12 thoughts on “photo review 2019 #2

  1. love the dog and cat one, Millie in the pot and Benji in the catfood can (why dirty a dish, right?)
    These are all stunners, but there should be a warning for the spider people (eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk)

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  2. Whole New Year already … so here’s all the best to you and yours, Ark (even spiders) (yeuch~!) and let’s hope it’s a good one. (And my vote is for the snuggled pets … )


      1. We’ve been in the future for about ten hours—it doesn’t seem all that different, actually. Skies still yellow and scented with burning bushes (all the way from Australia).

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        1. Yep, I am often sweeping the soot off of my front court yard on the Gold Coast from fires in NSW, not any change in 2020 for those people.
          Happy new year to you and everyone who reads this and great photos Ark.

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  3. Wonderful pictures! Love the kitty and your dog…and the cake and cupcakes…yum
    Happy New Year….8 1/2 hours into it here and it’s a bright sunny day. Hope that is a good omen for 2020 for all of us.


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