Bits ‘n Bobs

Another Shrew I managed to rescue from the attentions of the cats. For some reason these little things have been popping up for the first time since we have lived here. Odd.

Bucket of Spuds …

Probably one of the final mini-harvests of the season. Autumn is upon us and frost will be here in a week or two.

There are still a few potato plants that need lifting but I’ll hang on for the others.

Max takes a stroll on the rapidly yellowing back lawn.

Crab Spiders among the Daisies.

Freshly Harvested Small Round Carrots.

Tasty, too!

”Lemon Tree very pretty …”

I first tried my hand at Air Layering two seasons ago and this is the first example that has produced fruit.

Chuffed to bits!

Found these in the nursery section of a local Hardware Store. Purple Chillis. Who knew? Not I!

I will take seeds and see what we can grow next season.

Chilli Harvest on Friday.

Ella out for morning walkies along Ridge/ Judith. Hadeda Ibis keep their distance in the background.

Hens on Ridge Road,

School Field.

Trees in their autumnal attire.

Home – grown Butternut Squash.

Beetroot in the raised bed. First time having a go at growing this veg. Looking forward to the harvest.

Garlic coming along nicely.

Red Sky at Night.




14 thoughts on “Bits ‘n Bobs

    1. I’d like to tell we were self sufficient in veggies, but not yet….
      That is going to take a while and quite a bit more planning.
      We often get such red skies up here after some heavy rain.

      Are you still ‘dry as a bone’ down there, Anne?


  1. Have you tried the ol’ 40 gallon drum trick yet?
    From memory you put in a bedding layer with your eyed-spuds spaced appropriately, then cover ’em.
    Once they’ve grown through the layer, you just cover ’em again, thin layer. And when they’ve done that layer too, repeat the process. By the time you finish (run out of drum) you’ll find that you have a drum full of spuds. I only did it the once, and yes … it worked. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The taming of the “musaraigne”. Nice. (I often wonder why some words in English and Frog can be so similar and others so different).
    (What’s a spud?) (🥔 That’s why my Mac displays…) A potato?
    You must work a lot in your garden. Amazing.
    Happy autumn. Hope all is well?


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