The Real Reason Donald Trump is President of the US of Eh?

I have been ”chatting” on a piece about how the Democrats have apparently passed a resolution against Christianity. They’ve done no such thing, of course but then, if it was okay for Eusebius to bend the truth I guess it’s okay for Tom Gilson, who wrote the piece.

Tom was obliviously so incensed that  I would dare  question him about his choice of candidate and also the Christian Values he claims Donald Trump represents  … sort of, that he  wrote an entire post inadvertently dedicated to me!

Aaah… the Ark,  a legend in his own lunchtime.

On the latest post he goes at it hammer and tongs.

Another leftist showed his fundamentalist colors in a series of comments on my August 30 post, ” He uses an old Egyptian Pharaoh, Arkenaten …..

And one chap called Kenneth. opined

Of course Arky is a leftist.

They are both perfectly correct, of course. I am left-handed. Although, oddly enough, I play guitar right-handed, but that’s a story for anther day.

Anyway … another erudite individual left …. that’s probably the wrong term for a fundamental evangelical Christian …. so not left, but wrote a comment to moi that for me sums up the entire ethos of the Evangelical Christian Right Wing  US voter…

  • God chose Donald J. Trump to lead this nation. Consequently, for any Christian to defy God’s will is rebellion.


Ye haw?


60 thoughts on “The Real Reason Donald Trump is President of the US of Eh?

  1. Ah, but it only mentions christians. The rest of us can do whatever we bloody well want to do. And since we don’t obey god’s will, we don’t count as rebellious. My goodness, what a maroon.

    I’m not a lefty but I throw left handed. Does that count?

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  2. As a conservative supporter of God’s chosen representative on Earth, Donald Trump, I find anyone who doesn’t agree with my views to be leftist, socialist pigs. Look, as any intelligent person can tell you, liberals are all atheists and all evil. They are a disease and, like a disease, they need to be eliminated from the face of the planet. ANYONE who says ANYTHING negative about God’s representative on Earth, Donald Trump, MUST be placed into a gas chamber and then summarily cremated. NO ONE who loves God, Jesus, and ‘Murica can or should disagree with me on this. If you do, you’re a leftist pig and need to GO!! NOW!! Look, until the world is left with nothing but those who love and worship Donald Trump and His ‘lil brother, Jesus Christ, we can not have peace. Imagine a world were the only people on it are Trump lovers and Christ followers! My Lord, the thought of it gives me a blessed chubby! So, Ark, NEVER say anything against Trump, Jesus, or those who worship them again, you liberal, leftist bastard, you. $Amen$

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  3. I read a meme FB that the belief that tRump was sent by (a) god is the strongest case for atheism ever written. I mean, really. *smh*
    Oh, and out of our four children, three of them are left-handed. (with two right-handed parents – go figure!) Two of those three are very artistic. . it seems to be common with people who are in their right mind. 🙂

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    1. Carmen, I try to understand how someone can think of Trump as being gods chosen one but then I tell myself, god chose Abraham who pimped Sara twice, chose David who got his high ranking officer killed and so on. Maybe they are right.

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    2. my mother was a leftie in a sea of right-handed siblings and parents, and I was right handed but always had some lefty leanings (oh dear), I can throw left handed, and if I had to could write my name (legible but not pretty)…i don’t think it’s an inherited trait, just something that happens…


  4. Hello Ark. It wont do any good to ask them about tRump’s ungodly lifestyle. I remember as a kid being told Ellen White, the SDA prophet, was the lowest of the low and that god prefered to use those people to do his will as it showed his true power. They can use that line no matter how bad a person is if they claim they are doing god’s work. Talk about making the facts fit the conclusion. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ark. That makes me wonder, do religious people try to set it up so they can claim a win no matter what side the tossed coin comes down on, or do they just claim it worked out right for them anyway because their god is mysterious. In scam psychic stuff the art is to keep everything vague so people think you are talking about something specific to them. Could it be religion and religious holy books are the same way, doing the same scam? Hugs

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  5. Ark,

    Are you familiar with the Washington D.C. based (private, membership only) organization The Fellowship, or The Family and the late Douglas Coe and Billy Graham? They also have a large affiliation with a group called Christians in Congress.

    Well, as you may or may not know, our U.S. Constitution explicitly states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Furthermore, it implicitly… under many relative circumstances forbids Congress [and its members] from both [publicly] promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s [private] religious practices. The U.S. Supreme Court has made numerous landmark decisions over the last 150-years reinforcing and protecting this First Amendment from detractors and religious fanatical Americans and American groups/institutions. Sadly, this secular fight has been LOSING on many fronts beginning at the grass-roots level in counties and municipalities, up to the state and now into the federal levels — Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a major blow!

    The Fellowship or The Family in D.C. is now well-known for explicitly and publicly stating that their God, Lord, and Savior uses ANYBODY He wants in American politics to spread and fulfill the Christian Kingdom of God on Earth. This absolutely includes unethical and/or unrighteous leaders here and around the globe. Abraham Vereide, the founder of The Fellowship, the late Doug Coe, etc, Christians in Congress, and all their current members of these two groups DO NOT CARE whether they are disobeying (breaking federal laws) the U.S. Constitution.

    To put it more poignantly, more precisely, they do not want our long established Constitutional democracy — they want a Christian authoritarian/Church theocracy. And for the last 20-30 years they have been implementing this wide spread governmental takeover from bottom to top. Tom Gilson is one of thousands (millions?) of these acolytes hell-bent on ushering in a Christian Rapture or Armageddon no differently than zealots all over history have been trying to achieve in other religions, especially the Abrahamic three.

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    1. Hello Professor. It is well know that Vice President Pence and Sec. of State Pompeo are part of that group. What these people have managed to do scares the piss out of me. I have seen religious groups fight like heck here in Florida to get on school boards and then trash the science / biology / history courses bringing in religious doctrine to all those areas. Added to homeschooled indoctrinated youth and you have a huge increase in deliberty misinformed generations moving into the world spreading false stuff they were told that is not true. The entire attack on science to shore up religion is part of this attack on our democracy. That is why so many today in our country think, no really believe, that the US was founded as a Christian nation to be a nation for Jesus. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, I am so pleased you brought up our primary and secondary PUBLIC education and curriculums across the nation, but in particular the typically Conservative Red states. I wanted to go into that problem/infiltration too in my initial comment, but felt it would’ve been way too long for Ark’s and Nan’s liking! 😉 😛 Those public education/curriculums teach our future American voters their proper civil duties within a Constitutional democracy, our American history, basic political science, and social studies! Over the last 150-years and for the most part our federal Supreme Court and some/most state Supreme Courts have protected our public education systems and ISD’s.

        After so many failed attempts or half-successes to make our public school curriculums increasingly Christian-based and little-to-no science and fine arts, these Evangy-Fundy Protestant Xian groups/institutions counter-maneuvered. How? By circumventing federal, state, and public laws and regulations supporting free (via taxes) public Education for All. They founded the private and charter school systems, increasing their numbers and enrollments to phenomenal numbers… and to no surprise, it catered to the rich families of America who, no surprise again, tend to be Conservative pro-business pro-Free Trade pro-Christian voters. And let’s not forget the constant rising political battles for education vouchers (tax allowances) to religious Conservatives who refuse to put their children in public Secular schools!

        Again, it is a multi-layered movement to weaken and dismantle EVERYTHING about and which stands for a neutral (secular?) Constitutional Democracy and replace it with…

        …well, something that essentially is no different than those Islamic Sharia Law nations or what Israel the nation and her Reformed liberals are struggling thru against zealot Zionists today. As you and everyone else knows under (radical) theocratic rule the human rights violations go rampant and unchecked. The religious radicals are not held accountable if there are not enough neutral/Secular nations at the U.N. Assemblies.

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        1. Hello Professor. I think you have it spot on. Thank you. I enjoy your explanations. One or maybe two questions. On charter schools and private schools is there not also a racist element involved? The second thing I wanted to ask, have we reached the tipping point where we can not come back from? It seems to me the deck is stacked against democracy and secularism not to mention non-white non-christian rights. Can we claw a democratic secular republic with equality for all back now or is it too late. Hugs

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          1. HAH! Scottie, I am certainly not the best expert/scholar or person to answer those questions! And I am not insinuating at all that I am an expert/scholar by any means! That is the great, the one and only InspiredByTheDivine1’s territory and Hall of Many Nobel Prizes! 😉 😆 However, I can attempt to offer MY opinion and educated guesses if you like.

            Is there a racist element involved in our private and charter schools and systems?

            I think there are by default and they rear their ugly heads in various ways in the PRIVATE sectors. For instance, about 4-5 years ago I applied for a teaching/educators position and professorship at a private Christian university in Central Texas. I knew full well they were a private Christian institution and would not only protect that religious foundation vehemently, but at some point would have to subtly and discriminately break federal labor laws and hiring regulations to keep out non-Christians from their high-exposure, high-responsibility positions. After all, it is a well-known federal offense to discriminate against a person’s job-qualifications and qualified experience simply because of their religious affiliation or beliefs, or NON-religious beliefs/affiliations. Sadly, those potential hires are better protected with regard to state or PUBLIC institutions or companies, corporations, etc; it is more cut-n-dry with publicly funded/supported institutions and corporations. Not so with private ones. Individual job-seeking Americans are at a higher risk of being discriminated against in the private sector as I was eventually. In the 3rd phase of their interviewing-hiring process, I had to do an unrecorded interview with a 3-person panel about what I saw in my mind were PRIVATE matters of personal belief. Well, needless to say and given my background with religions and their fanatical minions, I WAS NOT going to lie them. I did politely ask if their question was really pertinent to the job. But since nothing now was being recorded, nothing was going to move forward until I answered the question(s).

            Umm, for some unknown reason I did not get the job/position. 😈 Was I shocked!? LOL

            Racism? Not so much. Blatant discrimination? Oh HELL YES!

            Have we reached the tipping point of No Return for a restoration or rescue of more pure Constitutional Democracy? When there seems to be a “living version” of The Handmaids Tale playing out in parts of America and spreading, THEN yes… we’ve reached and go over the tipping point. That will be a very dark, nasty time reminiscent of the 10-centuries of the Dark Ages. Let’s do something about it and hope it doesn’t get there, eh?

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          2. Hello Professor. You are outstanding. You are in a class of your own. I am not kidding! You really amaze and stun me with how smart you are. Add to that the many places you have been, the many different things you have done in your life, well if this was a fair world they would be making documentary shows about you. Quite frankly it makes me happy when I read your grand posts and can figure out parts of them with my lack of education, I feel I accomplished something. I figure if we are going to ever come back from the abyss or void of moving from democracy to a theocracy it will take people like you, like Nan, with the support of those not in the US like this group here.

            The fact is people do not realize how close and deep the threat to the US experiment with democracy is to failing. There are groups like the one you mentioned putting a lot of money , time, and effort into making our democracy fail. To making this country into something no free thinking person wants. In my lifetime I have seen the laws be against gay people, to affording gay people rights, to working for gay people, to now being used to take rights away from gay people. The people pushing that claim to have a higher power of their god directing them to deny rights to other humans. I have not even mentioned what they have done to female rights.

            What other countries should fear is this, The US has the world’s biggest most tech driven military. More money than ever is being poured into that military industrial complex. If a theocracy, a non democratic government should get ahold of the power to command that military, what does the rest of the world do? How do we prevent a world wide take over of the fanatical religion using the power of the US military? Just a thought. Hugs

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          3. The fact is [American] people do not realize how close and deep the threat to the US experiment with democracy is to failing.

            Scottie, I couldn’t agree more. But so NOT to appear as a panicking Conspiracy-theorist that turns off many Moderates, I try to engage in civil discussions with lots of general and specific issues questioning the subject, e.g. Climate-change, hyper-Capitalism, hyper-Consumerism, and specific quotes from our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our biggest Founding Fathers — which will always include their PERSONAL letters of correspondence about a neutral, secular United States of America. Tragically Scottie, most/too many middle moderate Americans are asleep at the wheel… just robotically going about their jobs, family, marriage, parenting, and recreations, business-as-usual day in and day out. Honestly, for their busy lives there’s very little time to examine, scrutinize, and question so many non-career related or non-family, non-marital, non-parenting related events, social dynamics, political-economic-legal institutions all of which involve our civil duties to be wise informed voters! But I have to say, most Americans want to be left alone to live the private detached way they want to live and NOT invest so much time to recognize these very threats you, Ark, others and myself are talking about here. Many I know would rather just browse Facebook, Instagram, Twitter during their short free-time or watch The Kardashians or Chrisleys on TV — two American hit shows believe it or not! — or go to sporting events like NASCAR, the NFL or WWF wrestling! 😲 (facepalm)

            Bottom-line, too many Americans are lazy to protect our Constitutional democracy or not skilled enough to recognize its enemies. Tragically our last 2-3 generations here have been poorly educated (broadly) in Social Studies, History, Political Science, and critical-thinking critical-analysis (the “boring” subjects) of the democratic state/process versus everything else, especially theocracy!

            Your point about seizing power over our military machine and supporting industries is not unreasonable. I think (hope?) right now there are still enough decent Moderates, secularists/humanists, and atheists in the U.S. to stem that tide/movement. However, it seems to have become a constant daily, vigilant fight and watch now. And it will be as long as religious indoctrination (education) here allows it and we non-Christians, non-religious remain naive and passive.

            Oh, thanks for the very kind compliments. Is it safe to say you COULD have a man-crush on me? 😉 😄 (joking)

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      1. Well it’s just like the religion; pick the laws they like, they’re from gods anointed, and fight the ones you don’t even though they came from gods anointed leaders. That’s the first contradiction I’ve ever seen in Christianity 👀

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          1. Ark, you are correct. From Wikipedia…

            The Human Life Protection Act, also known as House Bill 314 (HB 314) and the Alabama abortion ban,[4] is an Alabama statute enacted on May 15, 2019, that is set to impose a near-total ban on abortion in the state starting in November 2019. The bill was passed in both chambers of the Alabama Legislature in a party-line vote and signed by Republican governor Kay Ivey. Under the Human Life Protection Act, a doctor who performs a banned abortion in the state of Alabama would be guilty of a Class A felony, and could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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          1. Right. Forgot that one. Well, now the GOP has someone who’s both a spoiled-rotten brat AND a complete, degenerate asshole at the same time, so I guess their way of thinking about folks has finally come to true fruition.

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          2. This is part of an oddity about the fundamentalist mindset which I’ve noticed several times. Another example is that I’ve sometimes seen them equate being atheist and being gay. I don’t mean they think all atheists are gay, it’s more like they don’t seem to realize that “atheist” and “homosexual” are two separate concepts. To them it’s all vaguely anti-God, and everything that’s anti-God is pretty much the same. Atheist, Muslim, gay, whatever, it’s all outside their tiny realm of Godly acceptable things, therefore it’s all just vaguely the same evil.

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    1. Remember, religion isn’t science and it’s not bound by the same rules as science. It’s not bound by any rules at all, not even internal consistency. Obama wasn’t chosen by God; his election was an example of mankind’s wickedness which finally provoked God to choose Trump to straighten everything out (I’m guessing they’d say something like that). If Trump loses next year, they’ll say it’s an example of the evil that happens in the world because God has to allow us free will, or something like that.

      These are people who praise God for saving them in a disaster when many others die (whom God didn’t save), and think God intervenes to help them find lost car keys or help their team win a football game, when God didn’t intervene to stop the Holocaust. It’s not about making sense or explaining anything. It’s about preserving their sense of self-righteous superiority based on the belief that they’ve got God on their side and all the people they don’t like will be punished someday.

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      1. or help their team win a football game,

        The bastard was nowhere to be seen last night when Liverpool lost 2-0 to Napoli.
        How can he … He …side with the bloody eyetalians?

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      2. And Infidel, your post today 9/18 is excellent on the hypocrisy of Christians.

        Hope you don’t mind the plug😊

        And I hope the readers here are also aware of Bruce Gerencser’s blog too. He is an ex fundamentalist preacher who has definitely seen the light and has excellent posts and commenters..

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  6. Prof, you say two very important things that I will quote because I think they apply more widely than just the threat religious chauvinism plays here:

    “But I have to say, most Americans want to be left alone to live the private detached way they want to live and NOT invest so much time to recognize these very threats you, Ark, others and myself are talking about here. (snip) Bottom-line, too many Americans are lazy to protect our Constitutional democracy or not skilled enough to recognize its enemies.”

    Yes, religion plays a key role as an enemy of secular liberal democracies in that pressure is applied to get around laws that curtail and undermine this influence by supporting the individual with common rights and freedoms over privileging the group that claims privilege to have their rules imposed on all… everything from changing oaths of allegiance to insert some god to thwarting medical services in the name of some god.

    I think most people recognize that the goddy part is not just an quaint and reasonable insertion but a bullying imposition on everyone when such changes begin to affect people in a negative or discriminatory way. Only at that point do more and more people begin to wake up and see just how insidious this slow-motion encroachment really is, an encroachment that really does start to affect individual rights and freedoms and replaces it with a “we know better than you what’s good for you’ ideological social platform brought into the secular world as government public policies.

    When good people of good intentions try to put the brakes on this encroachment, only then do they begin to come across a few of us who share the same concerns but who are desperately trying our best to point out that it’s not a ‘solution’ to replace one anti-secular ideology like religion with another. It is this ‘another ideology’ that is not secular that is giving fuel and justification to these ongoing attacks by the religious, by the neocons, by the MAGA crowd: they are using this responsive ‘woke’ ideology as fuel to further their own, and my point is that WAY too many people are supplying this anti-secular fuel under the misguided assumption that they are doing their civic duty by trying to make the world a better, fairer, less discriminatory place by switching out individual rights and freedoms in law with group rights and freedoms in law…. the IDENTICAL problem the religious have created (and inserted into law) by trying to impose their own version of it! In this sense of combating religious privilege, we are are our own worst enemies because too many of us don’t realize we’re doing the same thing in helping to undermine and weaken secular values in the name of privileging discriminatory policies mislabeled ‘tolerance’ and ‘respect’ and ‘diversity’.

    So we will start to make real progress into combating this orchestrated anti-secular religious push only when we stop fueling the orchestrated anti-secular group ideology push as its replacement. And, as you say Prof, this requires a level of skill and awareness to recognize a secular society’s REAL enemies are those who push anti-secular values… in whatever disguises they come.

    So we comment in the hopes of waking up the Woke and trying to reason our way into producing more people more aware of recognizing the common threat to a secular society, a threat all of us face but few recognize.

    By all means, point out the problems of religious group ideology but I think it’s high time we stopped focusing ONLY on the religious part of this ‘religious group ideology’ and zero in on the core problem, the group part of the ‘religious group ideology’ phrase. That’s the anti-secular enemy. All the Woke are doing now is supplying more and more fuel by trying to replace one anti-secular ideology with another by those rising start on the Left who would bomb the secular village in order to save it.


  7. And here I thought the real reason was because Mr. Trump won 304 (technically 306) out of the 538 electoral votes.

    But from a theological perspective he is correct. Because Romans 13:1 states that those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So it follows that God must have approved of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pinochet, Saddam, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Duvalier, Suharto, Mugabe, etc. — which only makes sense given that the biblical God is a dictator at heart.

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  8. “God chose the Tramp to lead this Nation”? OMG. I went to Grad school in the US, South of the Mason-Dixon line. Plenty of Fundamentalists there. Though not exclusively. Now I understand why nobody is moving a finger against the – most likely – greatest crook in History. (One who will make Nixon look like a choir-boy) Tsss.

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  9. so many Christians are so stupid, or at least thoughtless. They want to run to their bible that says anyonen in power gets there by their god, but then if someone gets into power they don’t like, well, then that bit of the bible is now a lie.

    So many Americans have decided to believe a liar and a cheat. This is because they are filled with hate and fear of anyone different then they are. I grew up with these people as family members. Happily, my parents aren’t among them. But my extended family, including my brother, are. They will sacrifice anything so they get their fantasies.

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    1. Over the past couple of days I have been reading posts on the site called The Stream.
      I must admit it is so ”out there” that it becomes almost addictive, as you go from one insane perspective to the next and all are dominated by an evangelical mindset.
      Even after encountering a number of religious Whack Jobs over the years, to run into such a concentrated number of them on one site sends the grey matter reeling.
      And worse, on the About pages each writer/contributor makes a show of the degrees they have and all the fine education they have received, and yet, so much of what they write is such unadulterated excrement it does my head in.

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      1. Degrees and “fine education” essentially mean nothing in the world of Christianity. All it indicates is a person is more brain-washed than the average believer.

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      2. Hello Ark. About the site you have been reading the last few days. Considering how well writings from even a few hundred years are regarded today, what do you think the future will say about the stuff on that blog you mentioned? Hugs

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  10. I thought that it was inherited; at any rate, I had a professor who was amazed that we had three left-handed children out of the four. He figured the odds weren’t that high even from left-handed parents. .. it’s a mystery! (It was hard to teach the lefties crafts like knitting, etc. Our daughter plays the guitar right-handed (although she’s left-handed) and our son is a left-handed drummer.

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  11. Gilson?!? Hoo boy, him again.

    I just found out yesterday that he wrote an article rebutting something Lawrence Krauss said about the hiddenness of god. Except, that instead of quoting Krauss, he quoted MY BLOG!

    I caught the mistake by reading a post on Cross Examined, here:

    And here’s my original post where the quote really comes from:

    So I start out with zero regard for anything Gilson has to say, at least until he apologizes to me personally.

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