Having your cake and ….

Haven’t done a cake post in a while. How about this one that went out over the weekend.

Kitty Cake. Fondant over vanilla chiffon,

Cup Cakes, vanilla sponge and butter icing.

All modelling hand crafted from fondant.

Apparently, the client, a five year old, is cat mad and every morning her mother takes her for a stroll around the townhouse complex where they live to ”spot the cats”.

I understand she was quite taken with her Birthday Cake!



emilys cakes


10 thoughts on “Having your cake and ….

      1. Yes indeed. I would love to have another feline companion……. I grew up with Siamese and Burmese , very chatty and characterful but also loved the Moggies that came our way when our own kids were still living with us. 🙂


  1. If she charges properly, how can anyone afford these masterpiec— mistresspiec— personpieces?

    (Dammit — if I had one it would grow real fur from old age before I’d ever even venture a lick.)

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    1. Because of the time involved in the modelling, it is never easy charging for such cakes.
      However, Ems loves this type of modelling work so there is the artistic challenge as well which she thrives upon.
      Although we have a rule – such detailed work is never taken on unless there is adequate time and it doesn’t cut into other work that’s pending.

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      1. It’s obvious that it’s a work of love. I find myself thinking “Pearls before gobble-gobble people; please tell me it ain’t so.”

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