Bits n’ Bobs

New Species!

First time we’ve ever encountered one of these cute little things.

Pygmy Shrew rescued and relocated.

The Crab Spiders have been few and far between this past year. In fact, all arachnids have been ‘thin on the ground’ .

Finishing Touches ….

All Done.

Yes, it really is a cake!

Physalis peruviana 

The Peruvian Ground Cherry or as it is known over here … the Cape Gooseberry.

They grow pretty much all over the garden and are encased in the lantern-shaped paper like covering. When ripe they are a bright orange.  I eat a few as I potter around the garden or like here, pick a few handfuls and add them to breakfast or a fruit salad. On occasion we will use them as decoration for cakes.

Death’s Head Hawkmoth Caterpillar.

Found this one on the lawn yesterday. I think it may have fallen out of the Lemon Verbena bush. I was happy to have come across it before the cats did! I wasn’t up to rearing it to a moth so after its photo-shoot I relocated it among a patch of potatoes out of sight of the cats and the chicken.

Believe it or not this is a bat! There were a few that buzzed the pond for a few minutes as dusk approached while Celeste and I sat outside.  I managed a couple of lousy shots with my phone!


Zucchini …. When fully ripe and have grown to this size they tend to turn yellow and as you can see evolve into a sort of vegetable type of fish.


The Wife had pre-ordered some meat but when we arrived it wasn’t ready. We were obliged to wait. I lasted about two minutes before the look on my face must have told its own tale. It was ‘suggested’ I go and wander among the veggies to see if I could find something new to procure seeds to grow. I didn’t need a second invite.

Out and About. Stuck in traffic.

Out Shopping.

Carpark at Bedford Gardens Mall.

Another Chioggia Pumpkin. This one is about 7kgs. I counted a further 6 on the vine and there are four in the shed!

Definitely going to have to give some of these away.  For the record they taste superb.

Juvenile Glossy Starling preens.

Buddha’s hand

An interesting citrus fruit we found at a local nursery last year.. Not yet ripe.

Lambo passed us on the way to buy stock. NIce!

Walkies! Cindy and I out for a Morning Constitutional

Clever Idea.

Decorative Wall Using Creepers.

Another Perspective.



17 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. Hi, Beverly.
      Interesting. I have not tried to grow cucumbers, as my wife is not a fan. However, I may have a go just for fun. Should I consult with you for the best growing conditions?


      1. You grow pretty good but might wait until next season. Aren’t you going into fall. If you decide I’ll send you the recipe. It is a sweet pickle cut into strips. Very good.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The bats normally come out when there is practically no light at all so I was more surprised than anything else.
      I got a photo just for ‘evidence’ sake!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. We have self-sown Cape Gooseberries growing where they please too. Before the drought gripped us by the throat, I used to be able to pick enough to make at least one jar of jam. Now I pick a handful now and then. As for the cake … this one is spectacular! I have never found a crab spider in my garden, so must keep looking. Your vegetables are amazing!


      1. Wrong! It’s not ‘the Ark’ …
        It’s ‘The Ark’ or, you could add even more pizzazz—
        ‘THE Ark!’
        (Give yourself some oomph, man—now go get ’em, Tiger!)


    1. . . . and even more shocking, religious too. Soon we’ll discover the real reason for leaving the meat shop was because the cuts there were too expensive.

      Liked by 1 person

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