Happiness is …

When the weather is dry and I spray the lemon trees while watering the garden, the sunbirds like nothing more than to flit in and out the branches cleaning the dust from their feathers and taking a drink at the same time. Male White Bellied Sunbird. 18/7/2020 Ark

Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Brown-and-yellow fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata ) head first in a Peach. Potatoes: If Matt Damon can grow them on Mars, the Ark can have a go in Johannesburg. White Bellied Sunbird in the upper branches of the  Acacia tree in the back garden. ”Hiding in the long grass …” Ginger. Summer Downpour. Thyreus on Lavender … More Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Watch the Birdy

  Female White Bellied Sunbird Both male and female were busy this morning gathering what looked like  nest material, flitting to and from the neighbour’s garden to ours. Here the Missus takes a few seconds breather on one of the bean poles on the far side of the pond. Ark.

Watch the Birdy

  White-Bellied Sunbird on cactus. A fortunate encounter. I heard him singing then all of a sudden he was almost directly in front of me. One shot and he was gone.   Ark

Watch the Birdy

Male White Bellied Sunbird Preening in the Coral Tree, showing the rarely revealed under wing yellow feathers   Photographed: 15: 44 Back Garden Aujourd’hui. Ark