Bits n’ Bobs

Monarch on Pumpkin Leaf. Robber Fly alights on the stoep table. Gemsquash. Homegrown. Weighed in at a whopping 683g! Frozen cake on a hot summer day! Another Ems beauty  Mantis On Lily. A selection of some of the veggies and fruit harvested from the garden this month. This particular pumpkin is called a Marina di … More Bits n’ Bobs

Up the Garden Path

Long Tailed Blue (I think) snacks on some lavender. Lilies by the pond. Grassveld Sylph Home-grown gemsquash and some zucchini. Harvested this morning. Number 7 looks on. Two Striped Skimmer. This was rescued from one of the cats. We think it was newly emerged as it’s wings didn’t appear properly dry. Bougainvillea Wet Dove on … More Up the Garden Path

Watch the birdy!

Rock Pigeons. Giving me ‘The Look.’ ”Someone’s leftovers? No thanks!” Glossy Starling. Popped down to investigate some fruit from the wild plum tree discarded a few moments earlier by an Olive Thrush. He flew off without touching it. Fiscal Flycatcher on the back wall during a break in the rain. Feeding the nipper. Grey Louries … More Watch the birdy!

Bits n’ Bobs

  Continuing with my toilet roll seedling experiment. The roots of this butternut seedling have pushed through the damp cardboard and it’s now ready for planting out. Tomato seedlings coming along nicely. Butternut in seed modules. Sunbird visits a  Strelizia. One of the chickens may be suffering from what could be Merek’s disease ( a … More Bits n’ Bobs

From a Distance

Three birds, on a cold winter’s day. Speckled Mousebird Glossy Starling Cape Wagtail. The Wagtail is an infrequent visitor to our spot and I initially heard her rather than saw her. Being quite  a small bird it took me a few moments to locate her. Ark

Watch the Birdy

  Unlike their cousins, the speckled mousebird, who visit on a daily basis, the Red-Faced Mousebird is a rare visitor. Indeed, so infrequent that, in the 18yrs I have lived here this is only the third time I have seen it and managed to photograph. A small group of six landed among the neighbours’ fruiting … More Watch the Birdy