Watch the birdy!

Rock Pigeons. Giving me ‘The Look.’

”Someone’s leftovers? No thanks!”

Glossy Starling. Popped down to investigate some fruit from the wild plum tree discarded a few moments earlier by an Olive Thrush. He flew off without touching it.

Fiscal Flycatcher on the back wall during a break in the rain.

Feeding the nipper.

Grey Louries in the Acacia Tree, front garden.

”Oh, good, Mum’s back.”

Red Throated Wryneck.

Photographed this morning. Treat for the day!



19 thoughts on “Watch the birdy!

  1. How lovely to see some of the birds in your garden! I am rather envious of your fine picture of the Red Throated Wryneck for the ones in my garden can be heard daily but remain elusive among the foliage of our many trees.

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  2. Hah! What a delightful collection of photos Ark! Mom, being an earnest Birder, loved your pics. Are the Grey Louries the smart, chatty parrots everyone loves—but usually can’t own? If so, do you and the family talk to them, carry on conversations? πŸ˜‹

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      1. I guess they’re not those African Greys I was thinking about, sorry. We just watched an excellent PBS Nature show on all the world’s parrots. Utterly remarkable how super-loyal they are to mates/owners and bond better than superglue! πŸ˜„

        Mom and I have FINALLY got her feeders out & operating, the birdbath, and her gorgeous blooming pink & red geraniums looking splendid! And just this morning we had our first female Downy Woodpecker. She was thrilled to no end. Beautiful bird it was. We now have regular visits of Tufted Titmice, House Wrens & Finches, and Red Cardinals. Funny how after 4-6 weeks of barely any birds feeding here, now the “word is out” and more and more keep coming! A nice problem to have. πŸ˜‰

        Btw, hope you and family are staying ultra safe… with the new COVID Omicron-variant now spreading. Please be safe!

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        1. Mom and I have FINALLY got her feeders out & operating, the birdbath

          I’m presuming these are for the birds and not your mum, right?

          We are doing all we can to remain Covid free. So far so good.

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      2. Whoops! Forgot to mention the little skittish Chickadees come round too! Foster (our cat) can’t keep up with the flurries of activity in front of him… thru the windows. He’s so SO tortured by it! πŸ˜†

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    1. The News is somewhat scatter-gun at the moment isn’t it?
      Ems mentioned the lifting of the travel ban was under consideration this morning.
      *Shrug* What does y’ man Boris have to say about this new variant?

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        1. The problem seems to be that the emphasis of C19 appears to be moving from old timers to those 30 and under.
          While certain commentators at the Ark’s spot may have come across a tad disdainful and c’est la vie about old farts like you (and me .. *sigh* )popping our clogs if it hits the young in a big way then we are in for a very bumpy ride in the coming months/years?

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          1. Old goats out to graze is one thing, but losing too many (to this olde humanist, losing any) is double-plus ungood. But God (the Omnipotent omni-wise) is a Number 1 Good Guy, and He will look after His flock. No? He (She, or It) knows/knew what He (etc) was doing right from the Beginning Of Time. No?

            Awwww, come on β€” surely someone would like to take me up on that?

            Wimps …

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    1. Indeed they are! And a win at the San Siro last night was a further treat.
      Now, if only Man City can do us a big favour and drop a point or three!

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