Walking the dog

Off we go, Cindy! By the way, I am not really this big/wide. ’tis the shadow and the camera angle. Honestlly! I mean, would I lie to you?   Okay Muttley, enough already! Next, please … Going up Eckstein Street. Mural on the palisade fence outside Sacred Heart College.  The way this has been done … More Walking the dog

Walking the Dog

Off we go! Sacred Heart College (Marist Brothers) – Eckstein Street. Top of Innes Street facing South. Innes Street was named after the chap who founded the observatory hence the name of our suburb- clever hey?). And there was I thinking it was named after Neil Innes, the English songwriter and humourist who co-wrote and … More Walking the Dog

Song Lyric Sunday

If you don’t know Jimi Hendrix … well this ‘colourful’ tune is the perfect song as an introduction and perfect for this week’s theme which is … in colour Bold as Love. Bold as Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Curtis Knight Anger, he smiles,Towering in shiny metallic purple armourQueen Jealousy, envy waits behind himHer fiery green … More Song Lyric Sunday

Got the blues?

The late great Johnny Winter. One of my favourite blues-rock musicians of all time. He came to UK in ’79. One concert. I saw the ad for the show in the Melody Maker. Emblazoned across it was the announcement. Sold Out! I was in a foul mood for a week! Never got the opportunity to … More Got the blues?