Sunday Smile!

A call to, ”Come and look who’s in the Table Tennis Shed!” had me grabbing my camera and tootling up the garden path. And when I saw this young lady, I was grinning from ear to ear. As you can see, only a baby. So sparse have the Rain Spiders been at our spot this … More Sunday Smile!

Paula’s Pick a Word.

Avian. Greater Double Collard Sunbird Tawny Flanked Prinia. Fluttering. Hummingbird Hawkmoth Citrus Swallowtail Combusting My first car – Hillman Imp Scrumptious!     Hot Dog Bobbi takes on water on a baking hot summer’s day. Ark   Paula’s Pick a Word  

Watch the Birdy

African Hoopoe Alerted by the distinctive ‘whoop whoop’ call I grabbed the camera from my desk and walked smartly to the Wattle tree in the back garden where this gorgeous visitor had popped by for a few moments.   Ark

The Real Reason Donald Trump is President of the US of Eh?

I have been ”chatting” on a piece about how the Democrats have apparently passed a resolution against Christianity. They’ve done no such thing, of course but then, if it was okay for Eusebius to bend the truth I guess it’s okay for Tom Gilson, who wrote the piece. Tom was obliviously so incensed that  I … More The Real Reason Donald Trump is President of the US of Eh?