8 thoughts on “Happy Fourth ….

    1. Member? Not sure about that.
      All the videos play for me.
      Hendrix isn’t for everyone and this is a multi dubbed version of Star Spangled Banner.
      YOu are probably more familiar with the Woodstock version which I usually post on the 4th of July.


  1. Great stuff! In honor of the 4th, I’m setting off a small thermal nuclear device tonight and will completely obliterate a 2 square mile area around me. Good Jeebus, but do I LOVE blowing shit up on the 4th! It’s so….it’s so…..American!

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  2. Here ya go Ark. A very traditional American July 4th Celebration March… into sheer madness and social collapse if tRumpfy wins another 4-years… 😵😨


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