Bits n’ Bobs

The wife said: ”Lunch … Al Fresco!”

I said: ”Who’s coming?” When there was no reply I set an extra place anyway.

Après lunch. ”Hmm …. look  at those dark clouds, Ella. We may be in for a storm a bit later.”

Fly like the wind. Ella and Baxter letting off steam before the rain comes.

When there’s thunder and lightning about a wide-eyed scaredy-cat needs a chilled out dog for reassurance.


From the garden …


Catherine comes for a visit. ”Hi, Baxter!”

 ”Look Ark, this one’s got tomatoes on it!”

My godson, who was babysitting his sister, had to go for soccer practice so he drove up to our spot and ‘tagged’ me! ”You’re it! I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” 

”Er … okay.”

The temperature rose to 28 today and is expected to climb to 32 by Friday. In March! No more rain expected for ….. a while.

I’m sure it’s all you lot up North stamping your feet and jumping up and down because of the cold, and this is causing a bit of a ‘speed wobble’ which is playing all sorts of havoc with our weather down here. Please try to be a little more considerate will you? 

Blue Emperor, earlier this evening. Rescued from one of the cats who had ”swatted” the poor thing. After graciously posing for a few photos and none the worse for wear, it flew off.




36 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

  1. Cats and dogs cosying up to one another on a bed?

    That’s like…Christians and atheists getting along together!

    The world’s gone mad!🤯

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        1. Ahh! I just realized what tricks Ark uses to make his big, BIG veggies so colossal, so attractive, so scrumptious! Ark plays his guitar like the guitar player in this video “The National”… doesn’t he? Playing like that would make any veggies massively turned on, massively tasty! 😉

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    1. Our former dog narrowly missed being struck by lightning, and never got over it. For years I would have to bundle him into the car and take him for a ride. He loved that part, as long as you didn’t stop. I think he felt we were escaping the storm.
      It was only after he grew deaf that he could tolerate storms again, poor fella.

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      1. Narrowly missed? Bloody hell, poor thing.

        Here we’re above the Tropic of Capricorn, just inside the coastal mountains, so we get hammered with enormous storms. I love them, but its hell for the dogs.

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    2. Bobbi used to suffer, whereas Bella seemed okay.
      Ella is not a happy dog yet Baxter seems fine. Cindy has no problems with anything I can think of.
      It only affects a couple of the cats, most just run inside and wait it out.

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    1. If I can get halfway to providing enough veg, and especially potatoes, for the family then I shall be content.
      The pies were definitely yummy … well, I didn’t taste the bacon one, but the pastry was the same for both.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL. You’re form ’58. (I count well?). I’m from 53. Our grandson will be 5 in May. His little sister is a year and half. having the two little devils at home regularly is a lot of fun.
        (You’ll see)

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