Birds, Baxter & Bits n’ Bobs

Pepper Pig birthday cake. Collected two days ago

Emily’s Cakes

”Hey, don’t lick my dress!”

Catherine is not impressed by the attentions of Baxter as he tries to check out her new school gear.


Baxter and Friend. St Georges Street. This is a looong drag uphill!

With the building of our wall still in progress I have tended to be more observant of other walls.

Save for the floated concrete lip this low retaining wall is completely free of concrete. The stones are very well secured. Excellent job by the look of it.  – I gave a couple of stones an experimental’ tug’ . They didn’t budge!

Cindy and Friend. Frederick Street.


Not quite Street Art but wall painting nevertheless!  Eckstein Street.

”It’s all down hill from here!”

Kloof Street.

Winter Hues and Bare Brick.

Klip Street

Klip Street. View of Ponte (pronounced Pon -tee  flats) on the left, Hillbrow Tower on the right. .


Judith St. Down to the Golf Course.


Red Faced Mousebird.


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      1. Oh sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I translate everything with google. I’m from Italy 🤗


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