12 thoughts on “Benji – day 4

  1. Fastidious wee doggy … you was and clean his lunch?

    Note: when on the back in the inviting “Tickle my tummy” pose, five out of six ends are always sharp …


    1. He rather enjoys most of it, but complains like crazy when he is wiped in yonder nether regions, but in the absence of a proper Mum, then he simply has to put up with it and be grateful – until he can use a kitty box .


  2. So heartwarming. Obviously thriving. Very good to have had such an early introduction to Bobbi.
    In due course there will be a scene like that seen here today. Little M ferociously chasing a full-grown sheepdog back to the main house.

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    1. Benji still like a little hamster/rat at the moment.
      Bobbi treats all the cats as part of the family. She is a very gentle dog so we have no worries in this department – thank goodness.

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