Life in Colour -Yellow

Southern Masked Weaver doing a spot of house building. Yellow Jersey. Love the ‘gobful’ of chips, don’t you? One of my favourite ‘Street’ shots. Seemingly oblivious to the potential ‘sudden death’ beneath his feet, a Common Drone Fly ( eristalis tenax) lands on a Flower Crab Spider. Ark Thanks to Jude over at Travel Words … More Life in Colour -Yellow


Like most who enjoy a bit of ornithology, I love pretty much all birds, and am blessed to have such a large number visit my garden on a fairly regular basis. Singling out a favourite is well nigh impossible for moi, however, here are a few that, for various reasons have increased the wow factor … More BIRD WEEKLY – #35: PHOTO CHALLENGE – BIRDS YOU LOVE

Walking the dog …

Weather a bit brighter today, though it did rain this afternoon. Walking in the closed area of Lower Eckstein St.  Lower Grace Road townhouse complex. These murals are on the wall at the back of  Athlone Girls School. There are designs on each prefab panel, but unfortunately our council has not been very diligent with … More Walking the dog …

It fluttered by.

Thought I’d give these another airing. Hope you enjoy? Crimson Speckled Footman. Citrus Swallowtail. Common Diadem Painted Lady Jewel Blue Long-tailed Blue (Lampides boeticus) Ark.

Song Lyric Sunday

If you don’t know Jimi Hendrix … well this ‘colourful’ tune is the perfect song as an introduction and perfect for this week’s theme which is … in colour Bold as Love. Bold as Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Curtis Knight Anger, he smiles,Towering in shiny metallic purple armourQueen Jealousy, envy waits behind himHer fiery green … More Song Lyric Sunday

Bits n’ Bobs

Harvested from the garden yesterday. The largest pumpkin weighed in at 5.1 kg. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Yes, Ben … I have crabs! Tiny Flower Crab Spider on a cosmos that looks a little like the West Coast of Africa!  Settling in nicely! Baxter having a snooze in the long grass. … More Bits n’ Bobs

Birds Weekly:#34. Birds (beginning) with the letter “D” in their name.

I cheated a little with the theme. Dikkop – or Spotted thick knee A rare visitor to our garden – we rescued a chick with a broken leg some time ago while walking the dogs. When they do pitch up it is at night – they are nocturnal –  and they are more likely to … More Birds Weekly:#34. Birds (beginning) with the letter “D” in their name.

The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?

gMark is considered by some critical scholars to be a pastiche of cobbled together themes from Jewish scripture and is notable for the forged ‘long-ending’. gMatthew is a copy of gMark incorporating around 600 verses, some verbatim. Notable additions include a birth narrative, including the ridiculous falsely prophesised tale of a virgin birth lifted directly … More The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?