Bits n’ Bobs

A pair of Hadeda Ibis share the neighbour’s roof with an Egyptian Goose this morning as they all settled down to greet the sun. After shopping we always sanitize packets and all related paraphernalia. Here Number  7 stakes his claim to the cat food! Bitter Orange, ready for picking! Marmalade? A seasonal visitor and a … More Bits n’ Bobs

From a Distance

Three birds, on a cold winter’s day. Speckled Mousebird Glossy Starling Cape Wagtail. The Wagtail is an infrequent visitor to our spot and I initially heard her rather than saw her. Being quite  a small bird it took me a few moments to locate her. Ark

Bits and Bobs

After a cold snap a couple of days ago. Ice from the dog’s water bowl. …and from the water bucket outside the shed! Another raised bed made last week. This one is quite small but I didn’t have more wood on hand for anything larger.  I’ve fertilised it with waste from the koi pond and … More Bits and Bobs