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  1. I think it’s still funny. Perhaps even funnier because what was then probably considered an absurd discussion, is now a discussion that people are seriously having. Some people may be offended by it (some maybe were back then as well) but in comedy, I don’t think subject should be off limits. Not even touchy subjects.

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  2. It is still funny especially now with the discussions about transmen some of whom say they are women because they feel it in their hearts. In this case he wants to be Loretta because it is his right as a man

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      1. Ah .. a materialistic hedonist. You need a large dose of objective morality and to binge watch WLC & Lee Strobel videos
        (Okay, I admit, that was really cruel. Skip Strobel.)

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        1. Fun fact:

          Lee Strobel claims he became a Christian in 1981 following an exhaustive investigation into the matter and that his daughter (born in 1976) became a Christian six months later (presumably after conducting her own thorough and diligent research of Christianity).

          Yet in the following interview, she candidly proclaims:

          “I have to admit, I hate research. I always say I write fiction so I won’t have to research—I just make stuff up!”


          More things that make you go Hmmm.

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          1. Nah, quite the contrary. An anonymous source informs me the writer of gMark sang an impromptu version of “Would I lie to you?” for the interviewer of Rolling Stone when questioned on the veracity of his claims.

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  3. You can always tell it’s a woke bookstore because there is no humour section allowed. This is what happens when there is no way to tell the difference between satire and reality. You get fertile ground for Titania McGrath. Hilarious stuff but unquestionably prescient!

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  4. I think it is funny. Nowadays, we (some of us) seem to be offended by everything.
    I am reminded of my children in the back seat of the car. My daughter lets out a bloodcurdling scream, obviously in great pain. I ask her what’s wrong. She points at her brother and says, “He looked at me.”

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    1. –And with the next breath, “HE TOUCHED MY SHOE WITH HIS SHOE AAAAAAAHHH”

      with any luck, they both grow up and out of it. =)

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  5. Off the video clip a little, but I believe free speech suggests you can discuss whatever you like with like minded people who are not offended, just like the royal family should be able to discuss the colour of a baby as a conversation regarding the ethnic background of the parents without it being called a racist remark unless of course it was delivered with that intension.

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      1. C’mon man! She’s your Queen mum. How can you be so cold and emotionally distant? Do the right thing and drop a card in the mail to let her know you’re still thinking about her.

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      2. Neither do I have any interest in these royal clowns but because it has taken over the news from the Trump era it seemed a good example of how ridiculous it is, so when a conversation between celebrities about a baby’s colour makes world headline news, you got to wonder what going to come next such as banning comedy videos like Monty Python when something far more interesting must be going in the world but no reporters are able to find it.

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        1. Robertson wrote a piece on it for Premier Christianity magazine. He was asked to write it!
          They published it and he reprinted it on his blog. It was soon after that the shit hit the fan!
          After a mini-barrage of complaints (apparently ) the magazine pulled the piece offering a profuse editorial apology for offending anyone regarding any possible racist overtones or something?
          Robertson is livid! Cancel Culture at its finest.
          Considering how he moderates like a man possessed I laughed like a drain.

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          1. The persecution/cancellation of the Scottish pastor is a tragedy second only in its import to the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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  6. I may have thought this was funny back in 1979 when this film was made but now I know a lot more about gender diversity. I am also more aware of how the drip drip drip of ridicule can be destructive. So, no, it isn’t funny any more.

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  7. I wonder which of the most ‘common’ gender diverse terms should not be subject to ridicule. The easy answer, of course, is to say ‘all’ and feel quite righteous but language itself is ‘genderized’… some more than others but just try speaking, say, French without any common gender attachments. You simply can’t do it and still have a common language. Notice the binary form – male/female – in language. How could that have happened across all languages and cultures over time if it was not a simple reflection of reality? Sex is binary: gender terms that try to get around this biological fact is a term so fuzzy in meaning that I cannot find a definition that can stand alone but must relate back to and then misrepresent the binary nature of sex.

    So it’s the ‘ridicule’ part that is what at issue here, and once we assume no ridicule is allowed because it is ‘insensitive’, we can say goodbye to such obvious insensitivities such as the root of satire, much humour, exaggeration, even criticism itself. And, by golly gee willikers, (apologies to religious sensitivities) isn’t that what we’re seeing unfold?

    So, let’s all keep self censoring and go along with thinking poorly of those brutes who do not do as good a job as we presume they should do keeping their insensitive notions to themselves.

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    1. And now we have to say goodbye to Pepe le Pew, after the trauma of de-gendering a plastic potato toy and clearing shelf space getting rid of some Dr Seuss books.

      Are we focusing on the right pandemic with vaccines, I wonder?


    2. Maybe my ability to laugh at the satire and understand it to be satire comes from NOT attending a class like this one. Naturally, I blame my parents for this educational shortcoming.


  8. It was funny the first time I saw this, and it’s still funny now. Ive watched this a dozen times or more, and they just shred everything to bits, sort of like an existential Three Stooges, but a lot funnier.

    There are always going to be sensitive blossoms who find something offensive in almost anything, and I kinda feel sorry for them. They miss a lot. Monty Python was fearless about skewering stereotypes, and while I could go all precious about it, why bother?
    It’s as much about the delivery as it is about the subject.

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