15 thoughts on “A long time ago …

      1. Hot? In Reading? The Met Office records say max temps were around 20 C (68 F) all weekend. That ain’t hot — not even for a Upper Midwest American. 🙂

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        1. Well … memory is a funny thing. It was certainly hot enough for my brother to swim in the Thames on Saturday. We even had sunglasses!


          1. I’m just yanking your chain. Having been in such crowds I can well imagine the heat generated by thousands of people crammed together in one area would become quite uncomfortable, especially when the midday sun is beating down on you from above.

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    1. I took this photo when I was 20. My brother (in shot) was 18.
      All’s well over here thank you Brian.
      I too rarely read the news so one tends to be blissfully ignorant of so many ( relatively ) unimportant things. Work is busy – thank the gods – and we are also finally getting around to clearing the front part of the property and a bit of building work which will give us an extra 300sq m of land to play with.
      At the moment it all looks like a giant rubbish tip and somewhat naked and exposed.
      Photos will be eventually posted!

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      1. Kevin is not the one who lives Down Under is he? You seem to have a large family. Though family reunions might be a tad difficult to organize. 🤣
        I am so glad you have land to “play” with. Space and privacy is a luxury in this day and age.
        Matter of fact, we’re looking for another house south of the city with enough garden and space to “play with”. Tired of this 20 million people monster city.
        Look forward to the photos. Have fun.


        1. Kevin passed away two months after this photograph – killed in a car accident.
          I have a sister in France and younger brother in Aus.
          The rest of the family – mum and dad, aunts, uncles, cousins etc are spread pretty much all over. UK, Portugal, Norway, Anguilla ( Caribbean). A nephew who crews on a ship currently in the Bahamas( I think!) ,

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          1. Oh damn, I’m very sorry. It always bugs when the young are snatched away. So many lost promises…
            Yet glad you still have your parents. And a large family. I don’t have uncles or aunts left but lots of cousins spread across the world too. Gypsies all. One cousin lives in Cape Town. Crewing in Bahamas sounds enticing.
            Is your sister in France safe from post-Brexit bureaucratic hassle? A very dear Brit friend of mine bought a house in France for his retirement, now he can’t stay there more than 6 months a year, in two rounds.
            Stay safe Mate.


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