Bits n’ Bobs


Continuing with my toilet roll seedling experiment. The roots of this butternut seedling have pushed through the damp cardboard and it’s now ready for planting out.

Tomato seedlings coming along nicely.

Butternut in seed modules.

Sunbird visits a  Strelizia.

One of the chickens may be suffering from what could be Merek’s disease ( a viral infection) and she seems to have lost muscle control in her legs.  Experimenting with a lead seems to help her. See what the vet says tomorrow.


Olive Thrush.

For Nan. The Wine Route! 🙂

Local supermarket

Outside a fairly new local mall called The Neighbourhood.  Why have more green space when the world needs more malls? Hmmm….


The quintessential British sports car – in South Africa. Not sure the owner thought about the number plate! Or maybe they did?

Rameron Pigeon snacking on the berries of the Privet.

The scene that greeted us outside the Home Affairs Office when I went to apply for a temp ID document.

After endless back and forth with ”officials” inside the building it turns out my thumbprints are not on the system and I have to apply for a full bar code ID and can only do this when Lockdown is reduced to Stage 2 or below.

Ah … fun times!

And talking of Corona …

The beer you really want to drink, yes?

The council, or local municipality if you prefer, finally managed to get it’s A into G and fixed the hole in Kloof road ( up the street from our spot) left after a tree was uprooted …. 12 months ago!

And on the subject of finally.

After what must be nearly a decade the quince tree has finally produced a flower! Maybe, just maybe we can look forward to some fruit?







28 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

  1. That does NOT look like wine to me! Or even on its way …

    The repaired road? You do know the wheels of repair turn slowly, don’t you? Oh wait! Maybe that’s not the saying I was thinking of.

    Actually, pretty much the ONLY beer I drink is Corona. But that’s only when all the wine is gone. 😋

    AMAZING! You’re taking your chicken to the vet?!!?? Now I’ve heard it all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Rabirus.
      When I do these bits n bobs posts they’re more of a what’s-been-happening type of post rather than aiming for any sort of photographic/artistic excellence like you do on your blog.
      But, on occasion., I do get lucky with some shots.


    1. Thanks for sharing that, John! A very touching story … by someone that truly loved (?) a “blind and undead chicken.”


          1. She is exhibiting a few of the symptoms that may be distressful but she is still able to feed herself and walk with the aid of a lead.
            Ems reckons she is a little better than she was a day or two ago. While the disease is incurable/ virus stays with the bird, we want to give her the opportunity to at least benefit from the physical therapy.
            I know we must sound nuts with all this palaver for a chicken, but the birds were rescue chickens and we accepted the responsibility. Therefore, we’ll do what we can.
            If there is further deterioration we will take her to the vet.


          2. I know we must sound nuts … well, yes. A bit.

            BUT … I think most of your blog devotees are aware of your idiosyncrasies. 😁

            Liked by 1 person

          3. What can I say? … fart, fart! … it is the way … fart …. God… fart, fart, fart … made me!


          4. You know, of course, that not everyone knows what you’re referring to!! I tend to think they may be a bit confused … and wonder what “got into” you. 🤣🤣🤣


          5. Not that I recall (she was shot, sealed in a bag, and left in the freezer for 24hrs). I do remember something about the other chickens Laura got to keep Ruffina company getting some sort of disease, and her treating it.

            Liked by 1 person

          6. I popped over and left a comment.who the hell would shoot a chicken in the head! Mind blowing the cruelty of some people.

            Liked by 1 person

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