4 Bs and a dog .

Butterfly. Zebra Blue. First sighting of the season. Birds: Bronze Mannikins. Blossom. First one! Spring is on its way, Bee visiting Strelizia. And Bobbi. 7 August 2017 Ark


One of my favorite rock songs of all time, and one that only seems to improve with age. Much like Zep!

Oh,for gods’ sake.

”If the physical resurrection wasn’t true then … ”The disciples would not die for a lie and ….” ” … if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is …. ” Well … not to put too fine a point on it … Gone for a ball of chalk. Sorry, Saul. Busted! Yes, we’ve … More Oh,for gods’ sake.

Minimal ”Facts” or simply no facts at all?

One of the worst arguments Christian apologists put forward is the claim of historical fact concerning the  biblical tale of the resurrection of the character Jesus of Nazareth. One of the better known proponents of this argument is Gary Habermas, whose Minimal Facts Argument is  probably the most notorious and is regularly trotted out whenever … More Minimal ”Facts” or simply no facts at all?

Feathers on Friday

This is not a good shot, but it is an interesting capture. Three Green Woodhoopoes were  flying over the garden this morning when one turned abruptly to its right and alighted in my neighbour’s tree, while its two companions carried on straight to the Wattle tree in the back garden. I had the camera and … More Feathers on Friday

How a kitten originally named Nibbles became a Mister.

Mister Nibbles is a cat who fully deserves the two syllables, and not the everyday, unheeded ‘Mr’. This is a cat with attitude. You will notice the way he holds his right paw? This is because he suffered some nerve damage around eight years ago. One evening he did not come home for dinner, and … More How a kitten originally named Nibbles became a Mister.

Warming up.

7:35 a.m. Meeka hops on to the gate motor to warm herself in the early morning sun. At nearly 17 a nice breakfast and a bit of sun is all that’s needed to make for one contented cat. Meanwhile … as the sun comes up over the neighbour’s roof,  and a low-flying plane begins its … More Warming up.