Oh for Gods sake!

Over at Frank’s Cottage, the chap who runs the blog claims to be vehemently anti-religion and all for relationship.(sic)

He is against all religions – but attends church. He even let’s us know that,  ”Jesus leaves dogma and traditions at the side of the road. ”

Odd then, that he would go on to write this …

So what happens to people who reject Jesus? They’re sending God a clear, unmistakable message: “I don’t want to go to Heaven when this life finishes. I want to go to hell.” And so the God of unconditional love grants them their wish, even though He desperately doesn’t want to.

And people like this are allowed access to children. Makes my skin crawl.

Please pop over and share your thoughts with dear Frank.  

Moving on ….

Sometime last year Evangelical Pastor, Tim Keller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been undergoing treatment since the diagnosis and a recently posted update informs us that he is making progress and the tumours have shrunk. Having a nephew who was born (and recovered) with a rare form of leukaemia, and knowing the incredible stress this places on the individual and family this is good news indeed for Keller and family. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

From his Facebook page

 Keller, who has been battling the cancer since July of last year, revealed the prayers he received in addition to the chemotherapy has caused the size and number of tumors to decrease.

So prayer is the primary cause of his recovery, it seems?

He added: “By giving you an update, I want to honor God and the many who have so faithfully prayed for me during my treatment for pancreatic cancer that began last May, 2020.”

You can read the update yourselves if you fancy. If you do, you will note that, while he makes mention of the chemotherapy there is not a single word of thanks or even a mention of the doctors or nursing staff.

Last but not least …

In case you haven’t heard, a final report on the Ravi Zacharias scandal has been issued and this is what your friend and mine, Pastor David Robertson had to say.

Ravi Zacharias was a Liar, Sexual Pervert and Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Gotta love them Christians, right?




61 thoughts on “Oh for Gods sake!

  1. He is denying a Christian commandment.
    not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.—Hebrews 10:25

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  2. Stop calling him Pastor please. Liar for Jesus or Expert at Biblical Snakes and Ladders sure, but not Pastor. This might lead people to think he cares in a say, pastoral way.

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    1. Hello ,Mark.
      Sorry, I forget he makes you grind your teeth as much as he makes me.
      Sheep are fleeced and eventually slaughtered. Yes, seems about right!

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  3. “..revealed the prayers he received in addition to the chemotherapy has caused the size and number of tumors to decrease.” Well, why not just stop the chemo all together and go with prayer straight up? I do wonder how effective that’ll be. Hmmm.

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    1. I wondered this myself. In fact, why not dispense with medical staff all together and just get the bloody church choir in and sing jolly songs about putting on the armour of god stuff.

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  4. Why would an all loving god who demands of us to forgive uncountable times create hell? Where is his mercy?
    As for thanking god for remission, I hope he also thanks him for ensuring that whatever causes cancer survived the flood.

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    1. Ah .. but he created Hell for the Devil and naughty angels. It isn’t for humans, you silly Kenyan person! Wake up. Therefore, if you don’t want to worship Jesus you choose to go to Hell and our all-loving god simply obliges.
      See? ‘Tis your own bloody fault. Now stop arguing and go make some tea! One sugar, please and no milk.

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  5. If Christians who are ailing (in spirit or in body) don’t give credit to the prayers of others, they would most likely be considered the devil’s tool.

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    1. Giving credit for prayer is fine (albeit ridiculous), but why ignore/omit mention of all the tireless work done by medical staff, not to mention the scientists and engineers who designed chemotherapy?

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      1. On I totally agree! But this, as you well know, is not the “Christian” way. It is “God” who gave all those scientists and engineers the talent to do what they do, doncha’ know? As for medical workers? Again, they’re just doing what “God” designed them to do.

        From a believer’s POV, it ALWAYS comes back to the Big Guy.

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        1. If some of the medical personnel are Christians do you think they might be just a tad miffed for not even getting a nod? (Even if they say all glory to Yahweh!)

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          1. I would say it may depend on how “carnal” they are.

            Yes, it’s part of human nature to be appreciated for our efforts, but there are those who are so saturated with the teachings of Christianity, they will put aside their egos and “give the glory to god.” Seriously, Ark. I’ve seen it in action.

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          2. I believe you.
            That said, I am sure there are many non- believers among the medical profession – even among Keller’s medical team – who have little or no interest in being acknowledged , some of whom might simply shake their head at Keller’s delusion.

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        2. and put that way, for good OR ill, it’s always his doing…why should he get all the credit and none of the blame, eh

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          1. “sexually harassed multiple massage therapists who worked at two day spas he co-owned.”

            O-kay… quite an opening sentence about the man.

            I’m actually in the middle of informing Robertson as to how much of a liar he is on his latest vomit piece.

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          2. I posted two comments. One from a link about Parler, and one responding to his statement he’s getting out of Big Tech.
            I asked if he might consider ”getting out” of WordPress?

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          3. LOL

            These twits really believe they should have special rights online.

            And anyway, they’re free to host their own platforms… And I’d like to see them when, say, Satanists or Muslims want to use their servers.

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          4. Have you noticed how Robertson regularly manages to sneak in a whine or two about the ”evils” of secularism and censoring Christians and yet he cannot see that if it were not for secularism he might very well still be under the yoke of some form of religious tyranny/theocracy?
            The man is a complete moron.

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          5. Oh, and I just BET he was (and still is) supportive of a Christian-owned business being able to deny service to, say, gays on religious grounds.

            I see this on Twitter heaps. These people love being “persecuted.” Fox has been selling them this narrative for 20-30 years.

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          6. He is also a champion when it comes to telling us how much Christianity is expanding/spreading in the world today and then, almost in the same breath, he is bemoaning the state of the church, especially in Scotland , and all the closures and people running away from the church.
            Methinks some serious short circuiting going on there!

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          1. Even I knew of Ravi ministries. Plus since you commented on many blogs & you seemed to attract all types, one of his followers should have crossed paths with you

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  6. Ark, I very much plan to comment fully on this post and TRY to on the shared blog-posts as well. However, as you and several others in our heathen circles 😈😉 might know, the entire state of Texas was bent over, spread wide open, and SLAMMED deep & hard with no (electrical?) lubrication by winter storms Uri and Viola last week. The ripple-effects are still being felt and experienced: I still have no hot water or internet. The two latter conditions are the result of mass flooding from broken/busted water pipes. 😔🤦🏻‍♂️ I am annoyingly making this comment on my phone, whose Verizon data usage is skyrocketing similar to millions of Texans getting gouged by $5,000 — $6,000 electric bills now. 😲 Yeah, I shit you not.

    I will hopefully return later (tonight?) to comment properly here and at those blogs when WiFi/internet is restored.

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      1. Too late sklyjd. 😄 These 25-plus years are effin perpetual!!! 🤬

        P.S. Ark, apologies for getting a bit off topic here with Sklyjd, but what I want to say here is pretty important on Texas & U.S. politics/policies. Of course, here in the U.S. and especially in the Deep South and fringe South (TX), religion invasively permeates all thru every crook-n-cranny of daily life. HELL, even in our god damn weather too, indirectly (Uri and Viola).

        Sklyjd, the GOP Repubs spare no audacity when it comes to perverting basic democratic principles and laws. Check this…

        Texas is one out of over 21 states, i.e. Republican dominated states, across the nation that are trying like hell to FURTHER restrict popular voting against American citizens. Here’s CNN’s report on it Feb. 2nd, 2021. As you read the report Sklyjd, remember that our Nov. 2020 elections had no significant voter fraud or miscounts than any other national elections in 240+ years; completely miniscule random spots that could not in any way influence the final outcome! Read:


        And yet, the Republican (religious) GOP has been pushing voter repression AND gotten away with it for over 30-years, primarily on the state levels!!! 😲 From that CNN report:

        “There are some politicians that are very concerned about the historic turnout that we saw in the 2020 election and are determined to put barriers in front of the ballot box to try and give themselves a job security play,” Myrna Pérez, director of voting rights and elections at Brennan [Center for Justice], said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

        “There are some politicians who are trying to manipulate the rules of the game so some people can participate and some people can’t,” Pérez added.

        Sklyjd, there is only one way that Republican Trumpism will go away permanently. And as we normal, moderate, and liberal Americans have already witnessed for 4+ years, culminating in the Jan. 6 insurrection upon the Capital and now enabled to perpetuate with Trump’s SECOND acquittal by Republican dominated Senates on the federal and select state levels, this Hell we’ve allowed to perpetuate and become a famished, insatiable Monster and Movement… is not going away unless every single, civilized, reasonable, moderate and liberal American cuts off the food and hands that feed that populist Monster and its Movement!

        Thank you Ark for letting me go on that little rant. GO LIVERPOOL!!! 😉 :p

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        1. Thank you Prof I must have set you off there, but very true about cutting off hands and food along with certain things that would make your eyes water that fuel the populist monster. It is beyond comprehension that one crazy revolting man can fire up so many Christians and people who are supposed to be educated elected leaders of so many states and societies. They are seriously indoctrinated into what really is a radical anti-social cult and I doubt that if all the voting reforms they want were implemented the Trump army would still find excuse to erupt and Trump may become even more popular.

          The conflict next time may literally become a killing field, Biden needs to ban firearms both concealed and open carry across all states, especially if Trump gets back onto twitter and finds his feet, I would not underestimate that idiot creating more domestic terrorism before the next election.

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  7. Wonder why the pastor keeps his flock updated via FB when Jesus could just as easily do it for him telepathically? Things that make you go hmmm.

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    1. With their apparently active, live “Holy Spirit” Ron, WHY do they even need social-media, mass telecommunication, or prayers!? 🤔 Is their Triune God not powerful, knowing, and ever-present enough to get it done? “Things that make you go… Hmmm.” 😋

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      1. Exactly! Asking God to deviate from his master plan is akin to saying you don’t agree with what he’s doing. Here’s a flowchart to sort it out.

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  8. I sent that guy Frank a comment but went straight to moderation, it was a bit on the nose of his hero Jesus so I doubt it will see the light of day.

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  9. I could go to the Scottish pastor’s site to point out the irony of him complaining about being censored, but he’d just censor me.

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      1. That would be very nice of Frank to do given that you, Ark, DO NOT Moderate commenters here even though 98% of Christian bloggers do their comments, sometimes/often deleting them all together. 🤨 Talk about a Kangaroo Court and jury on their blog-sites, huh?

        Do you think Frank will return and take you up on your offer? ⏱️


        1. Never mind Frank …I keep meaning to moderate/ban you … bloody heathen … but then I remember that as a former goalie you probably saved more than Jesus so I have a change of heart.

          And no, Frank will not likely pitch up again. He’s too busy following Jesus.
          And if I was Jesus I’d be more than little concerned about this weird bloke skulking behind me.

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          1. 😄 You can’t catch/ban me Ark cuz after enduring 4-years of federal political Hell here in The Land of the Nutty Red Plutarchs 🐘 … exacerbated by Texas Red political extremism the last 25+ years, then topped off by last week’s Arctic calamities and dysfunctional obsession with being a BIG Lone Star State where we don’t need nobody’s “socialistic handouts,” especially if it’s electrical power 🙄🤭…

            I have covered myself in K-Y Jelly so NO ONE could catch me, not even with your talons & pitchfork. 😈


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    1. Not only “strange and difficult” Frank, but in many more Secular ways thrilling, beautiful, inspiring, challenging, mysterious, daunting, and perfectly imperfect in countless ways on countless levels. Never hurts to be realistically optimistic! 🙂


    1. A liar? Tsk, tsk …. I think you feel this way because you have an issue with religion (you were probably caught nicking money from the collection plate, I’ll bet? ) Also it is plain that you are not open to spirituality and have no regard for Jesus of Nazareth – who some say is the Son of God!
      Sheesh! Get with the bloody program for God’s Frank’s sake!!!.

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