Liverpool win UEFA Super Cup – Kings of Europe!


Liverpool beat Chelsea 5-4 in a penalty shoot out, with stand-in goalkeeper, Adrian, saving Chelsea’s final penalty shot from Tammy Abrahams.

It was Abrahams who gained Chelsea a penalty – and scored – to level the score at 2-2 during extra time after he was alleged to have been fouled in the penalty area.

Liverpool took both major European club trophies this year – Champion’s League & the Super Cup.

The Reds do it again!

Ark is one very happy little Scouse fan.


Blind dog refuses to go anywhere without his best friend

A story to warm the cockles of your heart!

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shar-pei e chihuahua 4

Dizem que o cão é o melhor amigo do homem. Porém, o que dizer da amizade entre dois cachorros, que, simplesmente não conseguem viver sem a presença do outro? Jimmy – um chihuahua sênior, cuida de Stevie – um Shar-Pei cego, 24 horas por dia no abrigo em que eles vivem, na Califórnia. Ele sabe perfeitamente que seu companheiro não enxerga e, desde que se conheceram, resolveu adotá-lo.

shar-pei e chihuahua 1

Uma boa companhia mesmo na hora de dormir

A amizade é tanta que, nem na hora do banho eles se separam e, voluntários que trabalham no abrigo – California Shar-Pei Rescue, disseram que nunca viram nada parecido, quando os resgataram de um outro abrigo, o Ramona Humane Society, no mês passado.

shar-pei e chihuahua 2

Apesar do California Shar-Pei Rescue – como o próprio nome diz, resgatar apenas cães da raça Shar-Pei, ao ver a forte ligação que existe entre os dois, os funcionários…

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Quite an eyeopener and most definitely worth a watch.
Thanks to Argus for posting.


(Easy answer = NO!) ARGUS

And why not?

I can think of a few reasons but my primary would be Human Nature … and the fact that saving the planet has now become Big Business in itself.

But for those with an inquisitive bent, and altruistic desires, I offer this dude—

   down finger  .gif

—who for all I know may just be a convincing con-man too (I’m ever a sucker for a well told tale).

Go there at your peril …

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 08.10.23

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Bugs In My Borders And More About Climate Change

Linking this amazing video that Tish posted.
A must watch.
Restores one’s faith in humanity.
Puts my veggie patch to shame!

Pop over to her spot to watch the video. You won’t be disappointed.

And her photos are nice too!


Tish Farrell


It’s cool today after yesterday’s roasting, and thinking is easier. I’m still brooding on Boris Johnson’s climate change contentions (quote and article link in previous post) and it occurs to me that when an issue becomes polarized between sceptics and supporters, more energy goes into the argument than the resolution. In other words, nothing gets done and the conflict becomes an end in itself.

A poor end, I might add; the kind that happens in marriages, between nations, in neighbour feuds. And so when it comes to the climate-change sceptics, those cash-loaded, vested-interest, shadowy entities who fund political campaigns, and infiltrate their agendas across our mass media through advertising and sponsorship, then such wily bodies with share-holders to appease are sure to understand this very well. Distract. Confuse. Immobilize.

In some ways, then, whether rapid climate change is caused by humans or is the product of the planet’s own cycles…

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Christianity: When Intelligence is optional but Stupid is obligatory.

In reference to the Genocide of Native Americans …..


Dawn says:If we give the land back then must also be given in the same form it was taken removing all progress, technological advance, structures ..,etc. Right?

  • John Branyan says:Yes. Everything must be returned to the condition it was in when the first human abuse took place. It’s the least we can do to atone for the sins of our ancestors.

Christianity …. gotta love it, right?



World Cup Final …

It’s about to kick off …. USA vs Netherlands.

As Prof will be cheering the USA  I shall put my allegiance behind the Dutch.

If you have access to satellite or stream switch on and watch.

The stadium is packed and the atmosphere is  electric.

May the best team win …




Well done USA. 2-0 and without a shred of a doubt, worthy winners and reigning World Champs.  

Patriotism 101: Were the Pilgrims Seeking Religious Freedom?

What Christianity is really like. Rotten to the core.
Excellent post by Steve Ruis.

Class Warfare Blog

As school children, we were taught that the Pilgrims came to these shores at Plymouth Rock, seeking religious freedom. Is this true? Actually, it is not true, per se. Again, this is a form of soft propaganda. Americans tend to pump the “freedom” aspect whether it is valid or not.

The Pilgrims were a persecuted religious sect in England. In fact, virtually all religious sects in England were persecuted as the kingship of that country changed based upon wars, etc. When the Kings/Queens were Catholic, the Protestants were heretics. When the King/Queen was a Protestant, the Catholics were heretics. This is what you get when the king is also the head of the state church. This is why the drafters of the constitution built a wall between church and state and built a country based upon laws and not royal whims.

Back to the Pilgrims.

Many Pilgrims fled English persecution…

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Good for you, Megan!

I must be honest, I am not a fan of national anthems.  But that’s another story.

It seems the captain of the women’s US  football team, Megan Rapinoe, has found herself at the centre of  some petty mindedness regarding her not singing the national anthem.

There are several issues why she refuses to sing and she has not been shy stating what these are, and by and large they all stem from discrimination – she is gay.

What makes me laugh is when people like Colorstorm run a post slating her behaviour, and naturally all his fundamentalist  visitors pile on.

This particular comment rather says it all I think.

you know that I don’t support her lifestyle choice Ark but yet I do not allow that to interfere with my support of her as an athlete…and it is the athlete I support…not the woman who chooses to live a lifestyle that is contrary to a heterosexual relationship.
If she wants to be gay, fine…but don’t use the soccer game to make a political statement.

If she wants to be gay ….

This level of ignorance and prejudice simply does my head in.

Until the World Cup I’ll bet almost anything the vast majority of yanks had no clue who Rapinoe was and even now, if it were not for this utter bullshit most would not care about their national soccer team one iota.

If you want to see how Colorstorm’s  hypocritical, ignorant groupies behave. Here’s the link.



The Benji Cake

A once-off (non-edible) addition to Emily’s Cakes baking portfolio.

The Benji Cake


To extract cake from mixing bowl  you will need:

1. A brief tickle behind the ears. If Benji cake is reluctant to budge …..

2. Use a fork and tap briskly against side of tin of cat food.

Once extracted from bowl, for best results, place on warm lap and stroke until cat’s internal motor is engaged.

From the Ark manual of Recipes That Really Work. 


Caterpillars with wings: An eye witness account of Battling Glider butterflies after hatching

A marvelous butterfly post, from Carol who lives and works in Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa.
Definitely worth a visit.

letting nature back in

Very busy caterpillars that were doing more walking than eating in a nearly bare tree at the bottom of the garden first attracted my attention. My guess was that the caterpillars were getting ready to pupate, and so over the next few days I kept a look out hoping to find some pupae.  It turned out that many of the caterpillars had been successful: I found dozens of butterfly pupae attached to leaves in nearby plants, and a few days after that, perching in the surrounding vegetation there were several butterflies with wings outstretched in the morning sunshine, these butterflies evidently from the first caterpillars to pupate.  Inspecting the pupae, I found that several had hatched and some had newly emerged butterflies clinging onto the now empty shells. But as many of the pupae were still intact I couldn’t help thinking: If I keep careful watch I might actually witness…

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