It Fluttered By.

Newly emerged Citrus Swallowtail I found yesterday looking somewhat disorientated crawling around my lemon tree seedlings. I gave a little helping hand and it flew across the vegetable garden and found this nice shady patch of potatoes to dry its wings.

This morning it was still hanging around – looking for a date/mate as it turned out!

Love is … in a hurry, it turns out!

Yesterday evening I heard a tapping on the glass pane of my front door and look who was tying to gain entry!

Another Tri-Colour Tiger Moth. Here it is climbing up to my shoulder on the left sleeve of my sweatshirt, wings fluttering wildly.Β  I held the camera in my right hand, pointed, clicked and hoped for the best.Β 

The moth found its way to my hand and was easier to photograph against the backdrop of the window.


16 thoughts on “It Fluttered By.

  1. Gorgeous creatures beautifully photographed.It’s good to think of you moving through Spring to Summer as we are battered by another Atlantic storm. Thank you for this lovely splash of colour.:)

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    1. Yes, I have a butterfly inventory as well. To date I have photo catalogued 50 separate species that visit the garden and at least 15 moths. But I’m not too sure on how accurate the moth ids are.

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        1. Maybe more? There are probably lots of insects – including butterflies – ”out there” in my backyard jungle that I am unaware of.

          I think the key is to have as much indigenous flora and other tasty treats these visitors like.
          I should put up another – updated – butterfly slideshow sometime.

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          1. I just wondered whether a “good” garden isn’t like an aquarium. A ‘good” aquarium” needs to be large enough, planted with water plants, with a reasonable combination of fish, not too many, and then you let the ecosystem find its balance…
            Look forward to the show. Cheers.


          2. It’s an ongoing learning process.
            To expand on your aquarium.
            We have a large swimming pool that was converted to a large pond nearly 20 years ago.
            It is stocked with koi and goldfish.
            Like a good waterfeature it attracts all sorts of insects which attract others further along the foodchain.
            Keeping parts of the garden sort-of-wild also helps, thus providing an environment that will help sustain our visitors.
            And the hens also help, foraging and scratching the soil, thus dislodging weeds and help keep in check certain bugs and wot not.

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