Christian blogging.

As a reader and regularly banned peruser of  Christian blogs there is a trend that I noticed a while back, namely, the vast majority of Christian blogs I have come across generally attract so few comments that, if it weren’t for the atheists that visited their traffic would dwindle to well nigh zero. Regular readers … More Christian blogging.

Afternoon chuckle.

After a recent back and forth with a Christian regarding David Rohl’s  New Chronology for the biblical tale of  the Exodus, the film Patterns of Evidence was raised once more. So, as we are on ‘Lockdown’ ( I keep thinking of the  movie) I thought I would watch Patterns of Evidence again. But when I … More Afternoon chuckle.

Oh, for gods’ sake! ”He’s making it up as he goes along”

Here’s an interesting article … Everyone’s Favorite Gospel Is a Forgery   And a few snippets.   …new research, which claims that the Gospel of John is an ancient forgery, is poised to overturn much of what we know about everyone’s favorite biography of Jesus. A provocative and well-argued article published this week in the Journal … More Oh, for gods’ sake! ”He’s making it up as he goes along”

Oh, for gods sake! Well, you have to laugh. Och aye the noo, ye ken..

Australia’s favorite blogland fully sporraned Evangelist, Pastor David Robertson has a thing for sex and sexuality and seems to put up posts covering these topics fairly regularly. His most recent offering is, for one particular reason,  rather special! See for yourself. Some snippets … The theme of this week does seem to be societies obsession … More Oh, for gods sake! Well, you have to laugh. Och aye the noo, ye ken..

Jesus and the Law.

I am sometimes in two minds about some of the stuff Ehrman believes but this video lecture is very good. It answers several pertinent questions ( a couple I was previously unsure about) but leaves plenty of room for others. He even includes information about Marcion which always gets my attention and discusses the sermon … More Jesus and the Law.

”O Evidence, Evidence, where art thou Evidence?”*

theweeflea FEBRUARY 13, 2020 AT 9:22 AM You think you are open minded…but you show no evidence of any kind of open mind. You won’t accept any evidence because quite simply you don’t believe that there can be any evidence. If that is not true please tell us what evidence you would accept? Arkenaten FEBRUARY … More ”O Evidence, Evidence, where art thou Evidence?”*