Leading you up the garden path and bits and bobs

Lycianthes rantonnetii (Blue potato bush).

The flowers are actually more mauve than blue (I suspect it is the camera’s fault!).

No noticeable change with the chrysalis. This was taken today.

Sweet Potato Slip. This will be twisted off then placed in water until it has some healthy roots and afterwards planted.

Bucket Potatoes coming along very nicely!

Ground Potatoes. I had to surround these with rocks/brick as the hens continually scratched away the soil.

So far, the potatoes have remained unscathed.

Meanwhile … in the shed.

Surprise visitor. An interloper . She is about half the size of the other female. I suspect she  may be on the hunt for  a free meal, but needs to be careful in case she becomes the meal in question!

The larger female is curled up in the corner to the left. The egg sacs have little holes in, I am wondering if the babies left a while back?

My knowledge of arachnids is not so in-depth I’m afraid.

Mantis on Orchid.

Look what took up residence in an old discarded eggbox.

Making Ladybirds.

Uloborus makes her web across a plant pot.

Bee on Daisy


12 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path and bits and bobs

    1. Several comments have addressed this on another post … he’s fine. He’s just has internet problems because some jerk cut cables in the area of Johannesburg where he lives.


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