Photo Review for the past few weeks.


Found this little one while moving a few bricks. Yes, I was a bit surprised!

The Butterfly finally emerged from the Chrysalis. I missed the actual event as I was out for my morning jog.

But when I got back this was what greeted me. Isn’t she beautiful?

Benji has no patience and decides to help himself.

Carpenter Bee takes a breather to refuel.

And one for Nan ….. What would a photo review be without a least one spider pic?


Hadeda Ibis flying home.




44 thoughts on “Photo Review for the past few weeks.

    1. Thank you, Tish.
      The scorpion is tiny – half the size of my thumb, and only the third one I have encountered on our property in all the years we have lived here.

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      1. Oh that’s all right then. Can cope with tiny scorpion. Have been too influenced by G’s overland trip story of being stung on his foot. Very big pain that required much sedation with a bottle of Scotch and a kind fellow traveller who happened to be a nurse and held his hand all night !!

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          1. Immediately on sightingβ€”


            β€”and the Lord can sort out His own … (CUE: Monety Python singing “All things Bright and Beautiful”)


          2. I’m so glad you told me. With global warning, you never know when such info may come in handy. In the meantime, am just about to include a nice red (fairly benign) ladybird in today’s post.

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    1. Success indeed, Mr. B.
      I was just a bit miffed I didn’t run a bit faster that morning then I would have seen it emerge.
      However, my legs are not as young as they woz!

      I found another swallowtail caterpillar on one of the other lemon trees last week and am also helping it along.
      Let’s hope we have similar success.

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      1. You might end up going into business ‘Arks Amazing Butterfly Farm’!
        Just read your other post, around here they nick the lead off church roofs, but the pikies down in Essex have the overhead cables from the rail lines away 😳

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  1. OH MY HEEBIE JEEBIES!!! Scorpions are my biggest phobia! They freak me out like no other insect/reptile alive!!! Why? Because you cannot hear them approaching and most often (esp at night) you can’t see them… until it is PAINFULLY way too late. πŸ€•πŸ₯Ί

    All the other photos Ark are wonderful! When are you going to post more… “big” fruits & vegetables? 😈


      1. Dunno about Ark (welcome back, Lout~!) or myself, who really shouldn’t ought to, because it’s not my blog and you know what they call folks who hijack another’s blog with long rambling unnecessary superfluous unrequested undesired and undesirable anyway responses …

        … it’s succinctness. (Or should that be ‘failing’ rather than phobia? And why isn’t it ‘fobia’ anyway, isn’t the English langwidge weird at times but don’t let that slow anyone down; God knows with the price of fish these days etc etc etc

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    1. We are a very select few, I venture.
      My resident Button now has six egg sacs. She seems quite content to huddle in her little corner, and I’m quite happy to leave her there.

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  2. A fantastic collection Ark. The scorpion (we also have them here in Mexico; found two dowstairs…) reminded me of a rule I learned (learnt?) in Africa: Never stick your bare hands in plants or rumble…


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