Watch the birdy. New Species!

So, I’m at my computer when I hear this never-heard-before bird call, and anyone who like birds will guess my reaction.

Out the chair grab the camera and run to the garden with the words ”What the hell is that!!!!!” on my lips.

After identifying where the call was coming from – the large acacia tree in the front garden – the next almost impossible task was to locate the bird that was making it.

As you can see, it was well camouflaged among the upper branches of the tree and after some awkward manoeuvring I managed this dreadful shot just before the bird took flight and went sailing across the valley.

Next. Upload and post to Facebook and see if one of the clever clogs at SA Birders could identify it from this lousy image.

Ha! I underestimated the skill and sharpness of some of these folk. Within three minutes I had my answer.

Red-throated Wryneck.

When my son arrived we sent the image off to his best mate who is also a bird fundi and we were soon informed that this is a rare visitor to the suburbs as they are usually found in woodland areas.

Once again, 100 points to the Ark’s spot!

This brings the number of recorded (photographed) bird species in the garden to 53!

I never cease to be amazed and grateful that with all the cats and dogs we have birds still turn up. Never mind the birds, it truly makes my heart sing.

And now we know what to listen out for, if our newest visitor is nesting anywhere close by – the golf course maybe? – I will be keen as mustard to ensure the next photo is a lot more bird!



11 thoughts on “Watch the birdy. New Species!

  1. Well done. I am the same. I had a bird fly into a small bush which has flowered for the first time. I knew I hadn’t seen it at my place before grabbed the camera and managed one photo before it flew off. Luckily I had a good look before grabbing the camera so I knew it was a Little Wattlebird

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  2. This happened to me last year: I spent days trying to locate the new bird call before I managed a fuzzy photograph from the furthest reach of my telelens – a Red-throated Wryneck! New to our garden then – now I hear it quite often but still find it difficult to locate!

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  3. Compliments to Visitor #53. Many happy returns of the bird…
    (Keen as mustard? Never heard that expression. But then I am still but a Frog)


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