It fluttered by. New Species!

Spotted this morning.

This beauty is called the Gaudy Commodore (Precis octavia sesamus) and like it’s more plain cousin, the Garden Commodore, has seasonal dimorphism – wet and dry (summer and winter) versions. This is the summer rainfall version. The winter version is a vibrant blue pattern.

Now that the summer cousin has visited maybe it’s winter relation will pop by in a few months?

To date, this makes 51 butterfly species identified and photographed in the garden!


23 thoughts on “It fluttered by. New Species!

  1. Just thought I’d pass along a game my family has been playing: it’s called Wingspan. It’s a board game involving birds. To be clear, none of us are birders but it’s a fun game regardless and all of are on our way to seeing these critters with an expanding awareness and deeper appreciation for the variety from this beautifully crafted game. The birds are exquisitely painted with common and proper names, a very short description involving range, size, diet, clutch, food, and terrain. An app has been included this year that allows you to use a phone camera and when hovered over the card you get the actual bird call. Fascinating stuff. I’m very good at not winning this game, which my family appreciates, but I thoroughly enjoy playing it regardless. I wonder if another similar game involving butterflies might someday become available?

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    1. There is a game already available for butterflies Tildeb. I grab my camera and the wife and roam the great outdoors looking for them! Hours of fun. You get more points the longer you can keep the spouse from moaning about getting bored.

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  2. Very nice. Makes me miss the warmer days. This winter has not offered much for wildlife photo opportunities. A few crows and a couple of squirrels here and there aren’t really doing it for me.

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    1. I was blown away when I saw it, and it didn’t register immediately.
      Initially I thought the flash of orange on the ground was the flower of a ground cover we have. But then it flapped it’s wings, and did I run for the camera!
      Not the best of shots by a long chalk but another one for the record books.
      When I showed, Emily one of the first things she asked was : ”Did you tell Brian yet?”
      I laughed. You see, Mister B, even as a blogpal you’re famous my ol’ son!

      All the very best for the New Year to you and yours, Brian.

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      1. How sweet of Ems. It’s lovely seeing summery images on a cold frosty day and fascinating to see exotic species like this.
        Hoping the new year brings a bit of joy, there’s a certain someone in Berlin we haven’t seen (except by phone video thingy) for a year. Keep safe.

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        1. Yes, we are fortunate to have the kids close at hand. I imagine you are both missing the Lemming something rotten.

          If this Covid thing goes on much longer I wonder when or even if I’ll see my folks again?
          Fingers crossed ….

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    1. I don’t know what we do to attract so many, really I don’t, but I count my blessings that whatever it is the garden is a haven for them.

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    1. I have photographic records of 53 species and two plain visual sightings, a Hammerkop, and two days ago a White Egret flew into the garden, landed next to the pool and immediately took flight.
      It was one of those blink-and-you-miss-it moments! Fortunately Emily was with me so she is my witness! We were both ”gobsmacked”.

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      1. Hammerkop? Sounds ,like hammer head in Dutch or Afrikaans? I’ll check it.
        It’s all right. Most of our best memories are just that: memories. No photos. makes your brain work harder.


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