6 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

  1. So Ark, is this framing, trimming, then colorful identifying in the bottom right corner YOUR work of art? Seriously! You MUST have some professional helping you with camera shots, lighting, snap-angle, editing, beautifying, all those things to dress-up your Garden Zoological Wonders that by any cunning observer/viewer of Natural Living spectacles shared on your blog… makes sceptics like myself, ummm… a little curious as to the professionalism portrayed frequently here AND of the caliber of National Geographic Magazine!!! πŸ€”

    Come on Arkesatan… fess up. πŸ˜‰

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    1. All Hail the gods of technology. Surely by now you know I worship scientism?
      ‘S’cuse me, the sacrificial goat just crapped on my shoe, dammit!

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      1. 🀣 That GOAT (now dead?) apparently knew something. Perhaps the owner’s real trade secrets? Did “Billy, I-know-2-much” goat have a big mouth? Now the yard of Ark’s Zoological Wonders is eerily silent? 😬😟

        Silent except for the shit squishing in your boots? 🀭


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