Oh, for god’s sake! A Meaningless World?

A Life Worth Living – Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World.

Is the title of  a theme the good pastor, David Robertson plans to discuss during a series of  lunchtime lectures/talks at a local Cathedral in Sydney.

As people are encouraged to bring sandwiches and wotnot this seems like a sure-fire way to give oneself indigestion over lunch.

If I were living in the area I might consider attending. But then again, it would probably be meaningless.

How meaningless is your life?

Do you believe Jesus can help?

If he … oops …. sorry, He is too busy do you consider David Robertson will be an adequate ‘stand-in’?

You don’t need to be eating sandwiches if you wish to comment below,



A meaningless song to listen to while you contemplate your meaningless lives.


63 thoughts on “Oh, for god’s sake! A Meaningless World?

  1. Funny how they spout out stuff like “a meaningless world,” and then go straight to “Meaning! Got your meaning here! All you have to do is love jeebus! And send $$.”

    They have no end it seems, of ridiculous assertions. Weird thing is, how many take the bait and never question the claim. They just go all googly eyed in wonder and eat the crap up. And send $$

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    1. It seems to be all part of the Indoctrination Package: You are worthless, your life has no meaning and the world is going to Hell in a Hand basket. A Jewish rabbi who may or may not have lived …. and died 2000 years ago is the answer to all your problems. Sign Here.

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          1. Not that I’m aware of. I “subscribed” to that particular post so I would get notification if he did and … nothing. Did you/we expect anything less? What a wimp he is.

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          2. Hmmm. Wimpy is a Fast Food restaurant that had its beginnings in the US, so maybe not? Although, I could live with Wimpishly devious?

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  2. Well, since a good sandwich is, IMO, what life IS all about….maybe I’ll swing by Sydney and join in the fun!!!! (Naw. Fuck that. I’ll just make me a good avocado, tomato ‘n mayo sandwich and stay here. It’ll be a lot less nauseating and a lot cheaper.)

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    1. As a heathen/infidel/racist/closet rubber fetishist & paid up member of the society of weekend crossdressers model-railway enthusiasts of Texas your sandwich was on white bread as well, no doubt.

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  3. These guys need slogans, any slogans for that matter, to give their meaningless babble meaning. Unfortunately, we have no choice, but we have to endure this overwhelming majority of ignorance in all societies. What to do?

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  4. To be fair ark, Robertson says that questions like yours fit the bill for Q&A- yes?

    While many disagree as to what is ‘meaningless,’ at least there is an open door for dialog, at least it looks that way.

    But for your post here, I would only add that in any discipline in life, be it medicine, law, metallurgy, artwork, the sciences, etc, where there is the counterfeit, there must be the true, so it’s a discussion worth having.

    You would have to agree, even if reluctantly, because you took the time to write a post about it.

    Have a good one-

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    1. Absolutely I agree!
      Of course, one is then faced with the perplexing dilemma of what is true and what is counterfeit.
      I would argue that Robertson’s assertion with regards a meaningless life , and in particular, his panacea is without reserve, counterfeit.

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      1. Yes I did of course, always liked Satchmo/

        I’d rather not comment further on your suggestion, lest the post here be taken further into the weeds/

        (Very easily answered however and explained)

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  5. Just like they hijacked morality, these people are hijacking the meaning we create in our lives. “You can only get it here! The is a limited time offer! Get yours before they run out!” Theistic Mad men, every one of them.

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    1. I have questioned Robertson on his apparent miserable take on life but of course, as you would expect, he skirts such issues like a barefoot cross-country runner in a field covered in cow pats.
      It’s all down to Sin, ye ken? Och aye the noo!

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  6. Pastor Robot Son informs his followers he’ll be using social media to get the word out about the advertised event.

    Hasn’t he heard the latest? According to the boofhead Prime Minister of my country (whom FleaMan professes to admire), social media is apparently a tool of “the Evil One.”

    Religion: talking complete shit whilst fantasizing about unseen good and/or evil entities can be taken as very meaningful in a meaningless world.

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    1. @ Chris
      To be fair, I think your PM said the misuse of social media is a tool of the ‘evil one.’
      However, as Morrison is a Pentecostal Christian he was probably Speaking in Tongues, hence the misunderstanding.

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      1. Yes, that’s true, but still, Pentecostal Man invoked a fictitious supernatural entity as somehow an ‘explanation’ for a non-supernatural phenomena. Journos should blow loud raspberries when politicians start talking like that at their press conferences.

        And why is it (he asked rhetorically) that theists get to deem certain things as ‘misuse’ when they don’t agree with something, but perfectly fine when they use it to advance their own agenda?

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  7. Meant to comment here yesterday Arkesatan, but my hectic meaningless life on this meaningless rock in this meaningless Universe kept me from doing so. 😄 I’m sure there was NO MEANING or purpose for that happening, right? 😉

    This is exactly the attitude that way too many religious Faith-followers™ take and exactly why their “death wishes,” and desire for a global apocalypse will make it so, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. 😡 Imagine what state humanity and the world would be in IF the entire world population actually believed in this sort of Abrahamic doctrine. The planet would already be trashed several times over! That’s more than enough meaning right there! LOL

    Thank the gods, goddesses, stars and galaxies for millenia and generations of non-Believers, huh!? 🌎🌍

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    1. He also wrote that my ”prophet”, Richard Dawkins, has said that life is meaningless and we have to make our own meaning.
      I suggested he was a troubled individual.
      I cannot fathom why my comment never saw the light of day, can you?

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      1. Your comment joined all of mine in the dark abyss of his rear-end parts. 😛

        Btw Ark, and I’m sure you know this already, but I want to ask… 😉

        If Liverpool beat Man United tomorrow, then City win the Premier League; which could imply that you are a City fan. But if Man U beat your Reds then Man City doesn’t win the League, yet. LOL

        So, where do you stand on this precarious Sunday predicament? City fan or L’pool fan?


        1. City for the win.
          I used to support City when I was an ankle biter.
          Colin Bell, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee and all.
          In my teens I went off football. Music and girls had much more appeal.-
          I started supporting Liverpool when I arrived in South Africa and all my friends and colleagues were United fans. It was only supposed to be temporary but sort of stuck.

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          1. Since the Reds are playing a club in very good form at the moment AND playing at Old Trafford, don’t bet on a City championship just yet my friend. It could get dicey tomorrow. I’m not so sure Man U will just lay down, particularly since Klopp has admitted that Van Dijk and Henderson won’t play anymore of the remaining games this year. Your Reds have just had way too many key injuries this season, no thanks to Pickford, eh?


          2. And at least you still have things to cheer about. Hell, my Dunners may not even beat Villareal in the next leg. 🤦‍♂️ What another drab, mediocre season this year. We Arsenal fans might need to start preparing for no longer being one of English Football’s Six Mega-clubs. Bullocks, we certainly didn’t deserve to be considered in the failed Super League teams. HAH!!! What a joke.


          3. You could always come over to the ‘Yellow side’ Prof, seeing as we are EFL champs (again) and got our golden ticket back to the land of the stinking rich (at first time of asking) we would welcome any converts from waning Nth London has beans, plus your old Brasil shirt is pretty much the same so no need to purchase a club shirt!

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          4. 😄 Musical chairs sort of thing with you Canaries, Watford, and then Fulham(?), Sheff United, and West Brom. Up, down, up, down… like doing squats. NO! Stop thinkin’ like that. I’m talking ’bout in the gym. 🤭

            You’re right about my Brasil jersey though. 🇧🇷 Although, I am not so confident that my beloved South American Canaries can win the FIFA World Cup anytime soon or during the rest of my lifetime. 😢 They can’t seem to put all the perfect pieces into one phenomenal team every four years. I tell ya, this has been a PAINFUL last decade for all my football clubs and two nations. Ouch! I still haven’t fully recovered from the ’82 World Cup in Spain when that magical Brasilian team should’ve won it hands down! 💔

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          5. Yo Yo clubs Prof, West Brom are known as ‘boing boing Baggies’. Too good for the EFL too poor (yes money wise as well) for the Prem. Perhaps we should break away and form our own super league, now where have I heard that idea recently?
            Come on you Yellows! 🐤

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          6. 😄 Brian, I just wished you and I (and Arkesatan Sir Douglas?) had the riches those owners all possess. Imagine the fun and chaos we could stir-up? And then, imagine what we’d do in futebol too! 😉

            And it looks like Ark’s prediction for a City championship today has gone amiss in screaming crowds, smoke, and a useless postponement for the entire EPL. 😕

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          7. As you mentioned to Brian – the game was postponed because some ignorant Mank fans thwarted security and invaded the ground to protest?

            United are second in the league and these fools don’t like the owners?

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          8. Yeah, and I was thinking “The defunct Super League is over, done, old news, except for required neverending apologies by those Owners trying to piss on all other European clubs” …so what was the gain in storming Old Trafford!??? Your own damn home grounds!? 🤔 Idiotic mob-mentality started by a few drunk blokes who apparently did not know the ESL is now finished. Did they just want to get on TV and world news? 😄🤦🏻‍♂️


          9. Yes stupid to break into the stadium and get the match postponed. The thing is this hatred of the Glazer family ownership has been on-going since 2010 and the involvement in the ‘ESL’ the tipping point. Lots of supporters of every club wish for rich owners to buy their team success. Even in the past some Norwich ‘fans’ have called for Delia & Michael to go and some mega rich American/Arab owners to take over (Deliah’s not short of a bob or two mind). But my club has success (on a smaller scale), own our stadium and are debt free. Man U are nearly £500m in debt and the fans are angry, Arsenal ditto, Spurs ditto, Liverpool ditto. Be careful what you wish for!

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          10. Exactly! Chelsea are possibly the only ‘big’ club that carry no major debt.
            If the Glazer family are driven away then what? United managed by a consortium of ‘fookin’ ‘e by gum’ Nobs from Moss Side?

            On the telly last night Owen Hargreaves appeared to be defending the protest if not the manner in which it was conducted whereas Michael Owen pointed out that globally there are a lot more fans than the bunch of Dickheads who broke into Old Trafford, and perhaps they aren’t mithered about the general day to day stuff?

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          11. Probably not Moss Side Ark that’s Man City territory! ‘e by gum’ is a Yorkshire saying btw.
            There are ways and means to protest, what those who invaded the stadium did was not the right way and will achieve nothing. Having said that in my youth I took part in something similar at Carra when the then very popular manager Ken Brown was sacked by the unpopular Chairman Robert Chase. After giving us 30 mins to vent our spleens a friendly bobby asked if I would like to go home or visit his place of work! The protests got worse in following weeks with mounted police brought in to break up crowds outside the main stand with Chase smiling down from the board room window, glass in hand, he didn’t resign.
            If the Glazers left I’m sure there would be a long line of potential suitors to replace them but how long before the Mancs turn on them?
            As for Chelsea, Russian money keeps them happy but managers have a short life span.
            Football’s a different ball game now, supporters no longer have much influence and for some clubs are probably seen as a bit of a nuisance. Covid has shown at the top clubs they aren’t always needed.

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          12. ’tis a long time since I got lost in Moss Side.
            All I remember is it was rather shady. Things may have changed?
            Yes, of course. Yorkshire. A similar Lancashire saying didn’t come to mind!

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          13. …supporters no longer have much influence…” For the most part that is correct. However, season ticket holders AND TV-viewers can simply STOP, ignore, pay no attention (publicly?) to these obesely rich Owners and their Mgt operations—hit ’em where it hurts most!!!

            But organize that is a BEAST of a job. I know. We’ve tried this many times here on the Cowboys and Jerry Jones, but the dayum red-neck Republican NFL fans keep selling out Jerry’s multi-billion dollar stadium… every god damn year. 🤦‍♂️ Which keeps making him and his NFL franchise one of the WEALTHIEST on the planet (pffffftttt) and yet crappy to mediocre on the field.

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          14. Sadly covid has proven that for the elite of the EPL having no fans in the stadium is no big deal. All the TV and, as a spin off, sponsor money keeps on rolling in. For the lesser teams it’s the opposite and clubs you have probably never heard of in the EFL div 1 & 2, all the teams in the next step National league are only just surviving, some may not.
            You see Prof the owners of the Elite don’t need fans. They may say otherwise just to appease the great unwashed but it’s just a business. Whilst the tv billions pour in they’re happy.
            Fans however need their clubs. It’s in the blood, part of life. Even if like me you can’t get a ticket you listen for the result on the radio (or internet) read the reports in the press, watch what little highlights we can (I refuse to subscribe to pay for view).
            The reason this ESL collapsed so quickly was, in my view, not fan pressure but the fact the teams and players involved faced so many National and International bans and sanctions, even our government got involved.

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          15. Brian & Ark,

            I realize this is a comment a bit late—sorry I’ve been so out-of-pocket lately—but this article by Charles Watts at Goal.com covers and sums up the points we’ve all hit on as well as what I’ve been bitchin’ and moaning about with my Dunners since 2011-ish, or longer.


            Yes, tons and tons of cash and credit makeup a necessary large portion of Europe’s biggest, wealthiest clubs, and with an infusion of American money/ownership groups and Barons, it has been an experiment in progress still. That said however, there is a VERY delicate, fine balance between deep fat business-mogul pockets (Mgmt in the background & in the wings only) and the athletic side on the field, on the training grounds, in the youth academies, recruitment staff, coaching staffs top-to-bottom, scouts, etc, etc. The models are quite different, yet they must all work like a well-tuned Formula 1 engine, tires, fuel, pit-crews, etc, in order to not just be competitive, but world-class champions or runner-up champions year after year.

            Ark, Brian, I can tell you without any hesitation, the vast majority of American business moguls/groups here in the States have NO EFFIN CLUE what European Football (on the athletic sides) is about! Stan and Josh Kroenke and KSE are just one prime example of how to run a once world renown Club at Highbury Park into an obscure, mediocre façade of days/trophies gone by and (fast?) disappearing… by unapologetic, clueless ownership thousands of miles away with a gaudy, sparkly billions of pounds stadium called The Emirates. But WHERE are the hearts-n-souls of true high-class footballers and passionate, loyal fans with plenty to cheer about every season!?

            I’m becoming so disheartened with the direction professional sports are taking with millions/billions of dollars dictating the game. Anyway, it’s an excellent article by Watts; recommended reading in my humble opinion. 🙂

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          16. One last time please, Ark & Brian —

            Apologies in advance Ark for going on about this here. 🙏 But as is the case with Christian church congregations in this modern age, particularly the highly charismatic movements the last 30-40 years, one can NEVER deny or underestimate the sheer power/influence of a highly energetic, motivated “crowd” of fanatical followers. We Homo sapiens are a gregarious, herd-mentality species. Period. See my December 2016 blog-post: Mind and Matter, for exactly what I mean here. The Placebo-effect coupled with Mob-mentality and Theatrical Performances surrounding fans… is a very, VERY powerful psychological force to be reckoned with and least of all, HEARD! 🙂 Perhaps one European football club has figured this out quickly?

            I absolutely LOVE this ingenious idea by Tottenham! Bravo Tottenham!


            Now, how many more mega wealthy clubs, franchises, and owners around the world are going to follow suit with this FAN-FAVORING move? It may be simply a PR move sure, alas appeasing and pandering to “the Mob” to quote a line in the 2000 film Gladiator. It may not amount to much as I think you’d speculate Brian, BUT…

            In my mind, it is something and better than nothing rather than appearing as indifferent, superior, and unapologetic to upset loyal fans as several owners/ownership groups are currently doing—at their demise! 🙂

            Btw, if you’d like a link to my Mind and Matter blog-post, let me know.

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          17. Oh Brian! “…Arsenal ditto…” etc, I was so upset and irritated about some of the Front/Back Office Mgt and financial decisions in 2003–2007, including the £390+ million for The Emirates instead of world-class, elite footballers for the product on the field!!! 😠

            Here in the States in my hometown’s NFL football franchise (Dallas Cowboys), we have a complete idiot of a 78-yr old Owner/GM/Head Coach/Quarterback, and hell, he’d probably like to be a sexy Cowboys Cheerleader too if he could get away with it! 🤦‍♂️ He wants to micro-manage EVERYTHING about the entire franchise operations on the field and off! And ever since he bought the team in 1989, inheriting a phenomenal team (on & off field) and operations, with a host of fantastic staff, Jerry Jones proceeded to totally gut all key staff and as a result made the Dallas Cowboys a consistent mediocre team for over 25-years! 🤬 So I KNOW full well how NOT to run a professional sport franchise—on and off the field!

            The business side of today’s professional sports can NEVER exploit, abuse, or ignore two CRITICAL revenue streams:

            • the product on the field, which includes staff as well as players. Build a dynasty, or at least build consistency as “Serious Contenders” or better each and every season.

            • Never ever take for granted your loyal Fan-base. Whether they are lifetime season ticket holders or loyal TV viewing fans from around the world, DO NOT TAKE THEM AS FOOLS!!!! You make them “feel” as if they are literally part of your team and front/back offices. Neither of those two things are rocket science!

            Building a multi-billion dollar/pound stadium at the expense and sacrifice of the product on the field and the sidelines is a sure fire way to shoot yourself in the gonads and wanker demoting your team on the field to horrible, costly mediocrity! That’s what KSE, UK, Inc. has done. Just look at the Gunner’s performance since 2008. And do I need to say anything about acquiring Mesut Özil or David Luiz??? HOLY EFFIN TRASH BAGS you Dunners!!!

            And Brian, I could go on and on about this in the Mgt Offices and on the field. 😔

            Anyway, back to the UEFA CL game of City vs. PSG.

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