Bits n’ Bobs , and walking the dog

Frederick Street.

This house is undergoing a spot of renovation and it looks like it is being converted into a guest house.

Ella. Monday morning walkies.

This looks like it will be a lot of cement!

Repairs and building to our ”new” front wall continue.


rubriks cube

Rubik’s Cube Cake. Went out this afternoon.


This was delivered over the weekend to a restaurant for a client celebrating two things: her 50th and her recent release from hospital after a brush with the Grim Reaper from … guess?

When the crew arrived home I was informed that at the venue there was not a mask in sight. Not even the restaurant manager or his staff were wearing. Ah … nice to know that Captain Sensible still has his underpants on his head and has lots of admirers.

Valley view 1

We had rain a few days ago and along with the cold and wind, pollution seems to simply waft away leaving us with crystal clear views across the valley.

Pied Crow 1Pied Crow 2

It’s been a very cold, blustery day aujourd hui, but no Winnie the Poo. Anyhow, while out in the garden this afternoon around a dozen Pied Crows were gliding and hovering over the valley, and even flying directly overhead, catching thermals and riding updrafts. One might be tempted to suggest they were having fun!

I watched for around twenty minutes until I thought frost-bite might attack my nether regions.

Pied Crow 3


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