Up the Garden Path

Long Tailed Blue (I think) snacks on some lavender.

Lilies by the pond.

Grassveld Sylph

Home-grown gemsquash and some zucchini. Harvested this morning. Number 7 looks on.

Two Striped Skimmer. This was rescued from one of the cats. We think it was newly emerged as it’s wings didn’t appear properly dry.


wet dove

Wet Dove on a damp, grey afternoon.

Geranium Bronze.

white Arum

White Arum


Gymnogene.(African Harrier Hawk). Rare sighting. Ems spotted this and managed a shot before I could get outside.

tower 2

Under a Blood Red Sky.


13 thoughts on “Up the Garden Path

    1. Took you long enough! Pretty good haul, all the same.

      Suspend a couple of the smaller ones over a container filled with water until they sprout some decent size shoots and replant when the season is right.
      You and I are in the same zone, more or less, so you should be able to replant in a couple of weeks.
      I’d be interested to see pics of your latest gardening endeavour.

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  1. A Gymnogene will always be a Gymnogene for me. That is a fantastic sighting of one! The Redthroated Wryneck still taunts me by regularly calling from the top of the trees, yet remains out of reach/sight for a photograph!

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    1. Me too! Gymnogene is such a cool name.
      They are elusive and I reckon if it weren’t for the fact we work from home we’d probably never have seen one.

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  2. Loving these shots Ark (yes, a LTB) but with a very heavy heart and an unconsolable Mrs H. Four days before we were due to go to Berlin to spend the holiday with the sprog Germany has banned anyone from the UK in entering their country, so much planning and paperwork, so many hopes for a great time.

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    1. I know how you must feel. I was telling Pink how Emily was forced to cancel her xmas trip to Portugal.
      The ticket is still ‘there’, KLM just hold it in credit for you, and maybe we will all go over next year …. IF.

      One has to wonder what is next in the ‘Covid Pipeline’?

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      1. We are booked with KLM as well, as yet not heard from them. Luckily everything else can be cancelled in time except the ‘day 2 covid tests’ so that’s money lost. This is deja-vu from nearly two years ago but with much less notice this time, it’s heart breaking. It’s the daughter and my birthdays as well which is even harder to take.
        Where is this all going to end? Ok so Germany and France have banned us Brits from coming into their countries, that’s their prerogative, but they have this variant and in a weeks time will be in the same boat as we are, that’s how fast it has multiplied, then what?
        I know it’s from a personal perspective but honestly we are triple jabbed and tested what more can we do?
        Horse, stable door, bolted.

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        1. It’s almost beyond contempt that European soccer was allowed to continue even as the new strain was circulating.
          Special dispensation my arse!

          As for your birthday ….
          I would have imagined at your age not being reminded of how old you are was a plus.


  3. NZ had a lockdown, which seems to have worked.

    But NZ has a twelve hundred mile moat.

    Sadly it also has a PM who seems to love Islamics and who I think will jump at any chance to import ’em by the bushel. Chance, or ‘humanitarian’ excuse … luckily I’m now in the UK (it’s already infested); so the rest will be written by history.

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