7 thoughts on “Oh my god, they’ve found us!

  1. In a galaxy far far away, the invaders are poised to attack! From the 1987 film Spaceballs…

    Dark Helmet: Prepare to attack! On the count of three. One… two…
    [Eagle 5 suddenly blasts out of sight]

    Dark Helmet: WAIT! What happened? Where are they?

    Colonel Sandurz: [worried] I don’t know sir! They must have hyper-jets on that thing.


    All Earthly Christians drop to their knees, arms raised to the sky, and begin praying… and are utterly useless in defense of their Mother Earth. (facepalm)

    Earth’s BEST world leaders all explain in unison, “For all we know, they’re praying thanks that the rapture is about to begin. Pfffftttt, a bunch of wasted space and craniums they are!” 😉

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  2. If you blow that Death Star up hugely … you see two demonic faces. That much I can live with … but the upper one is smiling—brrrrr!

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