1. I keep wondering, too. Too many variables, too many possibllities. My hope is that Mr. Computer just stopped working…the hard part of that is, you can’t tell people you can’t communicate, all you can do is figure out what went wrong.

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  2. it’s a bit bizarre, like knocking on someone’s door, and there’s no tv blaring, no radio, and the shades are drawn. Car’s in the yard. Someone’s taking the paper in, but still…

    Funny, how you get attached to someone you’ve never met, wouldn’t even recognize on the street, and when they go quiet, you miss them.

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  3. ‘Nuffa this, Ark — come on out with your hands up or we toss in a shipload of crucifixes. Crucifices.


    (Bugger … them little things with the wee model man wearing just a diaper and some nails on them.)

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        • This is getting really unnerving!

          Did he say sometime back that he was fighting a cold or something … or was that someone else? If it was him, perhaps it developed into something more serious?

          I planned to write him today myself but since you already have, I know you’ll share whatever you find out.

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          • Someone else reminded me that JZ mentioned something about having problems posting on Ark’s site (or something to that effect) and that Ark would be looking into it. So I’m thinking perhaps he’s had to do some techno-revamping (?). . . which could explain the ‘radio’ silence. 🙂

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          • I haven’t noticed any problems with his site … ?? I just checked Facebook and his last post is the same date as this one. I left a Facebook “message” … hopefully he’ll see it on his phone. Time will tell.

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          • Yes, JZ. Haven’t heard from her either. I assume they have no power at her shop, either. 😦 I just can’t imagine going without power for this long. . they must be bathing with the koi! (egads)

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          • From my “news” research, it appears they’re still going through “load shedding” —

            Eskom has appealed to customers to switch off geysers during the day as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing demand.

            I would assume “non-essential … electricity appliances” would include computers.

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          • Guess I’m getting seriously worried but the way I’ve read the reports these power outages are only affecting certain areas at certain times and they have not had permanent blackouts for the past two weeks. I think Ark could have had a chance to get a message out to someone, unless the pc is kaputt.

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  4. I hope you and your family are well Ark! ❤ If it is likely that power-outage, I'm happy about that as long as you guys are safe, well, and making do with plumbing, A/C or heat, refrigeration, etc, etc. I KNOW that has to be an adjustment. 😬

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  5. aparently this is an ongoing situation there, so people may well be prepared for it. One outage in a five year period makes everyone jumpy; one a month or once a year (and announced beforehand) just means you take pains to have extra stuff on hand.

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  6. To all, all’s good. I sent Emily an email and here’s part of the reply:

    Dad said to tell you Benji is doing well! And so are the other cats and dogs. Also the chrysalis hatched! Oh and he’s fine too!

    Apologies for his silence but we’ve been without phone lines and internet access for over a week now, due to cable theft in the area, several lines are affected. I have had limited access just for work through my cellphone.

    We haven’t been given any indication of when it will be repaired, it may be another week or more. Please let everyone know he is just fine and apologies again for the worry.

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  7. For those wondering about Ark, here’s what was posted on Emily’s Cakes this a.m.-

    Dear Cake family
    For three weeks now we’ve basically been held ransom by Telkom. Here’s the story;
    The cables were stolen in our Area, which I know is not their fault, this is SA & these things happen. But what has happened since then is shocking. Obviously we report the fault straight away and they tell us the generic answer that the fault has been put on high priority and a technician will get to it ASAP.
    A week later still nothing…We call and only then are told that the cables were stolen, but they are working on it…With Telkom you learn you just have to be patient.
    But after 3 weeks we are told by a Telkom agent and I quote…”They need to weigh out their options, before replacing the cable…” Which means no work has been done to solve this problem in three weeks. This is a blatant attempt from Telkom to force people over to their Fibre & LTE services, which is pretty scary when you think about it…That they leave thousands of homes in the dark and just do whatever they want without any repercussions. Just cancel you say…. lol well you can’t because certain business things require a landline and Telkom make it very very difficult to…cut ties.
    We are truly sorry to anyone who has tried to call us on our landline and for any delay in our response rate. To top it all off, with all the load-shedding Vodacom goes missing as well, so we left in the dark on all fronts constantly 🥺😢😭😭
    Once again our sincerest apologies we are getting this sorted.

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  8. Hi, Ark
    Hope you’re well despite your interwebz troubles. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I’ve started a page on John Branyan’s hate speech: https://johnbranyan.home.blog
    I know you’ve had many encounters with him, so if you or anyone else here have some screen shots or records of his hate speech, I’d very much appreciate it if you could send them to me 😀


    • Good job, Mr. M. I checked out your blog (but was unable to comment for some reason – I’ll try again later) Is it meant to automatically link to one’s blog site? That is, is there an option to erase website when commenting?


        • Ahhh. . .I didn’t realize it worked that way. Some of the ones I’m on tell you to sign in or you cannot comment. I am not anxious to give some commenters access to my blog. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but some of them aren’t playing with a full deck. .. ahem. ..

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  9. Just checked in to find out why there has been silence from you lately, Ark. So glad it is a technical problem and nothing more sinister. Even so, it is pretty bad when your communication lines are down for such a long time. My sympathies to you and your family.


  10. Ark Update. Emily sent this email:

    “Yip, still without lines and it’s been a nightmare to resolve, but it’s looking positive!

    To shed some light, it isn’t that the line has been taken and someone is using our line, they literally dig up the pavements/roads and pull out the copper cables. How they manage this I have no idea. And it has happened several times. It makes you think that perhaps it’s done on purpose to sabotage Telkom or to force customers to migrate to a different system (wireless or fibre)

    After four weeks of hassling them, Telkom have finally told us they wouldn’t be replacing the copper lines. They have offered to change our service to wireless which will take another four weeks. The phone and internet are charged separately, the phone rates will stay the same, the internet is more than double.

    So we have decide to go another route with a different company. Applied for fibre lines this morning and should be up and running in the next two weeks, fingers crossed. And the service so far has been fantastic, really on the ball consultants.

    Will keep you posted if there is a change but hopefully you’ll be hearing from “The Ark” soon.”

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