Bits n Bobs

Acraea Encedana

”Some like it hot”

Sweet Potato. Not sure which type but I bought two at Food Lovers (the fruit and veg store) to see if I could get them to shoot -the tooth pick and suspended over a jar of water method.

The other one rotted and produced nothing.

It’s been several months since the purchase and last week I was on the verge of throwing this one on the compost as well when I noticed the shoot! Did I smile!

Mother Nature finds a way, and kudos to moi for being more patient than I am normally.

Red Legged Centipede – Cormocephalus nitidus.

Discovered while collecting some compost. They can bite and are venomous. Nothing fatal I understand, but I kept my gloves on all the same.

Montbretia just before flowering.

‘Up by t’shed” as they might say in some more rural parts of Northern England!

Lots of rain this past week or two and that is good for my veggie garden.

Squash on the grow

One of several pumpkins coming along nicely.

Matchstick Bromeliad.  AECHMEA GAMOSEPALA

Species of Fruit Fly

Another squash on the way.


One perfect  bloom. White Cosmos.

A very Merry Xmas to all my blogpals.



26 thoughts on “Bits n Bobs

    1. Thank you, Anne. And if you’ve been good and the reindeer can fly this far south I hope you get a visit from the Fat Man in Red.-
      What do you reckon the chances are of snow up in Jo’burg on the 25th?

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      1. Oooooohhhh … no pressies for you! You used sexist and phobic language and offensive and insulting language and terms. First, Santa isn’t (gasp) … ‘fat’.

        AND how come nobody ever mentions Mrs Claus, the one who does all the Real Work—keeps the workshop clean and tidy, designs the toys, feed-clothes-launders-etc the elves, does all the shopping, year-round feeds-grooms-cleans-trims hoofs/antlers/etc the reindeers? And even then when the red suited gravitationally challenged gent sets out on his once per annum jaunt around the globe, who makes his sandwiches and flask of tea, and straps the mid-course portable nose-bags on the reindeers? Who is it year round that marks the latest amendments on the charts, ensures the GPS is updated, and the NOTAM status is in date?
        And who is the fat buffoon that all around the globe gobbles all the tea-bikkies-cake etc left out especially for him, with no thought of his Supply and Secretariat chain (nothing for the deers either, note)?

        For shame, Sir!

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          1. Actually, both or either … I’m a bit lax with the lingo. Thanks for that (you’ll keep) (mutter mutter mutter)


    1. Xmas may be an abbreviation but then so is Christmas – Christ’s Mass, So, it appears you don’t do Christ’s Mass, either? Interesting, yes?

      Furthermore, Beverley, the ‘X’ is actually the Greek letter chi, the initial letter in the word Χριστός (Chrīstos), first used in the 1500s.
      So now you know and instead of trying to show some sort of smug oneupmanship you might try to learn your history?

      Happy Xmas to you and yours.

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      1. HEAR HEAR! 😁 It’s a cryin’ shame that millions of lazy Faithers won’t learn their proper history! I guess they are either intentionally indolent or just plain scared to death of what their equally blinded peers would think of them and/or say about them, huh? What a miserable, hypocritical life that must be. 🙄


        1. I have utter disdain for the hypocrisy that is always on display when religious people show up and offer their holier than chuffing thou two cents.

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      2. I’m a bit out of touch with my X’s but understand that the X on the sign-off of a letter stands for a kiss; to represent an oath, or otherwise to invoke the divinity~? Instead of rabbiting through the house to find the Bible and kiss it, they’d kiss their signature (apparently the magic is the same, or transfers) as the sig stands ‘in the office of’ an oath (on the Bible) … of course an X is quicker and more efficient than chasing down the ‘Good Book’ … all very complicated really.

        Which makes me again ponder, “Good” book? Has anyone calling that ever read the bloody thing?


        1. It’s got some rip-roaring stories in it, honestly there are tales that could be turned into great movies! Oh It’s been done.
          I always thought the X on a letter was because the illiterate folks couldn’t spell their names.

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    1. There were a few of them buzzing around the compost. At first I thought they were ichneumon wasps, but closer inspection proved this thought wrong. So, never having seen this species before they naturally caught my attention.

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  1. Not sure if it’s big there in SA, but a crap-load of Brazilians travel around the world, videoing themselves, editing it into episodes, which they then sell to the cable travel channels. You should do that with gardening. Be fun.

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    1. I follow several gardening Youtubers and they are informative and fun.
      I’m not anywhere near that level but the idea has been raised. To be honest, I can’t think of anything I could impart to would be gardeners unless the Mr. Bean approach (no pun intended) was what they were after?
      Maybe when the garden remodelling is done – hopefully sometime during 2022, it might be something worth relooking at?

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  2. Discovered while collecting some compost. They can bite and are venomous. Nothing fatal I understand, but I kept my gloves on all the same.

    Mmm, sounds like an ex-… I was once with and barely managed. I came out alive—which I suppose was a good thing. 😉

    I too love the Bromeliad as well as the Agapanthus and White Cosmos! Those stunning flowers are truly in your yard Ark? Come on, tell the truth, 🌩️ or else: ⚡

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    1. I cannot lie – I leaned over the wall of my neighbour, Ben and took pics of his garden.
      My garden is in a traditional Portuguese style. Namely, concreted and painted green.
      Did you see who your crowd are up against in the semi -finals of the Carabou Cup?
      No Prisoners!


      1. BWAAAAA!!! Then please tell Mr. Ben “many thnx for the gorgeous pics of his non-Portuguese garden!” He has brought us all GREAT VIEWING PLEASURE… unlike someone we know on the other side of the drab green wall. 😉

        Oh no. Please please PLEASE tell me it isn’t you and your dayum Reds. 😬🥺

        Should I just go ahead and starting singing…

        This is not going to turn out well at all. 😟 Ark, here in the U.S. January 6th marks a very, VERY dark day in our history: the terrorist attack upon our Capital building led by our former Prez the orange orangutan. Now it will take-on even MORE severe pain for me. Ugh. 💔

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