13 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

  1. that’s a fair sized bird, about the size of our Robin, but oh so much fancier. Im guessing natural selection (read: the ladies chose the guys with the fancier plumage) had a LOT to do with all those head feathers and overdone wings…we do sometimes like our mates to dress up a bit. =)
    He’s elegant, all he needs is spats and a cane. And how lucky you were right there to see him.

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  2. Wow! There are some amazing birds around your part of the world. He is so pretty and you take such wonderful pictures and share such interesting information with us. Thanks!

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  3. Beautiful bird. The Hoopooe has special meaning in the family, it is the title of a book by Christine Weston, a cousin of my father’s about her childhood in India. The childhood of many of my ancestors.

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