Living in the middle of suburbia, and 600 kms from the beach, water birds of any description are few and far between. However …. as we have a large koi pond occasionally we will get a visit from certain interested parties. Reed Cormorant, perching on the wooden beam overlooking the pond. We’ve had two visits … More BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – BIRDS IN OR NEAR THE WATER OR SNOW

Watch the birdy

While mucking about in the garden with Catherine yesterday afternoon – she and her mum had come for dinner and we were checking up on the tomatoes she had seeded – she looked up and pointed. ”Look, Douglas, birds.” Good eyesight she has. Way, way up high riding the thermals was a large flock of … More Watch the birdy

Watch the birdy

We have two species of Mousebird that visit, the almost ubiquitous Speckled and this one, the Red Faced. The latter rarely makes an appearance. So infrequent are their visits that this is only the second time in 18 years I’ve seen  one, let alone managed a photograph. Made for a very pleasent morning! Ark.

Watch the Birdy

An excited call from my son had me grabbing my camera. Gymnogene or African Harrier Hawk. What a treat this was! Photographed atop one of the trees across the road. Some of you may remember me posting a couple of shots of one of these magnificent raptors being harried by a Pied Crow a while … More Watch the Birdy

Watch the Birdy!

‘Pigeon Pals’ Rock Pigeon ( red mask) and Laughing Dove. 13/5/20 Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird 12/5/20 Female Weaver in Fir Tree. Green Woodhoopoe. Adult Female Amethyst Sunbird. 13/5/20 Ark.