Oh, for gods sake!

Aaah …. ’tis a glorious Monday morning here in Jo’burg. Liverpool beat Everton 1-0 yesterday in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and so what better way to shrug off any Monday Blues you lot may have with a laugh!

A comment on the bush-fires in Australia …

Name withheld to protect the individual whose real name must be  Captain Sensible: A wee Link can be provided


I have a view (although I might be wrong), that the effectiveness of praying for rain depends on how many and who are doing it. If, for example, it was led by the Prime Minister and done by a large proportion of the population, God would grant the request. But if it’s just a relative handful of Christians and most of the population and the leadership are against God, why should He intervene? As a nation, we would effectively not even be asking.


Of course, as Yahweh only operates on a ”How many of them are grovelling for mercy?” basis the fault must lie with my brother, because I am damn sure he is not offering up prayers to Yahweh.

Can’t rely on them pommies. 😉


I think every Australian radio station should play this simultaneously . You never know … it might work.




45 thoughts on “Oh, for gods sake!

  1. On this basis if we can get all religions around the world and the heathens to have one big prayer-in (is there such a thing?) then we can knock this global warming thingy on the head once and for all!

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        1. Can’t they prey on God instead — ask Him to shift his aim to Australia and help douse the fires that He knew billions of years ago were coming? (Unstoppably in the future, so inevitable then—He thus being reduced in status to mere spectator.)

          HIS fires, in fact, seeing that He’s so omnipotent and all.


  2. Notice, as always with these people, the total lack of any supporting evidence which would give anyone any reason at all to even consider what he’s saying. To make an assertion like this, he should at least be able to bring data on a few countries in which a certain percentage of the population prayed for rain and how much, if at all, rainfall for that year was above the average for that country. Then, at least, we’d have some basis for evaluating what he said. Instead, it’s just asserted, with “I have a view (although I might be wrong)”.

    As Hitchens said, that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

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  3. Saw that and wanted to punch the screen.

    Left this comment last night, but of course Robertson hasn’t freed it.

    You truly are a sick, perverted, sorry-excuse for a human being if you believe for one second your god provided you the diversionary pleasantries of a day at the cricket while he burnt millions of living things to death.

    And as for your “Climate Cult,” it accurately predicted over 30 years ago that this is precisely how climate change would wreak havoc across Australia; worsening and longer droughts followed by massive bush fires.

    That’s called science, you perverted, malignant stain on what is decent and good.

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    1. I don’t think I could add to this if I tried ….
      However … I wonder how many churches have been consumed so far?

      I spoke to Gerry two nights ago and he says they are far enough away from the danger.
      I hope it stays that way.

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      1. Where is he?

        What’s happened on Kangaroo Island is just heartbreaking. That island was Australia’s wildlife insurance policy; disease and cat/fox/rabbit free… And it’s been utterly decimated.

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  4. Next time you hear someone say we can’t afford to switch energy over to renewables, think of the cost of not doing so. Money is only one small part of this calculation in reality but the dominant one by apologists.

    As for praying, does the person understand the major reason is that the Indian ocean is too cool to fuel the monsoons that usually break up the heat dome over Australia? After all, one must direct one’s prayers accordingly if one wishes for success because the Big Guy seems to be too clueless to figure out the causal chain without human assistance.

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    1. TILDE:
      the latest I read is that they pounced on some old geezer lighting fires. Perhaps it was an act of God, and the old guy was His tool?


  5. Oh those silly, ignorant, mistaken Chrissyians, they have it all wrong! They are praying to the wrong god! “The Man in the Sky” is the Almighty Holy One holding back the buckets and barrels of Australian rain! Geeezzzz! 🙄

    REALLY PEOPLE!!!? Prayer, rain, and divine intervention is not hard to sort out! It’s EASY for God’s sake! Use your noggins! Stop praying in your native language and pray in God’s tongue/language!!!! DUH!!! 😞

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  6. I really don’t know what to say Ark. I’ve dipped my toe in some of the nutters blogs this weekend. It’s depressing how depressing it is to see stupidity actually rising (hoping it’s desperation) but really, it’s getting worse. And I’m noticing a shift to more outrageous claims and less and less kindness. I’m certain that if his neighborhood burns he will excuse himself and blame gods wrath on his neighbors.

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    1. They do seem to be getting noisier in their craziness, don’t they?

      I’m thinking it’s the Trump thing. They seriously can no-longer deny the man is a raving lunatic, the anti-Christ by their own reckoning, yet they’ve invested too much in him and can’t get out.

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        1. INSP:

          Don’t let God hear you say that — He’s a bit touchy right now; He may have to explain why He’s held back on answering all those prayers for rain.

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          1. @ JZ
            Go read Robertson’s latest post ASK.post He writes excerpts from his latest book aimed at kids.
            It cover the Troubles in Northern Ireland and tries to downplay religion and also contains such gems as ….
            ”We must never forget that Jesus comes to bring peace.”
            ”If you want peace in your own life and want to work for peace in this world, you need to be become a follower of the Prince of Peace.”

            ”But that is him really exposing the fact that human beings are enemies to God, and if they have hated Jesus, they will also hate his followers.”

            So by this measure I must hate my mother who is devout?
            The man truly is a disgusting piece of work.

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          2. I’ve had enough of that wanker. After that last post I unsubscribed… Plus I’m already partially banned, anyway. He’s a sick, degenerate.

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          3. That’s no maybe. However, he seems to like to publish certain comments in the mistaken belief that he is able to show up the commenter’s ignorance – as he is wont to regularly do to you and I.
            And yet he still thinks his ”debate” with Dilahaunty was a victory for him, and this is after the bulk of YouTube comments, including those from Christians, considered he was rude, ignorant and condescending.
            There must be a technical term for such an individual.

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  7. Whenever there’s a drought in Texas, the nutjob Christians run around trying to outdo each other in praying for rain the bestest.

    Eventually it rains and they all pat each other on the back.

    Then it turns into a flood, displacing thousands and it’s time for a change in prayers. All thatrain prayin’ is quickly forgotten.

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