Oh for Gods sake!

Over at Frank’s Cottage, the chap who runs the blog claims to be vehemently anti-religion and all for relationship.(sic) He is against all religions – but attends church. He even let’s us know that,  ”Jesus leaves dogma and traditions at the side of the road. ” Odd then, that he would go on to write … More Oh for Gods sake!

The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?

gMark is considered by some critical scholars to be a pastiche of cobbled together themes from Jewish scripture and is notable for the forged ‘long-ending’. gMatthew is a copy of gMark incorporating around 600 verses, some verbatim. Notable additions include a birth narrative, including the ridiculous falsely prophesised tale of a virgin birth lifted directly … More The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?

Oh, for gods’ sake!

theweeflea JANUARY 22, 2021 AT 9:30 PM There is no evidence whatsoever from evolution that it is responsbile for morality…but of course you will continue to believe it…you have to.. Pastor David Robertson.  Evolutionary biologist, anthropologist, neuroscientist. psychologist,  intermediary for Yahweh, Honorary Australian, debater par excellence  and all round genius of everything. Or … maybe … More Oh, for gods’ sake!

”It’s all a matter of evidence, M’lud.”

There probably isn’t a sceptic, atheist, or religious deconvert that hasn’t at one time been asked the question: ”What kind of evidence would convince you (of) ….. ?” Of course we all know to what our religious friends are referring, yes? One can pick one’s own poison in this regard but popular examples usually include, … More ”It’s all a matter of evidence, M’lud.”

Pastor David Robertson. A true Christian!

Arkenaten DECEMBER 15, 2020 AT 12:07 AM 1. As abortion has been as much part of humankind as procreation and has continued unabated whether legal or illegal what possible gains do you, and all anti-abortionists, envisage by continually pushing to make the procedure illegal once again?(Presuming this is the eventual aim of your attacks on … More Pastor David Robertson. A true Christian!

Oh, for gods’ sake!

As it is almost universally acknowledged among bible scholars that the Gospel of Mark was the first of the four gospels to be written, why did the author feel no need to include several of the major foundational tenets of the Christian faith? Namely the virgin birth narrative, the genealogy, and the post resurrection appearances? … More Oh, for gods’ sake!