July Blues. When is a blue a green?

Green Wood hoopoe

The green wood hoopoe (Phoeniculus purpureus) is a large, up to 44 cm (17 in) long, near-passerine tropical bird native to Africa. It is a member of the family Phoeniculidae, the wood hoopoes, and was formerly known as the red-billed wood hoopoe.

Photographed Back Garden: 6/7/19



July Blues 6

Thanks to Becky over at Life of B.

13 thoughts on “July Blues. When is a blue a green?

  1. I become gently jealous of all those marvelous hoopoes and parrots and their amazing colors. They do seem to favor hotter climates, and we definitely do not have those.
    These are stunning birds, and photography to match.

    I am curious as to when the green wood hoopoe DOES show some green…I can see just a dab of it, in that photo–is it one of those mating color things?

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  2. You’ve never heard hysterics until you’ve been laughed at by a kookaburra.

    But birds, no white-eyes at all this winter down here … not that I’ve seen, that’s for sure.

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