Agnes climbed out of the shower, wrapped her hair in a towel and put on her bathrobe.

From the bedroom she heard her husband stir. She smiled fondly, remembering last night as she walked to her dressing room.

She emerged a few minutes later, dressed in a dark blue business suit.

As she put on her smart watch Roger emerged from the bedsheets and made his bleary-eyed way to the bathroom.

‘’Hey, don’t I even get a kiss good morning?’’ she scolded.

Roger turned, kissed his wife and mumbled some unintelligible endearment then continued on to the bathroom.

‘’Knock ‘em dead, sweetheart,’’ he called as the sound of running water drowned out the rest of what he said.

As she ate her breakfast, Agnes’ smart watch beeped discreetly. A second later an equally discreet message appeared on the screen. Well, hardly a message, merely two letters Y/N and a question mark. For Agnes, as for the millions and millions of woman who owned a smart watch with this particular app. no other words were necessary.

She tapped the Y. A moment later another message appeared.

Action complete. Have a super day, Agnes!

Agnes scooped up the keys to her car.

To think, she mused, once upon a time women were forced to rely on pills and potions and revolting medical procedures.

These days even religious organisations were perfectly happy with this arrangement, and the term abortion was rarely mentioned let alone a topic of conversation or heated debate. Soon the term would be nothing more than a word in a dictionary and a footnote in medical textbooks.


19 thoughts on “Y/N?

    1. It was an idea that popped up during your chat with Allman.
      I wonder if he and the church would really be ”happy” with such a device – and I can’t see any reason why something similar will not be developed in the future.

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    1. It is a short story. Inspired by the discussion on the previous post I put up concerning abortion, and primarily in answer to the position adopted by John Allman.

      It is merely a thought put to the written word, a possible technological answer/alternative to abortifacients and actual physical surgery. A way to avoid the moral ethical dilemma regarding the aborting of a foetus.

      Allman, while not expressing his objection outright to even this futuristic idea, seemed to allude that it wouldn’t work and then used an impractical analogy to try and defend his position.

      I suspect he has ulterior motives.

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  1. “These days even religious organisations were perfectly happy with this arrangement…”

    Now that is science fiction!

    As JZ stated in the previous post, opposition to abortion — and, by extension, contraception — is probably more to do with limiting women’s self-autonomy.

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  2. A pleasant thought, but I’m at a loss as to how such a device could work. A micro-needle sticking down from the underside of the watch, to inject some bratophagous elixir into the wrist? Or would the watch act as a remote control for a pre-installed intra-uterine defensive mechanism? I’ll assume we’re excluding magic.

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    1. I never really explored the idea beyond what you read in the piece.
      Anything is possible I imagine.
      If James T Kirk can use an old flip phone to have himself beamed aboard a starship then I feel confident that some fairly basic technological wizardry will come to the aid of those disinclined to continue with their pregnancy.


  3. I know you’re discussing the topic of contraception with you-know-who on your other post, but since I don’t want to interrupt your conversation (😋), I’m going to present my thought here.

    The choice of whether to use contraception frequently lies with the woman. Yes, a man often uses protection in one-off situations, but in a committed relationship, it tends to be the woman’s responsibility.

    Now let’s consider that two people are in it for the long-term (marriage or otherwise) and they either don’t want children at all … or they decide they’ve reached their limit. In nearly all cases, it is the woman who must thereafter take precautions … either through surgery or long-term use of birth control.

    In a society of equality, why is this so? Why don’t more men have a vasectomy? The surgery is far less risky. Yet as with so many other things related to this issue, the burden falls on the woman.

    And using the futuristic approach presented in your post (and your imagination) … couldn’t the smart watch also be used by the male?

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    1. Good call. I don’t see why not.
      I would most certainty be willing to use such a device.
      Having a woman use the device in the story was because
      a) she is the one would carry any child from such a union and thus, I believe the ultimate decision rests with her . And
      b) the more obvious reason, abortion only involves a woman.


      1. Oh I DEFINITELY agree the ultimate decision lies with the woman!!

        Of course these in-your-face abortion-negating Christians are so totally immersed in their own twisted interpretations, any alternative would be verboten. I mean, half the “fun” is marching and carrying placards and screaming at women as they enter Planned Parenthood.

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        1. The two humanist links I provided paint two pictures – each somewhat different from the other.
          Seems Christians aren’t the only ones with ”views”.


          1. IMO, opinions related to how individuals live their lives are just that. When push comes to shove, each of us are responsible for the decisions we make. Others may judge the “rightness or wrongness” of the actions we choose to take, but that’s simply their view based on their personal perspective.

            P.S. I think those “humanists” that take the anti-abortion stance must have religionists hiding in their midst. 😄

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    2. Why don’t more men have a vasectomy?

      I had a vasectomy almost thirty years ago and I highly recommend it. The surgery is easy, there’s a week of very mild discomfort recuperating, and then the whole issue is completely off the table for the rest of your life. And there’s no change to subsequent sexual experiences at all. I don’t see why every guy doesn’t do it as soon as he concludes he doesn’t want children (or any more than he has). It’s the easiest and most comprehensive solution to the problem.

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  4. Addendum: Following the passage of the Harris administration’s “Stay Safe Act” mandating permanent lockdowns in solitary confinement, Agnes breathes an additional sigh of relief knowing that she’s now fully freed from ever getting into another situation requiring her to make such a decision.


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