ‘title’ is incorrectly spelt don’t you? Profit seems more fitting. Don’t you just love the name of the Ministry? PHD.  A cracker!

george harrison 2

George Harrison, purportedly the first person to discover gold on the Witwatersrand. In his spare time I understand he wrote songs including such timeless classics as My Sweet Lord and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

a complex view

Approaching Houghton Village to make a delivery. Such housing complexes are part and parcel of life in SA. and each has guards who record name address, telephone number and vehicle license plate.

Recording the Alpha

This has always struck me as a most mind-numbing job and unfortunately some of the folks employed as ”guards” are not the type to question why you wrote Mickey Mouse in the visitors registration book.  Of this I guarantee.

Comedian, Trevor Noah parodies this rather odd aspect of life in SA to a T. You should look it up on the UTUBE. It is very, very funny. But it seems people believe they are a lot safer in these False Fortresses.

listening to my tunes

”Just listening to my Tunes. And FYI, I didn’t shoot the Sheriff either”.

woman's work

Wave the flag sister, wave the flag! Not the best example of gender equality in the workforce but a good one nonetheless.

Schools Out 2

School’s Out!  Where’s Alice Cooper? Traffic Guard outside Saheti School

tower 2

A different perspective. Hillbrow Tower from Houghton Village.


While much of our indigenous wildlife is critically endangered the White Elephant, of which this Toll is a perfect example, appears to be thriving. However, moves have been afoot for a while to ensure this particular example goes extinct ASAP.


If Jesus returned tomorrow: A question for Christians

Just a thought …

If the character, Jesus of Nazareth returned to Earth tomorrow, do you believe that, as a Christian, you would likely be allowed to enter Heaven?

And, as you obviously believe you are following the correct version of Christianity what do you believe would happen to all the other Christians?

Leading you up the garden path: more wild flowers

Jude’s Garden Challenge saw me trawling my garden files and it’s quite surprising how many wild flowers there are at The Ark’s spot which have appeared, one by design, but most uninvited.

The cosmos, which was an intentional addition to the flora has all  but disappeared for the season and unfortunately so too most of the crab spiders. We are now on the fast track to winter; though even if the nights are cold the days continue to be warm and, mostly sunny.

While the vibrant colours of the cosmos are no longer the striking colour of the poppy is a more than adequate replacement.

Goodness knows where it came from but it  self-seeds every year.

poppy 2

poppies 3


And when the blooms have gone and seed pods are all that remain the poppies still attract  wildlife; even if only as a place to land and catch a breather for a few minutes.

red dragon fly 4

Red Veined Dragonfly ( 2015)



What Christianity is really about

Those brought up in a Western-Christian culture are indoctrinated in varying degrees on the notion of Yahweh (‘God’) and his son (sic), Jesus of Nazareth, who is/are responsible for the creation of the universe and everything in it, including you, me, lions and sparrows and the rampant flu virus of the early 20th century that wiped out a fair portion of humanity.

But there is more going on here than merely belief in a god. If it could be demonstrated that Yeshua Ben Joseph truly was a deity – the One and Only deity. The so-called  Creator of Everything who under the right circumstances could cure dandruff …. so what?

By this I mean I would be prepared to accept it. Yeah, he was here a long time ago and for reasons never made clear he decided to manifest in a piss-poor backwater in Roman Occupied  Palestine, do his thing then leave.

I acknowledge the Queen of England exists. I am sure she is important to a lot of people and quite likely does ”Good Works”, but does this mean I must feel compelled to worship her?

Of course not.

So what is it with Christianity?  Well, Christianity is not about whether or not a creator god exists or he had a kid or whether that kid was divine.

No. It is simply about religious tyranny. About demeaning perfectly ordinary human beings into believing they are absolutely worthless, have no individual purpose, no ethics and no morality. In fact they have nothing, unless they not only acknowledge that everything they are is derived from this deity but also that they  must remain in this state of worthlessness until they die, whereupon,after a lifetime of mental and sometimes physical grovelling for forgiveness, only then will this deity make a decision whether or not to allow you access to his place, Heaven, and are awarded eternal life. And if you do not come up to scratch he will flash you a thumbs down and you will be given the jolly old Heave Ho and turfed into Hell to be tortured for eternity.

That is what Christianity is all about.

Have I missed anything?


In the beginning …. again.

I haven’t posted any ”proper” writing for a while – ego and a secret dread of of Grammar-Nazis I suspect. *Shudder*

This comic fantasy novel has been on my HD for a considerable length of time and I suspect what with one thing and another I shall have to go the self-publishing route if  it is ever to see the light of day. *Sigh* Such is life I guess. But what the heck, I write, and you can read – or not. 

Anyhow, this bit is around 850 words. About five minutes reading for most. If you manage all of it I hope it raises a smile. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.

Before the beginning … again.

As writing is an act of creation it must, therefore, have a creator.

And one of the marvellous literary licenses of narrative fiction that such a creator is able to take is to create whatever he/she wants.

   You mean like me?

There you go. Now I’m not talking to myself.

   You sure about that?

Of course, I’m sure. I created you.

   So  am I  a who, whom or what?

All three, if you like. But for now you can be the Wholly Ghost in the machine

   Oooh, with capitals, too. I like it. Hold on. Isn’t it spelled incorrectly?

No. Not for this story.

   Oops! Careful. You had a bit of an italic episode there.

Creators can do anything. It’s their version of reality, after all.

   If you say so.

I do. And what’s more, we get to be part of the stories. Well, the first one at least.

   We do? Hey, that’s … great. So what are we? Heroes or villains?

Neither. You are what you are and I am what I AM.

   Sounds confusing

You’ll see as we go along.

This is a bit like playing You Know Who.

Aah, now you’re getting it.

   Hold on a moment, you said stories. Are you saying there’s more than one?

Sure! Things did not grind to a halt after the initial Act of Creation. Lif goes on.

   I’d check that last sentence. You made a spelling error. That should be Life.

No. It’s the correct spelling.

   Now I’m confused again. Can we get on with the story?

Yes, I think it’s best we do.

   Oh, by the way, you’re not going to start off with, Once upon a time, are you? I hate stories like that.

No, I am not going to start it like that.

   Good, because—

That’s the second sentence.

   Oh, god.


 Part One

Chapter 1

  The wondrous, most magnificent planet of Lif is an absolute marvel; a marvel it exists at all.

Once upon a time, as so many stories begin, this blue and white planet, which used to be known by another name, floated in its own unique spot in the universe somewhere between nothingness and eternity, orbiting an insignificant sun, in an insignificant galaxy.

It still does.

In the beginning …

As with most planets, nothing much happened for g’zillions of years. Well, nothing of any real interest besides some weather, geology and volcanism.

After all the boring things were sorted out, Mother Nature began to bring forth life in all its myriad of unusual, but nonetheless wonderful forms.

Over time, a semi-sophisticated race evolved to take its place in the galactic sunshine. They developed technology; including a reasonable space program, fast food outlets, television re-runs and toothpaste with five stripes. This race also succeeded in polluting half ‘their’ world’s freshwater supply and managed to eradicate innumerable species of flora and fauna.

Much of this race believed in a creator god and they established thousands upon thousands of different religions to worship him. Or her. It was never clear why so many different religions with so many different denominations were needed to worship this creator god but each believed in its own superiority. One might be forgiven for wondering if perhaps this creator god had an unhealthy interest in sects. However, it was more than likely that with billions of worshippers all praying to him, or her, that this god took a lot of headache tablets.

Most prayers were about really important stuff such as, ‘I know I forgot to buy a ticket, again, but can you help me win the lottery, please, and I promise to go to church, mosque, shul, temple, meeting room above the Pig and Whistle every week.’

During this period, they engaged in several thousand wars, at least two of which were global and along the way developed the means to clone plants, animals and themselves.

Eventually, all but four countries abolished the death penalty and at this point they decided to call themselves civilised.

Wallowing in all their glorious, self-congratulatory wonderfulness, they were not quite prepared for what appeared out of the blue.

Some know them as Dino-Killers. Others have called them Planet Busters. Maybe only the creator god knows the name of this meteor, as after it hit little remained besides water and dirt and for the survivors there were far more pressing things to attend to than naming a bloody great piece of space rock.

Oh, and by the way, in case you believe that this god never answers any prayers you are wrong. He did answer one chap who pleaded for a golf shot. It was unfortunate that this chap marked his card wrong and was fined or penalised or whatever they do to golfers. He blamed the creator god for this too.

No pleasing some people.

So. In the beginning … again.

First, there was the word. Not the word, but rather another word.

The other word was “oops,” accompanied by a shrug and a sigh.

And then there was Lif …

©Copyright 2014 Douglas Pearce.