Bits n’ Bobs

Tri – Colour Tiger Moth. Vegetable Garden coming along nicely. Several days of heavy rain have helped! Potatoes and squash in two of the raised beds..    MIkey pauses for a drink. Flying in a Blue Dream – Interesting aircraft. White bellied Sunbird. Everything gone to pot. Someone lighting a fire on the other side … More Bits n’ Bobs

Biden gets Election!

The first international  leader to offer their congratulations is Xi Jiping, who telephoned the 46th President of the USA a few minutes ago. ”Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” enthused the General Secretary.  He went on to say: ”Mr Joe’s ablility to get election is due in no small part to special powder we send Joe, before he … More Biden gets Election!

Oh, for gods’ sake!

Over at the Weeflea, David Robertson is busy working on a new book titled S.E.E.K. Real World Problems, Real Word Solutions’. The previous book in the series titled A.S.K. was about Really Big Questions in the real world and their answers as seen through a Christian/biblical lens. It was aimed primarily at teenagers. While some … More Oh, for gods’ sake!