14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

  1. Holy hell, Ark: how do you get those colours in the sunset shots? They can’t be what you’d see just with the naked eye, can they? They’re like visionary paintings.

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  2. The golf ball fungi really does resemble a golf ball. If I had them in my yard, I would probably treat them as such with a 3 wood.

    Love the sunset photo.

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    1. Only ever seen this once – mostly as it has only ever appeared on the lawn once!
      Have no idea where these things come from, but it sure isn’t the local golf course! Not even with a 3 wood!

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    1. I confess to tweaking the colours a bit in Picassa.
      That said we get some great sunsets from time to time.

      Glad you’re enjoying my butterfly pics on FB
      I hope you don’t get fed up with me posting them?

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