Afternoon chuckle.

After a recent back and forth with a Christian regarding David Rohl’s  New Chronology for the biblical tale of  the Exodus, the film Patterns of Evidence was raised once more. So, as we are on ‘Lockdown’ ( I keep thinking of the  movie) I thought I would watch Patterns of Evidence again. But when I … More Afternoon chuckle.

Incy Wincy

Tiny hairy field spider photographed this afternoon using a cellphone as my Canon is currently on the blink. Photo credit: Ems.   As we are all about to fully batten down the hatches, I’ll dedicate this to my missus and   all you hooligans out there.   Ark.

Christian Nobs of the Day

David Robinson Retweeted. Gray Connolly I agree with  @firstthingsmag on keeping churches open. For Catholics esp, a local church is not solely your house of worship but where all manner of people rich/poor & young/old come together & where people in need can get help without forms & bureaucracy   Ark