What’s the buzz?

Amegilla bee visits a Plectranthus plant by the pond. 12/4/21 And …. for your edification. Amegilla bees are a group of native bee species that do not produce honey but are important pollinators of crops and wild plants. Amegilla bees are not aggressive but can sting for defence.   Plectranthus is the largest South African genus in the mint … More What’s the buzz?

It fluttered by.

Common Dotted Border (Female) Mylothris agathina Long Tailed Blue Lampides boeticus   Photographed this afternoon as they visited the lavender at the front of the property.

Bits n’ Bobs

I had wanted to allow this marrow the opportunity to grow even more but sadly I found that an insect had bored a small hole through to the flesh and didn’t want to run the risk of  the marrow rotting. Still … 3.06 kgs – Not bad! Small River Frog  discovered when I lifted the … More Bits n’ Bobs

Bits ‘n Bobs

Weaver   Nest of the Bagworm. The Wattle bagworm (Kotochalia junodi) is a caterpillar that lives out its life in a mobile casing covered with thorns and twigs. The insect begins spinning its cocoon during the larval stage. As the caterpillar grows, it extends the front end of the case by adding more material. Due … More Bits ‘n Bobs