Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Brown-and-yellow fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata ) head first in a Peach.

Potatoes: If Matt Damon can grow them on Mars, the Ark can have a go in Johannesburg.

White Bellied Sunbird in the upper branches of the  Acacia tree in the back garden.

”Hiding in the long grass …”


Summer Downpour.

Thyreus on Lavender

White Cosmos

African Migrant. (Male)

After chatting with Brian the other day about the paucity of butterflies, two minutes later  I walked outside

and saw four of these gamboling high up in the branches of a large overgrown shrub.

Flower of  the Peppadew plant. Fruit  on the way!


After the rain.





8 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

  1. Love that flower on the peppadew plant (I’ve never heard of such a thing). Get those potatoes hilled!!!


      1. I recognize them now! (Checked out the link). When I visit Australia, one of my favourite things at market is cheese-stuffed peppers – it must be those!


      1. I know what you mean! We have two similar fruit trees – peach and nectarine and we have never managed to find a way of discouraging birds or bugs.
        It frustrates my wife no end when the trees fruit but I have given up worrying.
        I doubt we would eat so much fruit in any case so let the bugs and birds feast upon them.


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