Leading you up the garden path.

Crab Spider indulges in a spot of lunch.

My second attempt at air layering one of our lemon trees. This time things turned out more successful as the newly potted tree below shows.

Potted and mulched and settling in.

Beetle – not sure of the species.

 Freshly excavated potatoes ( Boxing Day ) drying in the shed. They have subsequently been further sorted and carefully stored. The red ones surprised me, as my wife bought a packet for planting that were hardly larger than gobstopper-size.  Catherine ( my new non-resident garden helper!) and I planted the entire packet in one of the raised beds and  I expected a similar size harvest so I was thrilled when I dug up several this size. And there are four more beds to be ‘liberated’ in a week or two!

Most of the white ones you see here are grown from small slips, usually  with a single ‘eye’ and cut from the end of a store-bought potato. We chipped six jumbo size ‘taters’ for lunch yesterday. 


Going Green.

Carpenter Bee over Cosmos.

Doing the Funky Chicken?

102g – One rather large egg!

Pantala flavescens

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