Worth a watch – Race Part 2

I know, a hardcore atheist putting up a post by a Christian. Whatever next?

Well, I posted the first video and here’s Part 2. This is worth listening to and irrespective of the Christian tone in some parts truth is not something one should run away from, no matter who points it out!

This bloke also has a video on abortion and its relevance to the US election/politics, which suggests just how erroneous are the cherished beliefs regarding the views and actions of Republican and Democrat politicians. It is a real eye-opener, and most definitely worth a watch.

I posted the video on abortion on Pastor David Robertson’s blog on a recent piece he’s written which included a rant about pro-life and Joe Biden’s stance on abortion. He was quite scathing about Biden and so were a couple of his fellow Christian commenters.

It’s probably no surprise to most of you that to date, he has refused to post the video.

Anyway, try to take the time to watch this video. It will be worth it for many of you, I’m sure. It certainly was for me.


7 thoughts on “Worth a watch – Race Part 2

    1. lol.

      I noticed that comments are disabled on his YT videos, but left the following comment on an unrelated blog post titled IS GOD A GENOCIDAL BULLY? (TRICKY QUESTION #5):

      Morality isn’t about obedience — it’s about doing the right thing for its own sake. I refrain from harming others and taking their possessions, not because someone commanded me not to do so, but because I wouldn’t want them to do those things to me. So issuing orders to march to a foreign land to plunder and annihilate its pre-existing inhabitants is wrong regardless of who commands it — be it God, or Alexander the Great, or Attila the Hun, or Genghis Khan, or Napoleon or Hitler or Stalin.

      It went into moderation and then quickly disappeared. I guess the question is a bit more tricky to answer than he’s prepared to admit.

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        1. Do I refrain from harming others? Absolutely! My only physical altercation with anyone occurred when I stood up in self defense against a schoolyard bully during recess in second grade.

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          1. That would depend on how you define passive harm. Off hand, though, I would deem a willful dereliction of duties — say a lifeguard who ignores the pleas of someone who’s drowning or a police officer who fails to intervene in a mugging — just as morally reprehensible as someone who engages in causing direct harm.


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