Watch the Birdy!

‘Pigeon Pals’ Rock Pigeon ( red mask) and Laughing Dove. 13/5/20 Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird 12/5/20 Female Weaver in Fir Tree. Green Woodhoopoe. Adult Female Amethyst Sunbird. 13/5/20 Ark.

Watch the Birdy

African Hoopoe Alerted by the distinctive ‘whoop whoop’ call I grabbed the camera from my desk and walked smartly to the Wattle tree in the back garden where this gorgeous visitor had popped by for a few moments.   Ark

B.O.T.D. Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail. Once a regular but now an infrequent visitor. In fact, I have only photographed it twice before, so while not a spectacular bird a real treat to see it all the same. Ark. Check out  Bird of the Day   over at Granny Shot It   

Watch the Birdy

For some reason the sunbirds have been rather scarce this season. In fact, I have yet to see, let alone photograph a male of either the Amethyst, the White Bellied or the Collared. Female Amethyst Sunbird.   Ark.