Watch the Birdy!

‘Pigeon Pals’ Rock Pigeon ( red mask) and Laughing Dove. 13/5/20 Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird 12/5/20 Female Weaver in Fir Tree. Green Woodhoopoe. Adult Female Amethyst Sunbird. 13/5/20 Ark.

Watch the Birdy

African Hoopoe Alerted by the distinctive ‘whoop whoop’ call I grabbed the camera from my desk and walked smartly to the Wattle tree in the back garden where this gorgeous visitor had popped by for a few moments.   Ark

B.O.T.D. Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail. Once a regular but now an infrequent visitor. In fact, I have only photographed it twice before, so while not a spectacular bird a real treat to see it all the same. Ark. Check out  Bird of the Day   over at Granny Shot It